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Amazing Sauropod Neck Design in 'Cervical Ribs'

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

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When someone says “ribs,” people immediately think of those organ-protecting bones that wrap around a thorax. 538 more words

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Pluto's Craterless Plains Look Young

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

ResourcesPhysical Sciences ResourcesAstronomy

Earlier this year, New Horizons flew past dwarf planet Pluto and its sister Charon, rapidly capturing data. 596 more words

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Begging, Prostration and Stumped Sexuality

How our most basic survival adaptations developed into common religious rituals.

Religion is a relatively young phenomenon estimated to be approximately 3,000 years old. Within this time span religions have grown in their hundreds, with an estimated 19 main religions and 270 sub-groups within them. 2,389 more words


Evolution vs. Man = God vs. Man

God’s only method of remediation is evolution.

Man’s methods of remediation:

  1. Create outside of the perceived self.
  2. To manipulate, bend and skew current circumstances, regardless of origin, to fit within and tend to our perceived needs.
  3. 71 more words
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Mesmerizing Marine Mimics: Ichthyo-invisible

This post is the sixth in a six post series outlining the evolution of mimicry within the ocean realm. These posts detail various ways in which organisms may copy other organisms in appearance and behavior, and the evolutionary context for how these mimic-model pairings have come to be. 3,108 more words