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SMBC: Do humans have feelings?

Apropos to the previous post, albeit from a different angle.

Hovertext: “This comic was posted in order to increase my social status, acquire wealth, and thus improve the reproductive fitness of my offspring.” 60 more words


Fear as an important emotion

English language has a word for every kind of fear. Look at the following weird words for weird fears. If you are afraid of wine, it’s oenophobia. 631 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

A Computer Scientist Reads EvoPsych, Part 4

[Part 3]

The programs comprising the human mind were designed by natural selection to solve the adaptive problems regularly faced by our hunter-gatherer ancestors—problems such as finding a mate, cooperating with others, hunting, gathering, protecting children, navigating, avoiding predators, avoiding exploitation, and so on.

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The Friday Sex Blog [Happiness Sex]

Hola! Everybody…

OK! Normally, I ignore most of what evolutionary psychology has to say because they are utter pan-adaptationists. Some have even used this proclivity to “rationalize” rape and other seriously fucked up behaviors. 1,010 more words

Even More Evidence for GST: Speed Daters Match on Genotype

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Your success at speed-dating might be influenced by your genetic make-up and your potential partner’s ability to detect so-called ‘good genes.’ The research team found that participants who were more likely to be asked on a second date had genotypes consistent with personal traits that people often desire in a romantic partner.

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Race Realism

The Psychology of Fashions

Franz Boas, a pioneer in modern anthropology, narrates this bizarre story about a tribal community: Canadian Pacific coast is inhabited by a tribe known as Kwakiutl. 720 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

Replicability Report No.2: Do Mating Primes have a replicable effects on behavior?

In 2000, APA declared the following decade the decade of behavior.  The current decade may be considered the decade of replicability or rather the lack thereof.  3,208 more words