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Nothing Exploded

They tell me that “nothing” exploded

then nothing expanded

then nothing became alive

and nothing began to multiply

that mathematically makes no sense

unless you realize that you are saying “nothing” 137 more words


Tumor found in 255-million-year old fossil

Some amazing news just got published in the journal JAMA oncology: tumors in the teeth of a fossil, belonging to a mammalian precursor, around 255 million years old. 131 more words


Feathered Dinosaur Tail Found in Amber

Eeveryone knows that creationists hate even the idea of transitional fossils. Despite abundant evidence — we always link to Wikipedia’s List of transitional fossils… 464 more words


Survival of the catchiest: Languages are an interesting context in which to look at evolution.

Natural selection happens because of a very simple self-evident fact: when something creates a copy of itself, there are then more of those things. If a particular trait makes an organism more successful, say, keen eyesight helping an eagle to spot prey, then it will likely be able to produce a brood of similarly eagle-eyed chicks. 1,915 more words


Deep in an ancient cave ... an unexpected form of life

A team of geologists has been exploring the caves beneath the table mountains of Venezuela, where new lifeforms may have been quietly developing for millions of years. 1,592 more words


Uplift and Fido and Felix

How long will it be before we are able to uplift other species to a cognitive level similar to that of humans?

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Feathered dinosaur tail in amber!

For some time it’s been known (or at least mostly accepted, aside from a few outsiders) that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs. This is known thanks to a lot of anatomical features, and a good transitional sequence leading to avians. 569 more words