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How Men Age, a book review

Nothing would be more interesting than reading a book on men aging by the author who is an expert on comparative male life histories. Richard G. 196 more words

Book Review

Flow and the Machine

“In the future, either you’re going to be telling a machine what to do, or the machine is going to be telling you.”

Christopher Penn – VP of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications.

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The Evolution of the Mind

Evolution by natural selection is a biological theory that explains the diversity of all life on Earth. Originally the theory of evolution was thought to have no say on the minds of conscious beings, but rather just an excellent explanation for how these beings came into existence. 2,722 more words

The Psychologists Take Power

This is a about an article by Tamsin Shaw that appeared in the February 25, 2016 issue of The New York Review of Books.  The title of the article is The Psychologists Take Power. 298 more words

Cognitive Science

"Invisible Manipulators of your mind"

This is a summary of a very good essay by Tamsin Shaw that was originally published in the April 20, 2017 edition of the New York Review of Books.   113 more words

Evolutionary Psychology

Is Consciousness Fractal?

What I found fascinating is how fractal nature is and how we perceive and react to it.

Is Consciousness Fractal?

Our subconscious love for fractals may tell an evolutionary story. 2,372 more words