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Lots of little children have their special comforters, like a little blanket, or, a toy, or, a taste.  So it was, in a Bohemian meeting place called Tmol Shilshom, in Jerusalem,  a friend got talking to us about his special childhood comfort memory. 434 more words


Easter break in a marvellously characterless but convenient hotel

4-5 April 2015
Easter weekend, Sri Lanka
There is something about my room here in Sri Lanka that reminds me of Morocco. Perhaps the colour of the walls or the feel of the tiles underfoot. 521 more words



A post by GillyK about a ‘riotous’ baptismal service got me thinking.

I was a mature student. In those days it meant I was twenty-five years old, or more. 346 more words


Deep Fog And Deeper Foghorns

Last night I stood on a high hill, overlooking the broad Bedford Basin.

Bedford Basin is a wide body of water connected to Halifax harbour by The Narrows. 332 more words


Midwestern Mythologies

The Midwestern sky is dusty green

Pregnant with storm, swollen, round bellied

Oppressive heat palm pressing

Trees groaning, sweat rising from pavements

Pressure building to ache within the bones… 129 more words


Burnt Offerings

I am ten thousand cigarettes
Burnt offerings and rusty hinges
Yonge Street at twilight
Endless paper cups of last sip coffee
The breath of winter over Lake Nipissing… 118 more words