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Fifteen Things Evangelicals Should Aspire to Understand about Evolution (Item 9)

9. Instances of fraud and error do not invalidate the theory of evolution.

Much attention has been paid by creationists to certain high-profile errors and cases of fraud that have occurred in the field of evolutionary biology. 124 more words


What Does One Do With A Life?

What does one do with a life?  These words should echo forever within an individual’s mind – periodically breaching the surface of conscious domain, demanding immediate contemplation and resolution. 1,762 more words


Science -- 2015/04/25

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Symbionts on the road to a single species“, by Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink (Science). And the two (symbionts) shall become one.
  2. 82 more words

I know I know

“You may say you know something but

You don’t know it til you show it!”


"Down to Earth"

“I have long held an opinion, almost amounting to conviction,

in common I believe with many other lovers of natural knowledge,

that the various forms under which the forces of matter are made manifest… 258 more words

Evolution and Expo 2015.

To be able to feed food the entire planet, it is first necessary to feed the knowledge of the mind of every individual.