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Is Traditional Media Doomed?

Ohh, media. Sometimes I wonder how we’d survive without it. But as it continues to evolve, sometimes surviving with it can be a pain in the butt! 269 more words

A Creationist Nuclear Physicist?

The website of the Christian Post, which describes itself as “the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website,” recently brought us the news that we wrote about here: … 554 more words


To Move through your truth..

To be on this constant repetition of ‘oh look here’s another uncomfortable feeling…AGAIN’! The complete visceral sense that is only defined by the mind losing its plot while it platitudes into over motion of what if’s, what’s, maybe’s & then takes off into an intense overload of analytics of the experience at hand -sorry ‘in head’. 732 more words


The Bandwagon of Religion and Why I can't Jump *Back* on Board

Okay let me start of by saying I was raised Christian. I attended church and went on mission trips and everything up until my freshman year of college. 797 more words

Mystery Footprints - Observation vs. Inference


  • Updated for 2015 – Mystery Footprints – Observation vs. Inference (Google Slides Public link)
  • Handout for Mystery Footprint Activity (pdf)
  • projector…
  • 297 more words
Earth Science

The Evolution of Hooch's Dock Diving!

From no jump, to the Hoochie Hop… to sailing through the air! … The Evolution of Hooch!


The Love for Your Partner vs The Love for Your Children

This is my response to the question posed by this thread: “Do you love your child more than your husband?”

I think the love for one’s own children is a more selfish kind of love. 917 more words