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Conquer evil by doing good

Romans 12:21


Permafrost Sovereign.

       Every year, since the first blanket of snow covers the Earth, the Northern Lands find their way back to the primordial Darkness. A Darkness that makes the wicked shiver. 746 more words

From A Long Lost Life.

Carnival: Clown's Counsel

I started working on another dialogue. I see it in the same world as The Carnival, and may tie the two dialogues together. Please enjoy. 392 more words

Captian's Log

Betsy DeVos

The Secretary of Education. When she was nominated and confirmed last year a lot of people were–even Cadet Bone Spurs supporters–shocked and terrified at her lack of experience and her fabulous wealth of terrible ideas. 30 more words


Man of lawlessness

There have always been those who are disobedient in society but is there anyone who does not sin? No. We all have sinned but there are those among us that determine not to, though we all fail at some point. 845 more words


The Love Of Money

In the check out line at Dollar General Market,my husband says to a stranger…I hate money…its the root of all evil & then repeats that to me. 272 more words


I've chosen not to

I’ve chosen not to wear my grief and despair

like shards of broken glass or snapped razor blades

on my less-than-me person

I’ve chosen not to hurt others although my pain has…

134 more words