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Another example of "bluish" whites in a young woman's eyes?

I was looking at my old post on the chokers women wear on their necks, because a visitor to this blog had clearly taken a recent interest in it, and noticed the following picture, which is a fairly good example of the slight bluish tinge seen in the sclerae or “whites” of some young women’s eyes: 168 more words

Is Disgust Real?

One of the theories that undergirds a large subset of my thoughts on how brains work is the idea that Disgust is a Real Thing. 632 more words

Post Of The Week - Sunday 30th August, 2015

1) Jim Al-Khalili On Quantum Biology

This isn’t Psychology really but it might tell us quite a lot about what we do. There’s a BBC programme and a shorter TED Talk. 676 more words

Treating Mental Disorders

"The Natural Inferiority of Women"

The Natural Inferiority of Women” by “ContentWoman” is now available on kindle.

“ContentWoman” is the penname of a woman I used to be friendly with on the Internet. 49 more words

Evolutionary Theory of Consciousness: why, how and what

After pre publishing the Evolutionary Theory of Consciousness (ETC) paper, it’s time to provide a little context, along with a tl;dr version (below… 2,305 more words


Six marketing tips to social hack you way to the sale

Want some covert tactics to use in your online business?

Alright awesome so I got some cool info to share with you here today.

In the field of neuromarketing there have been.. 1,204 more words


Yes, Women think male Sexuality is Disgusting

And they ought to.

So, I’m going to let you in on a little not-so-secret: childbirth is horrendously painful. Don’t believe those bastards with their natural birth hoo-ha. 780 more words