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Criminality--a WIP; your thoughts appreciated

I’ve been thinking about criminality, inspired by a friend’s musings on why didn’t he turn to crime during his decades of homelessness and schizophrenia. My answer was relatively simple: I think my friend just isn’t a criminal sort of person. 1,214 more words

Do some women enjoy mansplaining?

A lot of things that women claim to hate about men, they may actually enjoy, at least from the right man.

Here is a quote I found on a Tumblr site. 216 more words

"i want to be a bimbo"

A person from Illinois, I assume a woman, googling on “i want to be a bimbo” found my short article on the bimbo fetish and lifestyle… 66 more words

New Project - The truth about Sexuality.

The Truth about sexuality

Greetings one or two people who may read this.  I have a new project explaining human sexuality because I’m just so damn sick of it not being explained adequately or sensibly.  499 more words


Hits, slides, and rings

Part of the challenge of language is coming up with some way to distinguish thousands or tens of thousands of words from one another. It would be hard to come up with that many unique sounds. 442 more words

A Comment I Made at The Social Pathologist

I made the comment below at The Social Pathologist blog:

“There may be something in this “conservatives are more easily disgusted” thing. Instinctively, I am a born conservative. 280 more words

Fundraise or buy a Rolex - same, same

Fundraise or Rolex – same, same

Survival of our species over time was due to a complex series of trial and error experiments where a positive outcome meant survival and a negative outcome often meant death. 656 more words