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Viruses and Human Cancer: The Molecular Age

Hepatitis C virus

A suspicion that other viruses were involved in post-transfusion-(PTF) related hepatitis was first aired by Harvey J Alter and colleagues, after proof in 1972 that some PTF-related hepatitis cases… 1,292 more words

General Virology

Book Review: Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds

Phillip E. Johnson lays out a crystal-clear presentation for understanding the case against Darwinism. Not quite as comprehensive as Darwin on Trial or Reason in the Balance… 859 more words


The Ultimate Causes of Behavior

Psychiatrists spend their lives focusing on only one organism: humans. They also try to explain all behavior with a single cause: genetics. Their commitment to genetic theories about mental illness leads them to insist that only drugs can cure illness and that patients must take these drugs for the rest of their lives. 395 more words

Animal Behavior

Tubus Tubulus

Just a bit of fun on this remarkable day – 1st April 2015 – the first description of some new lab species that show remarkable developmental plasticity….. 41 more words

Not This Again

Just show up, and keep showing up. I think that is ninety percent of what opportunity is. Show up, and say yes even when you would rather say no. 1,001 more words


Tubus tubulus

Labs are usually ‘crawling’ with tubes – ranging from the larger, more common Tubus eppendorfis spp. microcentrifungus to the smaller Tubus pcr spp. flatlid and the closely related… 442 more words


Isn't Science a religion & Darwin its god?

I am here to deal with a topic that has remained a controversial one for centuries. Science and religion have always been in opposition to each other to this day. 686 more words