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No evil, only evildoers

Many belives there is a fight between good and evil; between light and darkness; between God and demon, as shown in some of these verse… 234 more words


Diagnosis Will Not Be My Weapon

There’s an easy, familiar rhythm to the language of what we call insanity. Like David Sedaris used to describe a psychiatric hospital: “Whenever we passed the place, my sisters and I would stick our heads out the car window, expecting to hear a hysterical voice cackling, ‘I’m mad, I tell you, MAD!’ The patient would embrace his lunacy as though it were a treasure he had discovered hidden beneath the floor-boards.” 1,282 more words


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We are doomed as a nation.

Everywhere you look these days there’s bad news and worse news. I don’t watch the news because it’s all lies and evil. Maybe you’d call me ignorant for that, but even though I live in this corrupt world, I simply choose to not defile myself with the world’s matters. 487 more words
Jesus Christ Is The Only Way To Heaven!

Real Americans Are Trump Supporters

Real Americans are people who have values.

American values.

These are unique values.

Year by year, fewer and fewer people have values.

More and more, people are replacing values with stupidity and evil. 86 more words