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Issue -- Judicial System

The judicial system interprets and applies the law in the name of the state.

The judicial system does not work.

No one gets justice.

Instead, the system settles disputes and maintains the power of government. 38 more words


Earthstorms (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10

George was driving back down E470 alone. When he woke up at the motel, he knocked on the doors where Suzanne and Jake were supposed to be, but there was no answer at either door. 2,471 more words


The Suicidal GOP Ganging Up against the Donald

Both radio and network Republicans have lined up to smear the Donald. Last week Mr. Trump was excoriated for swearing in public by a popular conservative radio host. 583 more words

American Culture

New Ideas for a New Fantasy

Thinking about picking up my old fantasy novel that was working so hard on about two years ago… But I am not very fond of my villain.   81 more words

If you accept Jesus and become a Christian, will God make you happy?

This is a wonderful, wonderful post from Amy Hall, who writes for the Stand to Reason blog.

She writes:

I had a brief interaction with an atheist on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that unexpectedly turned to the issue of suffering when she said:

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“Despite the evil we see around us, there is a small number of those whose eyelids are fluttering. Consciousness is bubbling and brewing to its boiling point in this age of awakening.” Dara… 61 more words


In The Name Of...

“The devil made me do it!”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? When I heard this phrase as a young boy, I imagined a little red horned man jabbing people with his pitchfork to take control of their bodies. 495 more words