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Animals that Prove Evolution to Me

I was writing a different post, and was rushing to get it done.  Unfortunately I have been too busy this week to do that other post justice.   608 more words


News Anchor weeps on live TV after hearing Evolution's missing link may never be found.

CHARM CITY, Durban – Today it was falsely rumored that paleontologists may have finally found ‘the missing link’. The ever elusive “missing link” is said to be the gap in the fossil record purported to be from a transitional life form between any animal and its supposed evolutionary ancestor. 152 more words


Dieting & Training for a Show; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (in fairly lengthy form)

I’ve been wanting to write about my experience and opinions on the fitness competition I did in 2015 for EVER now, but as we all know I slack and get “writer’s block” aka I’m lazy. 4,713 more words

Life Lessons

An Incredible Creationist Article

This is from a website we’ve never seen before. It’s called The Christian Truther, and they describe themselves as “created by Freedom Fighters and Christian Truthers, we seek to expose the lies and deceit that the powers that be force us to see every day.” 719 more words



The world requires not
your clamor and clang
your doing more of the same
striving and fighting
trying to move boulders
that will not move. 139 more words

New Poem

A summary of the Western disease

I’ve found several keys to inner calm, but often it is kind of dead without a true tribe…

Lissa is a person I’ve listened to before and I really like her, and here she manages to almost pinpoint all the stuff I’ve been processing since 2011. 23 more words

Crakers, the peak of human evolution?

After reading Oryx and Crake, it seems to me that this is how our world will eventually be. For many years, everyone have had their own personal problems and how much of an impact it had on their lives. 399 more words

Oryx And Crake