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The evil spirit of Jezebel will do all she can to infiltrate My Church on earth

My dearly beloved daughter, the evil spirit of Jezebel has planned a great assault against My Mission to salvage souls.

This traitor and destroyer of God’s prophets, has established herself on earth as God’s teacher, and manifested amongst My people, to seduce them and lead them away from My Church, in what will be the greatest apostasy of all time. 708 more words

Jesus To His Children

Life Begins with Repentance

As Jesus was teaching people about God (84), some teachers of the law and some of the Pharisees spoke up. “Teacher,” they said, “we want to see you do a miracle.” 370 more words

Life Means Following the Spirit

Some people brought to Jesus a man who was blind & couldn’t talk because of an evil spirit (83). Jesus expelled the evil spirit, so that the man was able to see & talk. 365 more words

Yes, Demons are Real - They are not Ghosts or Aliens- They are Evil Spirits!

The bible makes it very clear and points out  – ...”In these last days perilous times shall come…” (2 Timothy 3:13). A great work of deception is being wrought by seducing spirits and satan himself. 970 more words

End Time Prophecy

Exorcisms: Are We Doing Them Right?

I recently read a book, “The Day Satan Called” by Bill Scott. It’s a true story of his experience with a demon possessed girl who called his radio station and the supernatural, unbelievable chaos that ensued in the year and a half following. 1,530 more words


The Mission: Serpents & Doves

Then Jesus called his twelve witnesses together and gave them authority to expel evil spirits and to heal every disease & every sickness.  These twelve men were sent out by Jesus with the following instructions (76): 206 more words