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For the most part! With the, as I call it “evolution – revolution” of going back to the basics is simply a regurgitation of the original plan. 12 more words


Traditional American Fast-food

Has about another 3-5 years to remain if they do not make drastic changes. The babyboomer generation was busy, busy, busy with chasing after one another, thus having to rely on a large 2 person income to even survive. 30 more words


From Atheist to Creationist

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

As I studied evolution (the doorway to atheism), it eventually became apparent that the theory has some major problems. The first example I researched in detail was the “vestigial organ” claim. 138 more words


The Purpose Of Evolution

Charles Darwin recognized the mechanics of evolution but he missed the underlying purpose ..
where it was headed.

Evolution’s ultimate drive was not the strongest most capable organism although it appeared… 34 more words

Lou Majors

Megan McArdle: Who knows anything about evolution anyway?

In the last few weeks, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been asked a series of questions about touchy topics, such as evolution and whether he thinks Barack Obama is a Christian. 1,070 more words