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Scary Movies

Some of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen were made in the fifties.

The technology and special effects for scary movies was in its infancy then. 620 more words


Anval WIP 5

Closing in on done. Had a blast painting with Thrym and friends at a paint day in Seneca Falls, but it was a bit tough to get deep enough into the zone for nmm :) After taking pics, lots of spots could use some attention. 23 more words


Anval WIP 4

First three color pass of the armor and axe, just roughing things in and trying to get a feel for how it will look.


Anval WIP 3

Second pass on the skin. I don’t like the last couple highlights. My first instinct is to re-do them from the mid-tone but maybe I’ll wait until I’ve done the armor to see how it all looks as a whole.


Anval WIP 2

First highlight and shading pass for the skin.

Back shot is a bit wonky, camera is almost comically not focusing on the mini at this point. 91 more words