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Problem with an aspect of human civilization

Human civilization is a great thing, but as the definition of a civilized life is constantly changing, a great many cycles te kept the world going has been disturbed. 399 more words

Earth & Our Ecosystem

Going Ahead Despite Fear!

“So much strength, so much enthusiasm, so much hubris.

Then comes the trial, and the wheat and the chaff naturally separate!

This is life, this is the Game, this is the big lie, but this act reveals Truth! 43 more words

Quick Thought - Posing A Challenge To Atheist

On one hand atheist such as Richard Dawkins agree that “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose… 270 more words

Nietzsche's Übermensch and Gur-tuh (Goethe)

Nietzsche explicitly names a few people in “Will to Power” that he thinks rank among the greatest human beings that have ever lived, and he puts them in this category for traits very similar to those that he ascribes to an Übermensch: 282 more words

Evolution – Boon or bane??

The concept of evolution has been very well established. How all organisms have evolved to adapt, as well as humans. The intriguing topic here for debate is that, have humans evolved in the ideal path or actually created a humongous mess?? 287 more words


The Great Man (Woman); from Emerson

Emerson conceived of the “great man” as a lens through which people may see themselves.

For Emerson the great man is one who through superior endowments… 105 more words