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Self-Deception and Cognitive Dissonance

Can you hold two completely opposing or conflicting thoughts in mind at the same time and still be in peace. Not a chance. Human mind needs a resolution of conflicting points of view to maintain equilibrium. 771 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

Can’t. Just. Stop.: An Investigation of Compulsions

Can’t. Just. Stop.: An Investigation of Compulsions, by Sharon Begley

Synopsis: The first book to examine the science behind both mild and extreme compulsive behavior—using fascinating case studies to understand its deeper meaning and reveal the truth about human compulsion. 249 more words


Biological Roots of Religion

What is Religion? This question torments a lot of young minds of modern society, especially those who are keen to study science. It is something that makes every single person on earth ponder in amazement. 1,790 more words


What 'A million years ago' tells us.

When we look back at the creation of genders, millions of years ago, we can answer a lot of questions of today’s society.

A female is required to sacrifice a significant amount of time and effort to achieve reproductive success. 565 more words

Battles Of The Sexes

We’re Becoming Intellectually “Obese”

Humans are defined by scarcity. All our evolutionary adaptations tend to be built to ensure survival in harsh environments. This can sometimes backfire on us in times of abundance. 770 more words

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What You're Attracted to Isn't "Socially Constructed"

| by Reza Ziai |

In recent years, many individuals on the political Left have been earnestly conveying the message that what a person is attracted to (i.e. 2,481 more words

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On Socialization

As a parent, I spend much of my day attempting to “socialize” my kids–“Don’t hit your brother! Stop jumping on the couch! For the umpteenth time, ‘yeah, right!’ is… 343 more words

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