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Evolution – Multiplayer FPS Review

The multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) scene has taken quite a lot to evolve, especially on computers, but even now we rarely see new mobile games that tackle with this sort of idea. 528 more words


Absolultely Hilarious. Philomena Cunk Video On Evolution.

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

If you hang out at Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True you have heard of Ms. Philomena Cunk who is a rather engaging young woman who asks rather daft questions. 35 more words


How do we adapt to this? Expanding reasons why minority students avoid certain disciplines

In my good ol’ US of A, there’s a pretty sizable chunk of the population that does not believe in a fundamental concept in science, one that borders as close to fact as science can get. 275 more words



Focus on life there will always be problems in life. The person who makes it happen and tackles the problems head on the opportunity is only seen by the opportunist. 143 more words


God vs Science: Agency and Mechanism

We often think that science and God are in direct conflict, this idea is predicated on the assumption that God is introduced to explain the things which we can not, i.e. 189 more words


Creationist Wisdom #529: Proof of God

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Duluth News Tribune of Duluth, Minnesota. It’s titled The proof of God is evident all around us. It doesn’t look like the newspaper has a comments feature. 453 more words