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Discoveroids: Evolution Is Self-Refuting Nonsense

There are few things as fundamental as Epistemology. Wikipedia says:

Epistemology studies the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief. Much of the debate in epistemology centers on four areas: (1) the philosophical analysis of the nature of knowledge and how it relates to such concepts as truth, belief, and justification, (2) various problems of skepticism, (3) the sources and scope of knowledge and justified belief, and (4) the criteria for knowledge and justification.

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Brainwashed Into Ignorance

I often contemplate why things change so drastically from one generation to the next. I can understand changes due to technological advances and people’s increasing awareness; however, when it comes to biological, maturity and intellectual levels I cannot understand how those change so rapidly. 1,257 more words


30 Minute Soul Consultations Available!

Great News!

We now have 30 minute Soul Consultations available with our founder Lenea Herew!

A Soul Consultation is a beautiful opportunity to evolve your life through mental clarity & insight, ancestral guidance & spiritual strength. 50 more words

Time to Grow Up

It’s time for humanity to grow up.  To grow past the busy body ugliness that people find it’s ok to express.  So many times I see online that people have such ugly comments to make on another person’s tragedy, a judgment made on their choice of lover, a dis of their opinion.  493 more words

WorldNetDaily: Noah Had a Cell Phone

Don’t laugh at our title, dear reader — it comes from the website of WorldNetDaily (WND). As you know, WND was an early Buffoon Award Winner… 657 more words


Talk like an ant

Ant colonies operate like well-oiled machines. Much of the communication between individuals is mediated by cuticular hydrocarbons (the cuticle on an insect is their tough outer skin), that make up pheromones. 186 more words

Bite-sized Science

One of the greatest defects, one of the principal sources of aberration and confusion in our time

Just as there are definite stages in the evolution of the individual human being, just as the nature of his powers and faculties differs in childhood, middle life and old age, so too are the powers and faculties possessed by humanity in general constantly changing in the course of evolution. 139 more words