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Historical Narratives: Why Storytelling in History matters

In my personal experience, one of the most compelling aspects of history has always been the storytelling aspect of it. While I have always enjoyed the study of history as a means of understanding the world, it is the stories of the past which have truly captured and retained my interest in history as a subject. 626 more words


The Medium is the Message, Mr. President

Every day that Barack Obama was in the White House, he read 10 letters. Why letters? Because form matters. There’s still something about a letter. It’s so intimate. 606 more words

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The evolutionary psychology behind politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism evolved within humans by Anonymous Conservative, book review

Within this book you will find an attempt to explain the Conservative and Liberal mindset through evolutionary psychology. The amount of sources and science would be intimidating if it wasn’t such an easy to read book, which for myself represents the ability of the anonymous author to express difficult ideas in distilled words. 1,548 more words

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From the Rescuer to the Aggressor – understanding the 10 types of human | Science | The Guardian

“Dias tells the story of human behaviour through 10 tropes. The Kinsman will protect his or her own gene pool at the expense of any other. 367 more words

Your Brain, the Liar

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Thinking machines, like those portrayed in HBO’s Westworld, use new information from their environment to update their beliefs about the world and take action to further their goals. 2,040 more words


The Hidden Sexism of How We Think About Risk

A very convincing argument that risk-taking is more cultural than biological.

The Hidden Sexism of How We Think About Risk

If men take more risks than women, it’s not because of biology.

By Cordelia Fine | May 18, 2017 | Nautilus


Week 17: Muthukrishna et al (2014) Sociality influences cultural complexity

This short paper details two experiments conducted by Joseph Henrich and his colleagues which ‘purportedly’ explores the importance of sociality for successful cultural transmission. The aim of these lab based studies is to provide another piece of convergent evidence for work in theoretical biology using modelling techniques as well as ethnographic data sets and palaeoanthropological findings. 2,433 more words

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