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Former Bush Secretary of State, George Schultz recently offered that government officers must ask themselves the question, “What can I do to make the world better” and admitted to harboring some doubts that his Party’s current standard bearer has ever thought of that, but is rather occupied solely with himself and his own betterment.  1,805 more words


Male dragonflies are not as violent as thought

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Males and females are defined by their gametes. Males have tiny, usually mobile gametes, while females have very large gametes that usually do not move. 725 more words


The Case for a Creator (Book Review)

“Equal time.”  Sometimes when the other side of an issue is presented, opponents decry that both sides were not given the chance to argue their case.  1,367 more words

Book Review

Eliminating "unnecessary" stuff

Evolution, when take to its logical conclusions, leaves no room for rationality, generosity, friendship, humanitarianism, meaning to life, God, or anything else that makes this life worth living. 56 more words


The Shrinking Mitochondria.

Billions of years ago, one cell—the ancestral cell of modern eukaryotes—engulfed another, a microbe that gave rise to today’s mitochondria. Over evolutionary history, the relationship between our cells and these squatters has become a close one; mitochondria provide us with energy and enjoy protection from the outside environment in return. 1,019 more words


Scientists track last 2,000 years of British evolution.

Technique tested on Britons’ genomes provides first look at human genetic adaptation over the past 2,000 years.

People of British origin are better able to digest milk than their ancestors were just two millennia ago. 616 more words



Many who say they beleive in evolution, do not understand the basic concepts.

Conflict is the engine that drives evolution. In human terms, conflict arises between the people who want change and the people who do not want change. 546 more words