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2 Samuel 13

The story takes a depressing turn. The old testament is the story of false starts, failed messiahs, new leaves turned with no lasting difference.

It’s the history of god’s relationship with the race from which the Messiah will come, during which more and more of God is slowly revealed. 175 more words



The night and darkness are in an eternal passionate embrace

Misfortune! Such a beautiful relation has been tarnished by evil minds

Tranquillity and the pervasive tender moments threatened by aggressors… 95 more words


Utter, Unyielding Despair

Unyielding despair. This is the conclusion of many great thinkers, when they consider the meaning of life, or rather its end result.

William Provine says, “Let me summarize my views on what modern evolutionary biology tells us loud and clear … There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed forces of any kind. 1,401 more words

What Is the Source of Evil?

Can anyone argue that there is no such thing as evil?  The horrors that people are willing to commit against each other staggers the imagination.  Reading about it sickens you.   405 more words


Get Over It: Resist

A petition to stop the Anti-Trump protesting popped up on my FB news feed last week.  I was taken back a bit since I’d heard rumors that FB had started grooming people’s news feeds so they got more of the types of posts they were likely to “like” and fewer of the ones they wouldn’t.   600 more words


III 14. Sleep Paralysis

Zoe didn’t go back to the theater. In Hiset’s arms she couldn’t feel the same warmth as in Mehrdir’s, or maybe it wasn’t even about warmth -since they were cold creatures- but it wasn’t the same feeling; her skin wasn’t burning and she wasn’t happy. 3,139 more words