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Evolutionary Theory: Are Leeches Related to Lychee?

Following on from yesterday’s post about lying lychee, today we’re examining why it might be a goddamn deceitful son of a gun. We won’t waste any time getting to the point: it’s probably due to leeches. 470 more words


We Have Proof of Intelligent Design

We urge you to look at the video posted above. It’s only five seconds long, but it will forever change the way you think about the theory of evolution. 285 more words


"That is One Big Pile of Poo..." Dinosaurs and the Dung Beetles

Upon reading the word ‘dinosaur’ most readers will immediately think of terrifying behemoths such as Tyrannosaurus rex. However new research from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has given us a reason to think of dung beetles instead. 600 more words

Lucid Dream: Hall of Mirrors, Journey through Evolution

Last night, I had a very vivid, lucid dream, where the magickal mirrors in my astral living room, reflected images from parallel universes and different time periods.  973 more words


Make that connection

I just heard this really interesting study on NPR the other day…

What are the health implications of dancing? New social science research shows that dancing in synchrony with others increases people’s threshold for dealing with pain. 310 more words



There’s quite lot of criticism of mankind and the harm he’s doing to his planet, and I dared say some of it is completely justified. But my beautiful wife and I have recently returned from a trip across a great deal of Europe, covering seven countries as we went, and there’s one thing that’s clear. 561 more words

mid-week apologetics booster (5-5-2016)

Good morning friends,

Here is some material that will hopefully help you “make the case” for what you believe:

  1. If Religious Freedom Is So Important, Why Do So Few of Us Exercise it?
  2. 309 more words