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The Image Of "Evil"?

Throughout my research into the topic of mega corporations and their Hollywood sci-fi equivalents, I have developed an understanding of how they are constructed and what elements drive them to domination. 897 more words


Forum Bullies...Remembering My Past

For years I was hated,bullied,& even stalked on Forums,all because I was in my 40s,a female,with a passion for sporty cars,& I was a gamer. I was called the most vile names & told to kill myself. 94 more words


Can a person become evil? Correcting the inadequate catechesis of some Christians in the United States

A tendency has arisen and seems to be increasing these days among some Christians, Catholics included, in the United States to regard human persons as evil in themselves. 232 more words

God The Father

God doesn’t make bad things happen

Do you wonder how God can allow so much evil and destruction in the world? When you face challenges in your own life do you wonder if God is there? 847 more words

Blog: The Drug Called LGBT

Braitlyn was at the most confident defining the difference between sexuality and gender. Wrong again. Gender is for pronouns; sex is for people.

Source: Blog: The Drug Called LGBT


#AtoZChallenge: Village of Villainy

The village of Bösedorf lies nestled somewhere near the Vogelsberg mountains, hidden away from most folk. It is often referred to as the Village of Villainy. 316 more words

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