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I know what to do with his finger

In Tsarnaev trial: The middle finger seen ’round the world:

You know what the jailers should have done with that middle finger of this stone cold killer; they should have shoved it up his ass and then broke it off and leave it there so it will serve as a reminder to him what a demented asshole he is. 43 more words


Something's Brewing: #24

Big Brother is watching all right! And even if you are not doing anything illegal, in the very near future you may just find your name on a gestapo ‘watch list’ and storm-troopers beating down your door. 1,144 more words

Political/Social Issues

The Rule

Dedicated to my beloved family, colleagues, and friends, the Good Apples who survived the Bunch.

Inspirado por un caballero que me enseñó a resolver problemas , no crearlos. 606 more words

My Journey into Poetry

My creativity in poetry evolved on many levels, all born out of sadness with a loss; a death. Many suffer such perils; however these poems tell my story.  190 more words


In between the Good & the Evil

I loved the concept:

One of the best msg in the recent days I liked most

There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism. They are : 129 more words

Mind Fuzz

Pretentious Love

Two months ago,
You told me,
“It’s you. It’s always been you.”

And I believed you,
Because I thought I knew you.
Of course, I know you now, 249 more words



Aspen is believed to be the wood that made Christ’s cross and thus protection of all things evil.

It is a favorite for making stakes, and destroying vampires. 23 more words