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Alphas, Betas, and Human Beings

Alphas, Betas, and Human Beings

Brainstorming session.

Our line split with the chimps’ line about five million years ago and the chimpanzee and bonobo line halfway between then and now. 1,317 more words

Why We’re Trading Privacy for Convenience

In today’s world, increasingly quantified and tracked by the Internet of Things, we are talking a lot about privacy. When we stop to think about it, we are vociferously for privacy. 809 more words

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A Lament on Simler Et Al

I read Kevin Simler’sThe Leaning Tower of Morality the other day. It’s a good article, but something about it bothered me. It bothered me more than it would have if someone else had written it, because Simler is usually so good and insightful. 2,965 more words


Altruism VS Alphas, the Ten Commandments

Brainstorming. I’m going to look at the commandments as non-alpha expressions, efforts to contain and usurp authority from the alphas

On this idea that this sort of action is the definition of altruism, containing the alphas and establishing and maintaining an affiliative society of non-alpha control . 1,518 more words

Nature of Man, Nay Human! - New Talk

“Humans are not evil – humans are not good – humans are just humans – a unique combination of both good and bad.” – What is Mind… 35 more words



Damnit, America, actual elites are bad enough, you had to go and replace them with this gutter slime? That’s what was wrong with our overlords, they were just too damned nice and affiliative, right? 527 more words