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2017 Resolutions; Annual Evolution

I can’t believe how inconsistent I’ve been with this blog, considering how happy I am when I write, and how it’s been one of my primary goals for the last several months. 3,052 more words


Suit Alleges Creationism in West Virginia Schools

A brave mother in West Virginia is suing her local school system in Mercer County because her child’s school teaches creationism. We found this article in the… 592 more words


A Demonstration of Discoveroid Doublethink

The Discovery Institute has put up a fascinating post about their propaganda tactics — it’s never about actual science — at their creationist blog: … 615 more words


Revolutionary heart

It beats so strong, oh so strong,
Oh dear soul ,you must listen to its song,
Have no fear for it is your guide,
There is no more time for concern, it is time to unite. 109 more words


Preferences’ Origins

Taste for garlic from the womb on

When it became obvious that I was going to become a father for the first time, well-meaning people were quick with all kinds of advice like: “ 639 more words



Edip Yüksel mistranslated Quran verse 35:11 as revealing that the blueprints for life are encoded in genes.
Actually, the Quran says nothing about dna or genes. 944 more words

Quran Biology