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S17 E21 - The Monkey Suit

This hasn’t been that bad of a week her on Lifetime of Simpsons. That’s going to change soon, but before it does why don’t we just enjoy the fact that we managed to get another pretty solid episode today? 1,269 more words

Lifetime Of Simpsons

A Creationist Visit to a Museum

Creationists, like all other mystics, thrive on questions that science hasn’t yet decisively resolved — the origin of life, origin of the universe, etc. They claim (with no evidence whatsoever) that such things are impossible by natural means, and then they assert (again, with no evidence) that the only answer to such questions is supernatural activity — whatever version of… 624 more words


The secret of zebra stripes solved—or so scientists say

Over the past five years I’ve written several posts on the long-standing and vexing question, “Why on earth do zebras have stripes?” (See posts here… 1,115 more words


Religious Experiences

Experiencing an exclusive religious experience is a form of idolatry. An example is life in this realm. Experiencing the collective and integrated religious experiences of life in this realm, transfinity of life in this realm, transmigration, transfiguration, and transcendence is wise wise.

I didn't think I'd be this girl

I didn’t always think I’d be this girl.

I had this idea of constant evolution

which we are, aren’t we?

Constantly evolving?

I thought I’d eventually evolve into… 538 more words

It's Oh So Quiet - Whatever Happened To The Scottish Games Network?

You may have noticed that over the last 18 months, the Scottish Games Network has been… a little quiet.

So quiet in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking it was dead. 259 more words