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The Quran is Not a Science Textbook, But...

Misconception 2: “The Quran is not a science textbook.”

This is true, of course. The Quran is certainly not a science textbook. But, when some Muslims make this claim, they implicitly mean something else. 1,193 more words

Whipped Muslims

Why the World Needs Neurohacking Now

this post originally appeared on Neurohacker Collective

Let’s face it – as anyone who is paying attention knows, we humans are in a bit of an ‘emergence through emergency’ scenario. 862 more words


Is Darwinism Intuitive?

On Darwinism and Intuitiveness

What makes Darwinism, i.e., natural selection, so compelling to so many otherwise educated people is that it seems very intuitive. But intuitions can be misleading, especially when dealing with scenarios and phenomena that are far outside the norm of our day to day experiences. 449 more words


Challenging Dr. Ben Carson to a Written Debate about Facts of Evolution from Molecular Biology

Source: The Muslim Sunrise, Summer 2016 volume

By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I had issued this challenge originally in November of 2015. 725 more words


We Are an Obligatorily Social Species

In an essay published on Aeon earlier this year, Kimberley Brownlee, an associate professor of legal and moral philosophy at the University of Warwick, made the case that our well-being depends in part upon our social connections. 239 more words


Classic story revised: lichens are fungus + algae + yeast (another fungus)

One of the classic stories of biology, taught to virtually every student, is the fact that what we call “lichens” are actually a combination of two very distantly related species: a species of alga and a species of fungus. 706 more words