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The [War]drobe #1

Great title: do you think so? It signifies a War of Wardrobe. I will express my opinions on the conformist culture of America and tell of my rebelliously-treasonous acts when captive to conformesque situations, and make peremptory remarks about peoples’ drobes that catch my eye as I tramp the streets of Chicago. 101 more words


Child by Robbie Cheadle  #writephoto

A tiny green leaf,

A piece of rough bark,

The brilliant stars,

That shine in the dark.

The softness of feathers,

In a duvet, cuddly and warm, 38 more words


From Pros To Prose

Three-years ago, I wanted be a respected Hip-Hop artist; before that, I wanted to be a pro-basketball player. Nowadays I express myself through disciplined school/career work and writing. 291 more words


War-drobes #1

Great title don’t ya think? It means the “War of Wardrobes.” In this series, I’ll be discussing my personal and perceived experiences of the expectations placed on clothing. 134 more words


2017, April 25 - 2549 - painting 2

tossing paint around (5)
like a wild expressionist (7)
buried in color (5)



I meant to unplug my charged up  e-tablet and ended up instead, opening up Pandora’s Box.  Don’t ask me why, I can’t tell you.  I opened a file drawer.  216 more words