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John Edward’s Evolve

A professional psychic and an accomplished lecturer and author, John Edward reaches out to the public through his website johnedward.net and his web series Evolve. For the past six years, John Edward has also spearheaded an online interactive community called… 190 more words

John Edward

How evolved are you?

One of the big challenges faced by our modern society is that our world is evolving much faster than we are. The enormous fossil fuel binge of the past century has changed everything – mostly for the better – but our brains have not managed to keep up. 255 more words

Mental Control

Photo Update: Evolve (West Village Phase 4)

WestStone Group’s Evolve project has begun to pick up pace at 133 + 103A Ave. The main tower has now reached a height of 8 floors, with pouring set to begin on the 9th floor by the end of the week. 82 more words



Technically halfway through the month is on the 15th but who am I ever to be technical…well except for correct spelling as it is a pet peeve of mine and my brain goes crazy when I see people either being super lazy not looking up a word or just spelling it how it sounds to them ~ think that is called spelling it phonetically ~ yes I know slang but even that some mess that up instead of what’s up it is shortened to sup then those that only hear the z will write zup ~ am like huh? 552 more words

EVOLVE 91 Review

After an underwhelming show the previous night, EVOLVE 91 surpasses expectations by putting on a Show of the Year contender. This event was held on August 12, 2017. 482 more words


EVOLVE 90 Review

Lio Rush makes his final appearance for EVOLVE before heading to WWE, as EVOLVE Wrestling presents show number 90. This event was held on August 11, 2017. 504 more words


Out with the old....

I did a picture way-back-when of a modern raptor (a Harris’ Hawk) perched on a fossil raptor’s skull for “Clever Girl”; it took forever and I was never quiiiite happy with the results, though it did teach me how to draw hawks (a skill I somehow lost again after a few weeks). 111 more words

Animal Art