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Westworld Robot Apocalypse Watch: Season One, Episodes 1-2

After yesterday’s article, I had considered writing about more shows that I’ve kicked to the curb, but what fun is that?¬† Instead, I’m going to write about HBO’s newest reason not to drop your subscription after Game of Thrones ends – Westworld. 411 more words


Turbo Kid (2015), a weird, gory, goofy, quirky, post-apocalyptic wasteland B-action movie.

MY CALL: Just watch the trailer. If you really need to ask if this movie is for you, it probably isn’t. MORE MOVIES LIKE Turbo Kid… 522 more words

John Leavengood

Hard as nails 

The first nail varnish I owned was a bright, metallic royal blue. It was never meant to be mine to keep, really. My sister had bought it for me so that I could take part in a “nail varnish exchange” chain – sending it to someone and receiving six more in return – but my parents vetoed, and that was that. 617 more words