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Kiwis Were Diversified by Glaciers in NZ

The kiwis referred to here are cute, small, fluffy, brown birds, not to be confused with small fuzzy brown fruit nor with the people who live in New Zealand. 838 more words


..but i didn’t know shit!

It would be me saying the least to express the magnitude of the progression of my state of mind over the past 9 months – … 528 more words

Self Love

Your Brain Wants Your Blood

We’d like to see what the creationists can do with this article at PhysOrg: Smarter brains are blood-thirsty brains. No, it’s not about vampires. 423 more words


The crime of envy...

We envy what people have – that end game of a respective journey, but strangely we aren’t enamored of the same road of struggle that they were compelled to travel. 43 more words


How We Think!

I was recently invited to prepare a presentation for a group of Scouts, 10 years old, on energy. The Scouts now have a pin, Building A Better World, teaching about energy, sustainability and our planet. 270 more words

The Creative Pathways of an Image Technician

“Over the past 20,000 years the human brain has shrunk by about the size of a tennis ball.” – Kathleen McAuliffe

The cells and molecules whose design unlock the human thought process have been significantly reduced. 21 more words