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Video: Why Does God Allow Suffering? - Answers To Life's Toughest Questions

Video: Answers To Life’s Toughest Questions (2:55 minutes)

* Why Does God Allow Suffering? 5 Reasons
* Why Do Some Die Young?
* Why Does God Not Stop Evil?


The Fall - A Loss Of Innocence

Genesis 3 deals with what is simply known as “The Fall”.

I am sure most everyone knows this story.  The story of how God gave man the Garden of Eden. 684 more words


A hundred and twenty muscles - Rachel Heng

Lea, a school kid, kills Betty’s rabbit on the show-and-tell day at school. This story is an access to the mind of a sociopath-in-making.

Thoughts. 274 more words

Writing Tips

#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop: For Every Hero, a Shadow — Deborah Maroulis

You’ve created an amazing character and built them a fabulous world. Now you put your baby in a situation to see what happens, right? Sort of.

39 more words
Writing Tips

Every Big Game Coming Out In Fall 2017

(Source: kotaku.com)

Credit: Angelica Alzona

Ahh, fall. The time for pumpkin spice lattes, long walks amongst colorful autumn trees, and watching scary movies underneath the safety of your favorite blanket. 417 more words


Minions Bikini

You cannot tell the guys your eyes are up here as you watch them stare and drool. So creepy, so evil so sexy. Show your love for the dark side with this minion bikini.

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