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Do demons require physical bodies to do their work?

The previous article began to answer the question “do demons need to possess living beings to do evil? The Bible does not speak of demons for the purpose of teaching about their nature or limitations but some deductions about demons can be made from the Biblical references to them. 515 more words


PC Wars Advance in Four Haiku

I’ve been back and forth
from Linux to Windows to
hell and back all week

my CPU was
so hot I could fry an egg… 31 more words




The Energy of this Full Moon embodies the energy of every phase of the Moon

Beginning with the Full Moon then the Earth’s Shadow begins to cover it as it Wanes before your very eyes until it goes Dark… 217 more words


The Idea Mill #24

My blog tour seems to have an empty slot today, and that's a good thing. While all of those posts were individually written, and provide unique content, they all have the same underlying theme. 973 more words

The Idea Mill

Dancing Demon

What My Mother Saw

 One night, my mother was sleeping, and then awakened out of nowhere in the dark hours of the night. She looked past the foot of her bed, past the open double doors to her room, and into the living room where she saw something that put fear in her. 181 more words

My Real Experiences With Evil Spirits/demons

Deformed Tippy

Years ago as a nanny, I worked for a family who had many pets – chickens, rats, dogs, fish, bunnies.

One chicken was nicknamed “Tippy” by the children. 695 more words


Wild, Wooly, and Lost—A True Story

John’s life looked like a Jerry Springer episode, complete with tantrums, blaming, lies, sarcasm, self-pity, and the inevitable trail of broken relationships.  But unlike the television show, there was no chanting audience to egg it on.  531 more words