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Jason Lisle's Extra-Solar Planet Predictions

We found an entertaining article by Jason Lisle, the creationist astrophysicist who used to be employed by Answers in Genesis (AIG), ol’ Hambo’s online ministry. 701 more words


Zentangle® (r)evolution

As I look back at the class work that was done over the last couple years, I am amazed at the evolution everyone has made on their Zentangle path. 294 more words

Zentangle ®

The true meaning of the hipster beard, according to an evolutionary biologist

As a clean-shaven man, I’ve looked with astonishment at the renaissance of beards in the 21st century. Hirsute hipsters dominate the young and trendy enclaves of London, New York, and Sydney, while many of my own friends and neighbors seem to be taking their grooming cues from… 1,103 more words


Brownie was looking out of the hole in the wall.

It’s coming this way!

Don’t worry, said Daddy. The trap should take care of it. 175 more words



What I see is an ape afflicted with the human condition
Standing naked and harbouring delusions of a mission
And this naked ape, he thinks he’s the final step in evolutions transition… 28 more words


Where are we??  

How much bliss human beings had while evolving over millions of years?. Was it a race, with other phenomenons in the world, to be the apex being. 168 more words


it's all my fault

I choose, from here on out, to answer every calling in my body, step into my true creativity, let go of everything that doesn’t fulfill me and truly start changing myself. 19 more words