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Stunning romance from Selina Kray captured my heart

In Wild Lemon Groves by Selina Kray

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I’ve never been to Italy but I have to say, having read this book, I have such a clear picture in my mind of the Amalfi Coast and the sights, sounds and smells that – if I ever did visit – it would feel like an old friend. 407 more words



Twelfth night is meant to be the time for clearing away greetings cards and festive decorations. In my book, some superstitions are best ignored.  As I don’t receive some mail till early January, mostly from abroad, my cards stay up longer and the last to arrive are the last to disappear.  230 more words

Evocative Experiences

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Definitely not appropriate now. Burning coal we know to be destructive to the atmosphere. Even early on in the industrial revolution smog was noted in English cities as coal was fundamental to machinery for transport, and manufacture, and it filled the air, polluting the atmosphere. 173 more words


Power of THREE: 3 art works, 3 artists, one twitter feed

It just so happened that 3 very different art works appeared on my twitter feed (@bitterwit) today in succession. The serendipitous appearance of the three illustrated perfectly the munificence of art and why we should love and embrace it in all its variety.  372 more words


Astroneer's Playful Solitude

The early-access space sim works to keep the player positive, even with crushing isolation in mind.

At first glance, Astroneer appears to be similar to other games of its ilk, the Steam early-access sandbox survival and exploration games. 866 more words


The Simple Joys and Small Victories of Breath of the Wild

BOTW has incredible power in its most mundane moments.

A bead of sweat drips down your forehead and falls onto the parched rock below, staining it a deep brown and foreshadowing what you can tell is coming, judging from the darkening sky and pregnant clouds overhead. 1,109 more words