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'Paris, 1928.' mixed media on paper, 4" x 6"

Visual Art

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When you write about Paris, you don't have to say it twice

Old barns

Old barns like this are disappearing in our part of the world. They can be costly to keep up and (I assume) they are not as ‘efficient’ and ‘modern’ as ones with a metal frame and skin. 45 more words


Behind bars....

Captured this evocative image on my way to the studio yesterday… Wondered if my thoughts would’ve been different had it been the sculpture of a man enmeshed in such a manner…. ?


vein of gold in the stone

What good is a post started with “I”? So much seems to be mememe these days. But let’s start with “I” and end up with “you”. 429 more words

Reality & Imagination - It Looked Familiar


While away on a trip I had cause to walk the grounds of a Catholic college. I did this often as it was a large and peaceful place to wander. 938 more words



The annual beach holiday never failed to evoke unbridled passion and electric intimacy between Frank and Dee.


I Can Hear You

Come under here • Forget the floating world and hear me • I know it’s strange • But there’s no room left to fear me • It’s raining on us both 141 more words

On Message