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How Strong is Natural Selection? Stitching Together Linear and Nonlinear Selection on a Single Scale

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Some individuals survive and reproduce better than others. Traits that help them do so may be passed on to the next generation, leading to evolutionary change. 930 more words

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God's watery creation

If there is one thing most people are aware of, it is the big bang.  It expanded or exploded and eventually resulted in the earth with lots of life on it.  407 more words


Theistic Evolution Pt. 8 - Ethics

In this section ethics in the light of evolution will be explored. The first section looks at the evolved character of ethics and the second section deals with a Christian ethic that is rooted in an understanding of evolution. 1,969 more words


Theistic Evolution Pt. 7 - The Suffering God

The Suffering God

Platonic formulations insist that God must be unmovable in order to be self-determining and constant. The God of the Bible is a God who is spoken of as being responsive. 1,309 more words


Theistic Evolution Pt. 6 - Suffering, the Only Way, and Divine Intervention

The Problem of Suffering

Stanley Rice says the following: “Many people thought of the natural world as God’s vast and orderly garden, full of life. Darwin showed the natural world to be violent and full of death.”  Physicist… 2,421 more words


Ancient Finger Bone Found in Saudi Arabia Reveals a New Clue About Early Humans

Source: Time


(NEW YORK) — An ancient human finger bone found in Saudi Arabia provides a new clue about when and how our species migrated out of Africa. 44 more words

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Theistic Evolution Pt. 5 - The Role of God

In this post the role of God in relation to evolution will be examined. Firstly, the question of evolution as atheistic and godless will be addressed. 1,857 more words