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Are we still evolving through our knowledge?

A decade ago, everyday 30-somethings didn’t know stuff that 10 year-olds know today. Look another decade back, and the gap widens exponentially. What made the difference? 844 more words

Mr. Him

It's Evolution Stupid!

The recognition of one’s own ignorance is a valuable component in the character of the individuals I care to correspond and share personal time with.  In a world of “leaders” and followers, politicians and prophets, “experts” and arm-chair economic theorists, positioning yourself as ignorant won’t do much in the way of establishing credence amongst your fellow travellers on the ship of so called Progress.   953 more words


Post 6 - Choice

Hello All! And welcome back to this series of literary analysis and explanation by me! This week’s theme is “Choice”, and more in particular, how that choice can create a massive ‘butterfly effect’, and having the potential to completely change the outcomes of one’s life and other’s. 314 more words


This and the previous post promote two books which need to be promoted widely. ZOMBIE SCIENCE in particular reveals how devastating this theory has been to the authority of God’s Word. 215 more words


Caterpillar Coloration: Camouflage or Caution, or Both?

You know the old saying, “Red touching yellow can kill a fellow, Red touching black is safe for Jack.” This common saying tells what the coloration patterns of snakes mean. 291 more words

Warmest greetings from a post-fact world

Never before has a map of the world looked so uniform as with the Paris Climate Agreement. This almost perfect picture is ruined by only one, unfortunately rather large, grey area – the United States. 1,268 more words

Global Political & Social Issues

Young-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 2)

Note: This and the following article will be organized by questions which set the stage for a later post that will compare/contrast the two over-arching views side-by-side. 539 more words