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Good will win

To do good is to be good;
To be good is to do good;
Good the world needs;
To be good world needs good;
God created a good world; 23 more words

President Trump Destroys Fake News Media - Exposes Their lies.

“Main stream media” tries to hijack the press conference at the 6 minuet and 20 second mark. Trump obliterates them with truth and logic. Exposing evil like Donald Trump just did is like a form of art. It was absolutely beautiful.


Escaping the Meantime

We are all in a rush. A rush to grow up, to get through life, to fall guilty of complacency and absurdity in our practise and belief. 313 more words


Nolori had heard stories from her grandmother about the little men who lived in the forest outside the village and often toddled through the streets at night like curious children seeking out all sorts of mischief. 815 more words


When dentistry is the lesser evil...

I’m not a fan of the dentist. Being a responsible adult I try not to let time drag out too long between visits… but given half an excuse, I’ll almost always opt to kick my appointment down the road for a few weeks before showing up. 121 more words