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Lion Diet

Excess fat on our bodies is not a natural result of a caloric imbalance, like squirrels accumulating fat for winter. In humans and other animals like cats and dogs, excess fat is actually a symptom of a diseased metabolic state. 793 more words


Why so many damn perfectionists? Why so much ADHD?

Meaningless rules, values and virtues imposed on us that we do not own, but are resisted as we fight as children to maintain our freedom! We are instructed as to what we are supposed to be, do and think, in fact it is pushed down our throats instead of us coming to the truth naturally, through experience as we are intended to do. 313 more words

Learning from History- Module 8 eText Reflection

This week I began to read “Mind Amplifier: Can our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter?” by Howard Rheingold. I have to admit, after this course and all of the texts we have read about where technology is taking us; I am beginning to struggle with how obsessive our culture is about technology. 373 more words

Evolutionary Transitions: how do Levels of Complexity Emerge?

It is a common observation that complex systems have a nested or hierarchical structure: they consist of subsystems, which themselves consist of subsystems, and so on, until the simplest components we know,  elementary particles. 123 more words


Awareness: Human Range of Expression

We tend to either, Introvert or extrovert as outlined by Carl Jung. The ideal is a balance of the two, per Jung. This balance is achieved by growth through awareness, aligning with our true self and applying what we’ve learned to experiences, and therefore gaining Knowledge. 374 more words

The Entitative

I ponder independent existence

When first taking a gasp

Of the polluted, grandeur

The pain of having the capacity

To be

Reaping the insignificant

outcomes. 48 more words