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Just over ten years ago there wasn’t really much choice if you wanted to take the action online for console owners. Sure the pc world had many experiences to offer but for those who were put off by system requirements, online gaming was virtually non-existent. 1,245 more words


Fable Legends goes free-to-play, and it's not a bad thing.

There’s this huge stigma associated with free-to-play, for obvious reasons, they usually get associated with a slew of micro transactions, and most would rather pay a single fee and just get the entire game right off the bat without having to pull out your wallet every ten minutes. 367 more words

Candy Crusher

Where have I been? The Coffee Break. 26 February 2015.

Like a ghost from beyond, I have returned (somewhat). Ladies and gentlemen welcome to an update for the 26th of February 2015 – where have I been these past few weeks? 599 more words


Happiness: Travel. To the Azores!

What a GEM of an island!!!! Seriously, I haven’t experienced such beauty, such vibrancy, such love and light as I did in Sao Miguel!

I had heard mention of the Azores before, but had no idea where it was until my boyfriend told me all about it on our first date! 594 more words


If You are You but I am you and I am Me and You are Me then Who is He?

A new Word!

Phantasmagoria: real or imagined images, like a dream, blurring of imaginary and real

What are the implications of this word for me? I am glad you asked. 490 more words

Evolve - Review

(Reviewed on Xbox One)

Groundhog Day

Everyone knows the legend of Achilles right? The invulnerable Greek war hero, who couldn’t be injured thanks to his mother Thetis ever so conveniently dipping him in the river Styx as a baby. 7,525 more words