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How to Live a Life with More Positive Than Negative Feelings?

Decision-making is the cognitive process of choosing a preferred option from among a set of options (Wilson and Keil 2001). Decision-making is present through every aspect of life, and making good decisions for every important occasion during lifetime is a human being’s constant endeavor (Garnham… 250 more words

Book Review

Coming back to life? Abandoning the relentless pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness is inescapable. Search for happiness  in online bookstores and you will find any number of tomes which claim, to a greater or lesser extent, to enable you to achieve sustained happiness. 2,905 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

Employee Health from an Evolutionary Perspective

An evolutionary perspective provides a powerful way of thinking about employees’ health.

What I’ve outlined below is Zhen Zhang and Michael Zyphur’s chapter on employee health and physiological functioning, in Stephen Colarelli and Richard Arvey’s volume… 1,584 more words


Web of lies, policies and politicians

In the previous post in this miniseries I’ve used the example of Brexit referendum to explore how allowing lies to be systematically upheld in public discourse is poisonous for democracy itself. 2,784 more words


Metaevolution, or, the evolution of evolution

Like all dynamic things which persist over long periods of time, evolution has had to adapt to survive.

Darwin: Very gradual change combined with natural selection sufficiently explain the origins of new cell types, organs, tissues, and species. 427 more words


Uncovering Tyrants

History has long been haunted by the cycle of dictatorships terminated by coups, and belligerent confrontations tainted with the sweet promises of egalitarianism, and liberal expression which once having vanquished the barbarity, only replaces it with another subtly strategic military control that lasts for a decade until it too gets toppled over. 812 more words

Psychology Around Us


This image is a feature image for our other blog post, Dream Demystified.

The link to the post is: https://mccsoapbox.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/dreams-demystified/  71 more words