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Pinker on Group Selection

There’s a great essay from Steven Pinker in the new Edge. He thinks carefully (which he’s so good at) about the main arguments made for group selection, and finds them lacking. 173 more words


Sci-Fi Level Medical Advances, Part I

Ten years ago, in 2002, I read an article in WIRED magazine about an experimental drug called Melanotan. Early test results indicated that the drug could make a pale person tan, … 1,515 more words


What Your Doctor Isn't Thinking About (Dragging Medical Professionals Into the Modern Era)

The other day I came across this alarming video of what it’s like to drive in Poland. My first thought after watching the clip was “What’s the… 1,211 more words


The #1 Most Important (Inexpensive, Yet Terrifying) Thing You Can Do For Your Health Today

I just got my test results back from 23andMe, a service that analyzes your DNA.  I paid $100 for the service and agreed to a one year, $10/month subscription for updates on genetic research. 1,256 more words


How to See Magnetic Fields -- Quantum Entanglement in Biological Systems

In the science fiction novel I’m currently outlining, human beings harbor “wildstrains” of genes and gene-groups that enhance or alter human function.  Some of these variants have occurred naturally in a small number of human beings (“human calculator” ability, “photographic” memory, temperature regulation in extreme environments, prodigious musical or mathematical creativity, incredible strength, lightning reflexes, etc.) and others have been “borrowed” from other species (infrared/night vision, chameleon-like skin color changes, glow-in-the-dark skin, limb regeneration, photosynthesis, no biological aging, etc.). 1,771 more words