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Crazy Fenders On Mitsu Evo X

We thought this looked pretty sick. I mean, half the tire is exposed!



Japanese tuning shop Cleib has been making waves lately with their carbon and exhaust products for the BRZ/FT86 and S2000 platforms. So, naturally, they’d have demo cars in both the S2000 and BRZ to showcase their products. 57 more words


Aaaand in the Red Corner...

These two heavyweights of the performance car world were suggested by a reader, and they remind us of a time when Japan was on top of its automotive game. 77 more words


Velocity Factor - 2012 Mitsubishi EvoX GSR High Performance Engine Build

This 2012 Mitsubishi EvoX GSR came to us to get some serious power, but the customer wanted to keep it reliable and reasonable for use as a daily driver. 302 more words


That Crazy Evo

The Japanese sure knows how to go crazy as far as modifying their cars go and this super widebody Evo is no exception. I’m pretty sure this is not the first time I’ve posted this Evo on my blog before, but this craziness is now rocking some color matching Hyper Forged C10 wheels that looks absolutely stunning in contrast to the custom widebody.

Photos via MINKARA