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Target acquisition and interception in dragonflies

Here is a fascinating post about some of the capabilities of dragonflies from Evolution News.

Selective attention

First, dragonflies have “selective attention” – the ability to focus on a single prey and ignore other distractions: 710 more words


The evolution of what?? A bad book (and a bad review).

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a Guardian review of the new Matt Ridley‘s book, The Evolution of Everything. In the past I read a couple of books of Ridley ( 889 more words

Cultural Evolution

15. In Vogue

Sometimes I am baffled why and how we got to this day and age.

Instagram is a new way of socializing. Facebook is a showcase of lifestyles. 266 more words

Crazy Notions

Thoughts on the Umpqua Community College Shootings

Once again, media feeds have been flooded with the news that another gunman has committed mass murder, this time at Umpqua Community College in rural Roseburg, Oregon. 1,265 more words


I believe in Science

Personally, I believe in Real Facts and Real Science. Not the crap they teach in schools.

Amazing Video by Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministry… 20 more words


Creationist Wisdom #621: The Next Paradigm

Today’s second letter-to-the-editor is yet another response to the newspaper articles we wrote about a couple of weeks ago: Ten Years After the Kitzmiller Case… 845 more words


JSM Liberty Pt. 2

Happily, in this election cycle there are two candidates who are authentic, and are not afraid to say their truth; those two being Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. 188 more words