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To Be Set Free from Demons, You First Need to Forsake Your Sins and Determine to Serve God

Many victims of demonic attacks wish to be set free from these attacks.

However, as long as they have no intention of renouncing their sins, freedom remains an elusive hope, according to the late deliverance minister H.A. 167 more words


Depression Dr Religion - do not mix well

So after some contemplation I have decided to share what has been happening with me. I have been weaning off my anti-depression meds with help from my Dr, they are not working for me anymore. 221 more words


The Voice Of Wisdom

The voice of wisdom, crying in (from) the wilderness. I want to believe that people receive revelations but based on their knowledge of the scriptures, those revelations can be tainted with falsities. 310 more words


Discerning Evil Spirits and Other Annoying Scoundrels

I would like to relate an email ‘conversation’ I had today. ┬áBecause this is MY blog, I will initialize the names to annoy the guilty. 710 more words


2 Famous Heretics

When Moses and Aaron stood before the Pharoah of Egypt to let God’s people go, Pharoah called for back up. According to Exodus 7:11, 22 and Exodus 8:7 and verse 18, Pharoah’s backup was Egypt/Pharoah’s wise men, sorcerers and magicians of Egypt. 521 more words

Letting bad spirits into our lives

All around me day to day I observe people letting bad spirits in.

Everywhere around me in Bellingen I meet and observe people who are communing with satan, but normally don’t know it. 1,726 more words