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The annual beach holiday never failed to evoke unbridled passion and electric intimacy between Frank and Dee.

100 Beautiful Words

I Can Hear You

Come under here • Forget the floating world and hear me • I know it’s strange • But there’s no room left to fear me • It’s raining on us both 141 more words

On Message

Twinkle Twinkle

Safe at sea, I look to see the sky that covers me • Too small to be a star • Too big for me • I might ask if I knew what I need • I might grow if I could find the seed… 111 more words


White Moon

If I could live inside your eyes • Dream and stop the morning • Fill your hands until white moon dies • Take your heart without warning… 121 more words


Fed On Stone

Tap the cage with paper fingers left alone in dread • Call the mice and whisper lingers, fed on stone • And the present wheel grinds • Fed on stone, but fed • Fed on stone, but fed 113 more words


The Well Of Heaven

I wonder what all those doors mean as I tilt my head I want to fall down and thinking backwards maybe I said I thought I said • well • I wonder which way I’m facing as I move away I try to look down and turning backwards maybe I stay I think I stay… 268 more words