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"The Elephant in the Brain": A Review

One thing I’ve learned from years of wide reading is that every text, whether fiction or nonfiction, article or book, consists of two levels: the subject matter and the agenda. 1,647 more words

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Drawing a Line in the Sand for Net Privacy

Ever heard of Strava? The likelihood that you would say yes jumped astronomically on January 27, 2018. That was the day of the Strava security breach… 780 more words

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The hard left/right is the ENEMY of the LEFT/RIGHT

I highly recommend an article by psychologist Steven Pinker. One point he made (of several) echoed a thought I’ve long had – that EXTREMISTS of any movement are among the WORST ENEMIES of that movement. 121 more words


Richard Coss Argues Neanderthals Didn't Make Art Because They Were Inferior Hunters

In an article recently published in the journal Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture, Richard Coss, a professor emeritus of psychology, questions why there isn’t Neanderthal art in the archaeological record. 354 more words


Darwin goes to Wall Street

Since the financial crash of 2008 the field of economics has been in a state crisis, where a paradox lies at the heart of the issue. 2,163 more words

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Evolutionary Psychology

What Is Evolutionary Psychology?

Our bodies evolved over eons, slowly calibrating to the African savanna on which 98 percent of our ancestors lived and died. So, too, did our brains. 7,469 more words


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Science Denial versus Science Pleasure.

In his article, (Scientific American, on January 1, 2018) Michael Sheerer explores the different approaches to science adopted by the political right and the left respectably. 85 more words

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