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Hello Darkness My Old Friend: How Echolocation Lets Bats Rule the Night

When I asked my boyfriend, a 15-year-old stuck in 28-year-old’s body, who would win in a battle between Batman and Superman in anticipation of the now-in-theaters… 1,344 more words


Why in some cases it's better to be ancient?

Source: BBC

By Melissa Hogenboom

5 May 2016

There are many factors to consider when looking at the success of a species. Habitat, hunting prowess and how quickly it can reproduce, to name but a few. 287 more words

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Robots and A.I.

Strange things are afoot in the world today. For me at least. It is one those days where I find it impossible to focus. I have no idea why, but there it is. 613 more words


These are the simple steps that made us human

Source: BBC

By Pierangelo Pirak

3 May 2016

Over the course of several million years, apes gradually transformed into humans. This video shows you the key changes along the way.

Video here

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The Evolution of Civilization

Money is a tool,
no different then a hammer.
It can be used to build a house,
or tear one down.
It can also be used to build a wall, 121 more words


Review of Part 1 of Scientists Confront Creationism

Full disclosure here: I skipped over a lot of the second half of Part 1, as it really has nothing to do with me. Part 1 in this book seems mostly intent on describing the motives and purposes behind the Creationism/Intelligent design movement. 550 more words


A tale of loyalty and betrayal, starring figs and wasps

Source: BBC

By Deepa Padmanaban

1 May 2016

The succulent sweet fig is a nesting ground for thousands of tiny fig wasps.

The fig tree and fig wasp share a long and unique mutualistic association, one that benefits both equally. 313 more words

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