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When You Have Been Through the Fire

This morning I was thinking of how much evil there is in the world. Trust me, just watch one episode of Criminal Minds and you will get the picture. 730 more words


Rid us, O Lord

Rid us, O Lord,

of the arrogant delusion

that our age is

harder to live in,

harder to live through

and be decent in

than any age… 187 more words



Ever feel like you’re being watched you look around but there is no one there and you can feel a chill in the air around you… 765 more words


What is Narcissism?

                                                    Matt S Aug 27th 2016 Part 4

The photo that I have used to head this article is also a good representation of Narcissism and it just so happens that this image captures a face of two halves. 102 more words

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Is "too much" money the root of all evil?

I had a very odd conversation with my partner last night while watching the Human League at Windsor racecourse – hooray! The Human League are nothing to do with this blog though I now discover t… 801 more words


Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso

So I just finished reading Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso. While it’s not his debut novel, it’s the first one that I’ve read by him on the suggestion of a friend, and I’m glad that I did read it. 244 more words