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Sloths' mysterious teeth decoded

Like most mammals, we humans have a variety of tooth types for different purposes: incisors, for gripping, canines for ripping and tearing, and molars (also pre-molars) for grinding and chewing. 228 more words

Anatomy Snippet

Research Highlight: Computing tumor trees from single cells

Edith‘s OncoNEM paper made it into the Genome Biology Special Issue on Single-Cell Omics, together with a paper on a tree inference method called… 359 more words


Intelligent Design?

If so, the designer must have been drunk.

(Picture of a REAL flatfish)



Sacred Economics

“Rather than reacting to the things that aren’t working within our system, we should aim to step together as a species and collectively design the highest vision of the greatest version of ourselves…” 531 more words


To heed the call...

​When our chains beckon, we often are compelled to answer.

Doing it at the expense of ignoring those rails of divine intervention…

While others choose to be battered and engulfed by the choppy seas of false equivalencies. 54 more words