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We Don't Need More Athletes and Models - We Do Need More People Who Understand Complexity

Have you seen the Verizon ad?


The one that starts with LeBron James walking towards the camera. He tells us “We don’t need more LeBrons” He’s followed in quick succession by other celebrities, including model Adriana Lima, quarterback Drew Brees and soccer star David Villa, all saying we don’t need more of their kind. 861 more words

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On kin selection and traditional justice

Today I’ll present a quick thought on people killing their own children and kin selection. It occurred to me while reading an Economist article on Pakistani jirgas; traditional justice systems prone to violent punishments especially when it comes to young women in love. 882 more words


There is no such thing as a universal human psychology of attractiveness, despite what Evolutionary Psychologists will have you believe

Many years ago whilst researching my PhD I stumbled on a meta-analysis of cross-cultural studies on facial attractiveness by Langlois et al. They included all the available studies that had been conducted to date on facial attractiveness preferences across cultures (i.e. 1,172 more words

Social Cognition

Post Of The Week - Sunday 8th October 2017

1) The Touch Of Madness

This article is a long read but, if you stick with it, a rewarding one. It describes the work of Nev Jones, someone who has both studied psychosis and experienced it. 306 more words


Book recommendation for "Aping Mankind" by Raymond Tallis, FMedSci, FRCP, FRSA

If you have kept up with the flurry of books and papers on the nature of consciousness published in just the past decade alone, then you probably are under the impression that neuroscientists have made an overwhelmingly convincing case for brain activity as the source of consciousness and all else that is associated with this (“We are our brains”). 227 more words