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Driveclub - Review

Driveclub is Sony’s first attempt at a big new racer on the PS4 but unfortunately some bad design decisions and worse execution have made for a somewhat lackluster experience. 1,231 more words


Motorstorm Apocalypse - Review

Motorstorm Apocalypse has arrived and with it comes an apocalyptic racing event that is a whole lot of fun. In this game you will race through San Francisco (titled “The City” in the game) as it suffers violent earthquakes and other disasters. 950 more words


Evolution Studios and Codemasters Top 5

I’m sure we all heard the news yesterday; Codemasters announced the acquisition of Evolution Studios. This acquisition means that Codemasters are now the premiere suppliers of racing games in the world (not bad for a small UK startup in the mid-80s) with some genuine world-class talent. 1,150 more words


Evolution Studios team joins Codemasters to form racing game powerhouse

Recently, Sony announced its decision to close down Evolution Studios, the Runcorn based developer responsible for World Rally Championship, Motorstorm and Driveclub. Yesterday Codemasters announced that they would be bringing the entire Evolution team into their company on April 25. 301 more words


Codemasters Acquires the Evolution Studios Team

Two of the biggest racing developers will soon join together under one roof. 994 more words


Rue Brittania: The British Studios We've Lost

Brandon Green, Joshua Rawlings and Kerry-Lee Copsey

Studio closures are nothing new, they happen all the time. However recently two British game studios Lionhead Studios, founded in 1996 (Fable, Black and White) and Evolution Studios, founded in 1999 (Motorstorm and Driveclub) closed within weeks of each other. 734 more words

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