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Evolve is another WordPress blog that focuses on meditation. The author of this blog highlights the benefits of meditation both mentally and physically. I would especially recommend this blog for anyone who experiences anxiety or migraines, as meditation is an effective treatment for both.


Is Evolve finally hitting stage 3 on the consoles?

March 31st on xbox one we get a few goodies. We also get a patch. For me Evolve has always been a hard sell, right now there’s a decent discount for gold members, but I don’t imagine drastically changing the player pool. 94 more words


Snapshots: Gone Wrasslin'

In Snapshots, 3MBooth will search for images to share.

It’s Wrestlemania 31 Weekend! We’re in sunny San Jose and plan on taking in as many things as possible. 134 more words


Evolve to Embryo 

Can’t get small enough.
Is this what dying feels like?
Or is this healing?


Your Favorite Game has Probably been Ruined by Now

There’s a common phrase in memes that says: “You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.” Here are a few examples for you: 428 more words

Assassins Creed