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Turn Over a New Leaf

The past can grip and cripple you causing a present day limp. It can invisibly squeeze through time and space and surround you at any moment, much like a demonic fairy yearning to suffocate you. 273 more words

A cautionary tale better then a fairy one?

Why Emma Watson should not be UN womens spokes person

After becoming the UN spokes person for women every picture of her has been not in an academic setting but in the kitchen. 477 more words


Limited options

There are no women in London none at all.

In other areas there are like 5 women. 3 of them are married. 2 of them are whores. 301 more words


Is the Hobbit racist?

Dwarves Sound Scottish and Elves Sound Like Royalty

The badies in US films are always English.

The white terrorists ginger men and Irish women.

Throughout The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the reams of related histories Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth, he established whole societies, histories, and languages for a handful of races. 153 more words


When do relatives stop banging daughters?

She sleeps with a non family member and becomes contaminated. Then they don’t want her anymore (dirty). Maybe even why some divorces happen. Why in the Game of Thrones why Craster doesn’t let the nights watch touch his daughters. 942 more words