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Fighting the beast within

Evolution, according to science, takes time. thousands of years must past before minor changes in individuals end up as part of the whole species. It is called the survival of the strongest. 972 more words


A days short story

February 12th, 2016

Looking out at nature, the fresh air, the creatures, all of it is so enticing from inside. Today though, she had the need to be a part of it, to feel the fresh air and breathe it in. 340 more words


Science Magazine: "Taking race out of human genetics"

I always love these. Refuting race-denialists has become sort of a past time for me. It’s interesting to see either the same things all the time (more likely), or something new, but still bullshit ( 2,540 more words

Race Realism

Love and How The World Was Made.

For as long as I can remember, there has always been the debate of creation vs evolution. I’ve never really been good at debating my position on the issue. 374 more words

Evolution through Destruction

Recently I read a post from someone on Face Book struggling with the corruptions of politicians in her area and their unwillingness to hold up the law.  789 more words


Angry Birds and Angry Scientists

The other day, I was thinking about a certain cell phone game that many of you know and love. Angry Birds is the name, and playing it is “my game,” is suppose you could say. 270 more words