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The Meaning of Life

“What is the meaning of life?”… A question we’ve all asked ourselves. We as a human race tend to find solace in the thought that we are alive and breathing for a reason; like there’s some sort of a purpose to all this. 1,760 more words


Western Lands Pt. 2 and The Place of Dead Roads

Warning: the following is a work of fiction:

Burroughs writes, “ The Egyptian pantheon is colorful…a demon with the hind legs of a hippopotamus, the front paws of a lion, and the head of a crocodile…a beautiful woman with a scorpion’s head…a pig demon who walks erect, seizing violators and squeezing the shit out of them, which he grinds into their mouths and noses until they suffocate.” 1,125 more words


Dinosaur Feathers

In the movie, Jurassic Park, humans are able to get dinosaur DNA from insects that were preserved in fossilized amber millions of years ago. Well, it has been very convincingly shown that any DNA that might get trapped in amber during the age of dinosaurs would degrade too badly over time to still be viable today. 501 more words


Does peer-reviewed science support Bill Nye's attempt to prove materialism?

Casey Luskin looks at Nye’s new book “Undeniable”, which turns out to be very deniable, since it uses discredited science to support materialist philosophy.

Luskin writes: 599 more words



In life there are shared life experiences that many of us look forward to and are milestones that bonds us as humans. Births, graduations, marriages, and other common rights of passage and achievements that fall in line with the archetypal human life experience. 242 more words

Infographic: The Evolution of Editing

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Digital Technology

Thought behind seeds!

The idea behind seeds is that animals will come along and eat the fruit, wander off somewhere, and then poop out the seeds which will grow into the next generation of plants. 199 more words