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So... Are you a Gamer Girl?

Hello there broggers,

Resident female, Sze in da house.

So here’s a conversation that I go through a lot:

Person (usually male): So, I hear you game? 422 more words


DNA & Information: A Response to an Old ID Myth

A common myth that goes around in Intelligent Design (creationist) circles is the idea that DNA can only degrade over time, and thus any and all mutations are claimed to be harmful and only serve to reduce “information” stored in that DNA.  1,391 more words

Silver and Green

by Joseph DeSisto

Sunlight in the western U.S. can be intense, and all the more so when it catches the shimmering green carapace of a jewel scarab: 876 more words


The First Mass Extinction was a Result of Evolution

Evolution of organisms can bring about change in the ecosystem which can lead to difficulty in survival of organisms that had thrived well in the past. 37 more words


In the spirit of anatomy

Gabriel von Max, The Anatomist, 1869. Oil on canvas.

Inspired by the anatomy class I’m taking I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about a work by one of my favorite artists, the German painter Gabriel von Max. 855 more words

Foulbrood - Still Smelling Foul

With so much attention on varroa destructors and nicotine-flavoured pesticides, we sometimes forget some of the other scourges of modern beekeeping.  Not long ago,  … 1,078 more words


Homo Sapiens, Almost Evolved

I had to do a lot of technical writing at work today, which is something you’d think would be right down Broadway for me.

Yeah, no such luck. 113 more words