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Teleology over the surface of a planet, darwinism's worst nightmare

The eonic effect is confusing because it must depict a complex phenomenon over the surface of a planet over a long period of time. further, once we see the factor of directionality we have to grasp how this phenomenon could express teleology. 92 more words

New study: 90% of species on Earth today originated 100,000 to 200,000 years ago

Well, it’s Friday, so I thought we would all benefit from reading about a brand new peer-reviewed study that should be the final nail in the coffin of naturalistic evolution. 625 more words



  repossessing  sorrows,
    we   succeeded   in
   throwing you   but in
 eternity   you  were
   reflectance of divinity,
redshift’s fury and
  true        meaning—
 now    confidently you
 are yet something other than… 358 more words


Robert Marks on Evolution and Creativity | Evolution News

In our culture, crossing a range of thought disciplines, one views says that AI, entrepreneurship, and evolution can dispense with creativity. The algorithm is all! 10 more words


🎉Attention fellow passengers of Life 🎉

Because the portal is open only for 72 hours.

Starting from 10 am today for the next 72.5 hours there is the portal of Grace that would be open! 148 more words