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How Our Brains Grow - Ruby Wax.

Evolution plays its part in creating an experience dependent brain in that you are born inside out (don’t panic it all works out) so when you’re only a one month old embryo, your outer layer of cells folds inward forming your brain stem and this is why our insides were once literally connected to the outside. 2,214 more words


The Problem

We are in the situation where we are not in social reality – and by that I mean that our explanation of what is happening in social reality does not match the anthropological facts about what is happening in social reality.  776 more words


On the Origin of Fairness and Cooperation

In The Origins of Fairness, which reminds us of the title of Darwin’s seminal work, Nicolas Baumard, a research scholar in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, articulates a compelling and convincing thesis that morality is based on an evolved moral sense, and this innate and universal sense of morality is based on mutualistic logic, “the attempt to make the interaction mutually respectful of the interests of all” (p. 50 more words

Book Review

Snakes, Spiders, and Just-so stories

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Evolutionary psychology (EP) purports to explain how and why humans act the way they do today. It is a framework that assumes that certain mental/psychological traits were useful in the EEA ( 1,564 more words



Uh oh. Brain whirring . . . processing . . .

Apes survive in nature, our chimpanzee cousins have been around as long as we have, meaning, that every existent creature has solved the problem of predator violence to some degree or they wouldn’t be here. 190 more words

The Value of Social Relationships During Aging in Female Rhesus Macaques

Rhesus monkeys have an intricate social structure. There is a dominance hierarchy, meaning that not all individuals enjoy the same rank in the group. This also effects the value that individuals gain from each of their relationships. 440 more words


What the Hell is "Time Spent" with Advertising Anyway?

Over at MediaPost’s Research Intelligencer, Joe Mandese is running a series of columns that are digging into a couple of questions:

  • How much time are consumers spending with advertising; and,
  • 775 more words
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