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SFU researcher says back pain may be explained by looking at chimpanzees

WATCH: An SFU researcher feels the root of many of our back problems can be explained by looking at chimpanzees.

A SFU researcher has unearthed what may be the first measurable evidence of a relationship between walking upright and back pain. 214 more words


From fins to legs

That title reminds me of an old hardware store we use to have in St. Louis called Central Hardware. Their catch phrase wasfrom scoops to nuts… 39 more words


The difficulty of the Human Experience!

Paradox, Outside Logic: “Ship of Theseus”

As presented by Plutarch, in the late first century

Questioning whether a ship repaired over time by replacing each of its wooden parts would remain the same ship. 337 more words

Ken Ham Has a 13-Year-Old Fan

We don’t know what to say about this one, but we don’t need to say anything because it speaks for itself. It’s the latest from… 643 more words


A Message for the World - and the Church

The world today is in turmoil and confusion. The winds of war are sweeping the Middle East; the winds of financial ruin are sweeping Europe; the winds of tolerance and political correctness are sweeping America, England, and Australia; and the little tornadoes of greed, sexual immorality, religious heresy,  and pride randomly reap their havoc wherever they will. 800 more words



After receiving a group of interesting, usual, beautiful photos on marine life recently, I made a mistake today – a purely innocent mistake – when I inadvertently posted something about “evolution” that I was working on and then quickly realized what I had done and removed it. 409 more words

Marine Life