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A World Suffering From Evil

We live in a world plagued with suffering, a world where evil wanders to and fro, preying on the innocent and the weak, chaos howls like the wind, and death hangs ominous like stormy weather.  676 more words

This Young Man's Response to Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen Will Blow Your Mind

Nearly every day we read about evil and suffering in the world: Violence in the Middle East. Starving people in Africa. Children born disfigured and abandoned. 307 more words

It has been a year

My silence lasted too long. I have been writing this and that though… And taking pictures too. For the future. I still cannot upload them successfully to the Media folder of my dashboard most of the time, and I probably never will. 129 more words


The Suicide Forest

DISCLAIMER: This is NOTan article about the act of suicide. This is a post about a strange and mysterious place in the world that seems to draw people who want to take their own lives. 415 more words


March 27th - Compurgator

Compurgator – n: one who under oath vouches for the character or conduct of an accused person

She leaned in close, fighting the urge to reach for her love. 89 more words

365 Words Challenge

My Bridal Shower

My maid of honor planned my bridal shower at a high school friend/bridesmaid’s mother’s house two hours away from where she (MOH) was living at the time.  534 more words