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Evolution Is No Longer Credible In 2017 | SCIENCE PROVES INTELLIGENT DESIGN

By End Times Productions

The theory of evolution is totally and completely debunked, Even Richard Dawkins agrees.

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White rabbit
Darwinisms Downfall
Evolution V God The movie, 6 more words



If you were asked the question “throughout history, has religion done more harm than good?”, what would be your answer? In a similar vein, what about the question “has religion saved more lives than it has taken?” For what it’s worth, in my opinion, the answer to the latter question is “yes (and by a very long way)”, and thus that to the former is “no”. 1,136 more words


Why all the changes?

Chopped all the hair, stopped working at the gym, vegetarianism, no alcohol….

Um…wait, what?!

That’s right. I stopped drinking. Permanently. 437 more words

Faith And Personal Growth

One More Aware Step

When does one start becoming a true writer, no longer simply a scribbler of random thoughts and spewer of feelings turned frustrations? How do you go about working towards becoming a serious, professional writer? 600 more words

Of Life And Love


Many religions and mythologies tell the story of how the world and universe was created.  The Bible says it began with a word, and perhaps God did say a word that initiated the Big Bang and sent the universe into being.   239 more words

Coffee Time - 6/22/17

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, and that’s actually about the longest I’ve gone since I started this blog, (not including weekends), without posting.  2,308 more words


Taqiyya is necessary to hide the shame of Quranic Tenets


I have always wondered why Muslims are so supersensitive about any discussions on Islam that they constantly have to resort to telling lies (Taqiyya) about the tenets of Islam. 6,238 more words

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