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Lectures: Witchcraft and its Cohorts - The Evil Spirits - Rabbi Eliyahu Kin

Shalom everyone! The following is a lecture given by Rabbi Eliyahu Kin about witchcraft and its cohorts such as demons, evil spirits, curses… 230 more words



Sometimes things go well in my work and other times not so well. I go to a house and from beginning to end I am faced with problem after problem as if the house itself were jinxed. 531 more words


Lectures: Stop Living A Lie! The Only Truth is Torah - Rabbi Alon Anava - May 10 2016

Shalom everyone! The following is an extremely important and timely lecture given by Rabbi Alon Anava about the truth of the Torah. Rabbi Anava… 314 more words


5 November ― 2 Qudrat

But praise be to God, the world of existence does not culminate here. If this were so, existence itself would be sterile. There are many worlds of light. 897 more words

Bahá'í Calligraphy

Is Satan the Ruler of Hell?

Modern folklore presents Satan as the ruler of the underworld. He stands on a high cliff bathed in the red light of infernal flames and oversees the torments of the damned. 492 more words