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Winchester Mystery House

I visited many places on my vacation, one of which was the Winchester Mystery House, a creepy and supposedly haunted Victorian Mansion in San Jose, California. 523 more words


Casting Out Evil Spirits

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“Casting Out Evil Spirits”

Many questions are often asked about casting out evil spirits and how we can do that and whether we need to know its name.  3,232 more words


What to do when someone insults Jesus, Scripture or Christians

These days criticism and antagonism against anything to do with the Bible is fairly common in our  technologically, relatively wealthy Western society.  What influences people who interrupt and shout down speakers, criticise Scripture and harass followers of Jesus?  326 more words


Reiki? The Devil Heals Too! Then Comes the Torment!

 Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard  pastorps911

Although I had never heard of Reiki in 1975, as I look back 4 decades, I realize today  that I was unknowingly  practicing Reiki techniques without really understanding what I appeared to  have  stumbled into on my own.  861 more words

The Soul

Do we find evil spirits today?

We read of Jesus’ encounters with evil spirits in the New Testament.  For example, while Jesus taught in the synagogue in Capernaum, a man suddenly cried out, ‘What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth?  437 more words


Prophecy, Suggestion, and Evil Spirits

Here are the words of Watchman Née which I agree with. I bet he got this from Jessie Penn-Lewis:

Multiplied are the suggestions which Satan’s hosts plant in the mind of the Christian, especially ideas concerning his circumstances and future.

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Charismatic Witchcraft