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Evolution through Destruction

Recently I read a post from someone on Face Book struggling with the corruptions of politicians in her area and their unwillingness to hold up the law.  789 more words


Angry Birds and Angry Scientists

The other day, I was thinking about a certain cell phone game that many of you know and love. Angry Birds is the name, and playing it is “my game,” is suppose you could say. 270 more words


Why the Dark Web is necessary for humanity to survive as a specie

What most people perceives as “the web” is illustrated in the image to the right of this blog as the stuff that’s above the surface. This part of the web, is the part that our government can to a large extend control, censor, and use as their primary resource for mapping out its citizens, with current surveillance efforts. 907 more words


Thoughts on the Evolution of Evolvability

It is early February. The other day, I observed some fresh buds on a tree. When I lived back east, I remember seeing buds on bare trees in the snowy dead of winter. 568 more words


The Evolutionary Foundations of Dog Behavior.

Kenneth W. Krause is a contributing editor and “Science Watch” columnist for the Skeptical Inquirer.  Formerly a contributing editor and books columnist for the Humanist, … 484 more words


International Superstar

I know how to hustle and reinvent innovative solutions

Every word has a message, breeding eloquent evolution

Married to a divine grind, refining rough times… 303 more words