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Red Flag 🚩

“I don’t care what people think”. Well, let’s take a look on the morality in our societies, since no one cares now. Don’t care, but respect!

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Book review – Improbable Destinies: How Predictable is Evolution?

Convergent evolution is a thing of beauty. Whether it is wings in bats, birds and pterosaurs, or eyes in a range of organisms, evolution often seems to come up with functionally similar solutions to life’s challenges. 1,101 more words



I aspire to evolve, to develop myself through my spiritual pursuits.  But this concept isn’t without its problematic aspects.  Exactly what do we envision when we are told to strive to become a higher or better version of ourselves? 162 more words

Ken Ham: The Cause and Cure of Racism

You don’t want to miss the latest from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the ayatollah of Appalachia, the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. 650 more words


Cosmos - Deeper, deeper, deeper still | S01E06

In this episode of Cosmos we dive deep into a thriving ecosystem in a dewdrop, the photosynthesis process where plant cells work in sync like a factory, and a Japanese neutrino detection chamber. 303 more words

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Civilization Was Supposed to Make Our Lives Better, Right?

I’m writing this from the nineteenth floor of a hotel in downtown Chicago where I can’t get a solid wi-fi connection, let alone make the refrigerator cool my beer. 741 more words