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EOC Review: Evolution Review - Your Inner Monkey

We concluded our Biology End of Course review by watching the PBS video Your Inner Monkey.  The video does a nice job of bringing together the key concepts from our units on evolution and central dogma.   27 more words

Central Dogma

Cain Unlocks a lot of Achievements

“Time passed. Cain brought an offering to GOD from the produce of his farm. Abel also brought an offering, but from the firstborn animals of his herd, choice cuts of meat.

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*Sigh*... 'Moral Evolution'

One of the ill effects of our public education system is that people can’t recognize piffle anymore when they hear it.

Our self-righteous jidrool in the White House visited Hiroshima last week and called upon the whole world to “morally evolve” so that nuclear weapons will never again be used ( … 300 more words


Creationists and Bathrooms

Six months ago, when we wrote David McConaghie: Conviction Upheld on Appeal, we thought we had seen the last of that creationist preacher, political activist, and convicted pervert. 473 more words


Daily Prompt: Circus

Life’s circus holds
A myriad of creatures
Tamed through evolution, yet
Remain wild at heart;
Obedience a learned behaviour
That order may prevail
Until the full moon tears us apart
And our inner beasts appear.


The Great Service

The Masters call Their work the Great Service. They are here only to serve. They have made that Their work, Their reason for being, because They know that there is nothing more important in the whole of the manifested universe than service. 117 more words