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Waves of Time

The perspective in this picture stands for time and also evolution. It symbolizes that everything started from only one thing, the vanishing point is the symbol in this case. 65 more words


Moi-Même box review 

So Moi-Même is one of the newest subscription boxes around at the moment and it’s certainly off to a fabulous start!

I’ve already done a live unboxing over on my… 1,174 more words

Beauty Blogger

Sun Down

Like each rotation of the earth, your stay has stayed its course. Your appealing yet disastrous disposition was a fun ride, and left me with memories of all sorts. 219 more words




Bringing about all sorts of feelings of anxiety such as worry and fear. It’s apparently okay to feel worried and be fearful. 225 more words



We are a progress story, a series of mistakes and poor choices, an opitutnity to try something, a lasting effect of repercussions. We are life. Made up of every day decisions and short sentences, we grow and we change, like it or not that is part of life. 391 more words


Soul mates

I have always wondered about soul mates…do they exist? How do you know if you’ve met yours?

For me, they certainly do exist! Yes, I typed that correctly, I said THEY.I have the privilege of having 2 of them. 225 more words

Evolved Characters

If you could steal another author’s character and make him/her your own, who would it be?

My first reaction would be to take Fred Weasley from J.K. 179 more words