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Lithic and Vigor

Languages dying
cultures disappearing
people primed and processed
by monolithic mafia.

Many years ago
when I was young
sensations less and more
inhabited the forests. 60 more words


Mitch Stokes on The Unreliability of Evolutionary Cognitive Faculties

Evolution doesn’t necessarily sift for cognitive mechanisms that produce true beliefs. At least not directly. The philosopher of science Ronald Giere puts it this way: For early humans .

665 more words

Highlights from the Creation Museum & Ark Encounter

My family and I took a trip to see the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Kentucky in March 2017, and I had meant to post some pictures from that trip on here…. 762 more words


Is God Just An Archaic Idea?

Do you think GOD is archaic? Maybe you consider the Bible to be just an old, musty book, and that the idea that one supreme being could have created everything that exists is absurd; outdated and old-fashioned. 563 more words

Bible Thoughts

Evolution of the dream

In the plasticity of my mind I am moving forward on a journey of self discovery after trauma. Although not an overnight thing I can slowly feel myself recognising parts of me that I felt had been lost. 229 more words

Life Story

Archangel Michael Speaks!

I’ve been aware of the Angelic Realm my entire life however I didn’t understand it nor had full faith in it until a few years ago! 758 more words


Chloroplasts: Plant Chefs

Plants are incredibly designed organics, vastly different from most other forms of life. One of the features unique to plants and a few microscopic organisms is a cellular organelle referred to as the chloroplast. 858 more words

The Science