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Behind bars....

Captured this evocative image on my way to the studio yesterday… Wondered if my thoughts would’ve been different had it been the sculpture of a man enmeshed in such a manner…. ?


vein of gold in the stone

What good is a post started with “I”? So much seems to be mememe these days. But let’s start with “I” and end up with “you”. 429 more words

Reality & Imagination - It Looked Familiar


While away on a trip I had cause to walk the grounds of a Catholic college. I did this often as it was a large and peaceful place to wander. 938 more words



The annual beach holiday never failed to evoke unbridled passion and electric intimacy between Frank and Dee.

100 Beautiful Words

I Can Hear You

Come under here • Forget the floating world and hear me • I know it’s strange • But there’s no room left to fear me • It’s raining on us both 141 more words

On Message

Twinkle Twinkle

Safe at sea, I look to see the sky that covers me • Too small to be a star • Too big for me • I might ask if I knew what I need • I might grow if I could find the seed… 111 more words


White Moon

If I could live inside your eyes • Dream and stop the morning • Fill your hands until white moon dies • Take your heart without warning… 121 more words