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Sex Is Shifting from Evolutionary to Socially Driven

Sex may be enjoyable, but in evolutionary terms, it’s a very difficult way to reproduce. Compared to asexual reproduction, sex requires two organisms instead of one, and the exchange of genetic material resulting from sex is a slow process, leaving it vulnerable to prey until it can mature. 410 more words


These Fish Have Been Caught Evolving to Survive on Land

Better to be a fish out of water than a fish eaten.

There are fish on our planet right now that are evolving to live on land, and a new study shows they are spurred on by predators in the water. 670 more words


The Neolithic Revolution: How Farming changed the World

Whenever we think of famous revolutions, the two that normally pop into our heads are the French and American Revolutions, mostly because they are responsible for the political and intellectual landscape that dominates the world today. 103 more words


Some of our paleo ancestors ate 100% vegetarian, new study finds

Our earliest ancestors didn’t have the luxury of toothbrushes. That’s a boon for scientists studying Neanderthals, because dental plaque can provide unique insights into what early humans were chomping on. 346 more words


The Beginnings of Human History, Society, and Culture

When does human history begin? If we seek help from anthropology, then we find that the first animals of the homininans appeared in Africa around 6 million years ago and the first Homo sapiens appeared 600,000 to 200,000 years ago, also in Africa. 62 more words


Muslim History of the Theory of Evolution: A Challenge to Traditional Adam Story

Source: New Age Islam

By T.O. Shanavas, New Age Islam

12 November 2015

According to the theory of evolution, all living beings share a common ancestry, and therefore they are interconnected and interrelated. 347 more words

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Two Words for the Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias: Biological Evolution

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Suffering and the question of suffering is our shared destiny. Today millions are homeless in different parts of the world and are suffering through famine and disease. 1,632 more words

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