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Is Your Child Haunted By an Imaginary Friend?

If your child complains of being “disturbed” by imaginary friends or playmates, do not automatically dismiss what he/she is saying, but investigate further, as it could be a sign of a demonic attack. 326 more words


Church Leader Becomes a Homosexual and Leaves His Wife and Family to Live With A Man. Then Something Amazing Happens…

In his book “Power of the Blood”, the late deliverance minister H.A. Maxwell Whyte shares this amazing story of a church leader who unwittingly opened his life to the spirit of homosexuality, and even went so far as to leave his beautiful wife and family to live with a man. 958 more words


Lectures: Stop Living A Lie! The Only Truth is Torah - Rabbi Alon Anava - May 10 2016

Shalom everyone! The following is an extremely important and timely lecture given by Rabbi Alon Anava about the truth of the Torah. Rabbi Anava… 316 more words


Lectures: Witchcraft and its Cohorts - The Evil Spirits - Rabbi Eliyahu Kin

Shalom everyone! The following is a lecture given by Rabbi Eliyahu Kin about witchcraft and its cohorts such as demons, evil spirits, curses… 232 more words


Are You Battling a Strong Urge to Commit Suicide? Read This

Are you battling a strong urge to commit suicide? If so, perhaps you could be tormented by demons of suicide, and the good news is that you can be set free by the Blood of Jesus! 517 more words


To Be Set Free from Demons, You First Need to Forsake Your Sins and Determine to Serve God

Many victims of demonic attacks wish to be set free from these attacks.

However, as long as they have no intention of renouncing their sins, freedom remains an elusive hope, according to the late deliverance minister H.A. 167 more words