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Feminism comes under fire for being “post-modernist,” a sort of loosy-goosy subject which allows for all sorts of contradictions and disconnects from reality. 1,704 more words


Interview with a Crossdresser

I have previously interviewed a young Australian woman doing a graduate degree who wishes to adopt the “bimbo lifestyle”. I am interested in interviewing people living unusual lifestyles. 536 more words

Evolved: Nicholas Wade critique trilogy complete

After writing a book review, and further critique of Nicholas Wade’s book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, I have completed the trilogy with a piece forthcoming in the  215 more words

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Mourning Becomes Electric

Last Friday was a sad day. A very dear and lifelong friend of mine, my Uncle Al, passed away. And so I did what I’ve done… 735 more words

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How women can curtsy:

More on this and similar topics:

Perhaps curtsying is an example of what I discuss here, ” … make-oneself-lower-or-smaller-or-more-vulnerable behaviour that is seen in three contexts in humans: … (2) heterosexual female proceptive behavior …”