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Evil: If You Search For Evil, It Will Find You! – Proverbs 11:27


Evil. This is a topic that I’m guessing many don’t like to think about, much less write about. Yet this word evil is scattered throughout the bible—Old and New Testament. 450 more words

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Am I losing my mind? because I'm Hallucinating

Just the other night I had a dream my mom was calling me and so I woke up because I heard her. So I went to see why she’s calling me. 145 more words

My Diary


Once upon a time in a land called Agroha, there was a king, King Agrasen. He loved his subjects and his subjects loved him back. He did various good works for the welfare of the citizens of his capital. 442 more words

Evil Spirits

Jesus & his students arrived safely on the other side of Lake Galilee, in the territory known variously as Gerasa, Gergasa or Gadara (74).

As soon as Jesus got out of the boat, he was met by a man with an evil spirit in him.  406 more words

Family Matters

Then Jesus started home to Capernaum (63). Very large crowds followed, so that Jesus and his students could not even take time to eat.

Jesus’ family members heard how his ministry was exploding.   340 more words

Mahendipur Balaji

People of the Hindu religion worship many Gods and follows various rituals related to the particular puja. One of the forms of Vishnu, Balaji or Venkateswara… 432 more words

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