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Vision: God has no Grandchildren 

“If we do not have our own crystal clear vision of existence and our relationship to it, we will lack the fuel required for an awareness that allows us to accurately focus our creative intention.”


Video: Extrinsic mortality risk and health behaviour

I failed to include the video of my own talk in my recent post about the inaugural meeting of the International Society for Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health. 128 more words


Poetry 365 - Day 142 (One View of The World)

One view of the world
Has evolution ended?
Of course it hasn’t
The slow steady development carries on
Year after year
But things have changed… 74 more words


We are Emotional Beings First and Foremost 

“Form follows function”

We are emotional beings who think after the fact. We are physically wired to feel first, and only subsequent to our emotional response, can we respond either actively or passively, consciously or unconsciously, with awareness or without. 1,137 more words

Human creativity may have evolutionarily developed as a way for better bonds between parent and child

We constantly hear about innovation and creativity. We hear of ways to activate the creative side of our brain. How to inspire ourselves and others to spur on new ideas. 482 more words


Millions of Years?!

On May 18,1980 at 8:32 am, Mt. St. Helen’s’ in Washington state, USA erupted due to an earthquake that registered a 5.1 on the Richter scale. 659 more words


VIDEO: Amanda Cerny's Evolution of the Bikini - From The 1890s To Today

Breathless Resorts & Spas — Amanda Cerny shows us how the bikini has evolved overtime