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5 Tips for Atmospheric Writing

Recently, I’ve been reading Maggie Stiefvater’s series The Raven Cycle, and what has blown me away (besides the characters, plot, and just amazing story overall) is her ability to create atmospheric settings. 741 more words



A couple of weeks ago, I was  caught in two really heavy downpours of rain.  The first time I was sodden.  When I got home I had to strip off  all my clothes and dry myself. 164 more words


I am supposed to be doing chores; I am not.  Sitting here procrastinating feels quite divine.  I LIKE IT.  I do not doubt for one minute that this is a very positive therapy.  13 more words

Remembering the previous years.

Remembering the previous years made me think that I should share my side of story about what happened to me and my experiences in my student life. 525 more words

TORN by Erica O'Rourke--Evocative YA Paranormal Romance

TORN is lesson in how to write immersive, visceral fiction. I’m blow so far away, I’m drifting in the stratosphere.

Here’s the blurb from Amazon.com… 404 more words

Underwater Visions: Water and the Human Form

Underwater landscapes provide interesting places to explore dreamlike images and archetypes. What range of imagery and emotion are artists creating?

I would like to introduce you to three stunning artists making underwater photographs in the world today. 1,225 more words