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How Online Learning Can Evolve Into A Six Figure Income

How Online Learning Can Evolve
Into A Six Figure Income
Evolve With Phil and Tom Plus
I am always curious with regards to the cost of education and the… 7 more words

Xbox One

I recently purchased an xbox one. And played a game which I had some brilliant things about, it was called Evolve. I tell you what, I was completely let down! 95 more words

Spiritual Freedom

“I spread my wings in the immense horizon. Where boundaries are out of the picture … in the open sky, I can freely explore. “ 94 more words


The Pearl


a grain of sand


anger making


the constant muse

restricted not abused


as deep as a black hole

endless and whole… 9 more words

Kait King

Violence Fetish

I used to be a pretty angry person all the times. Maybe not angry but hot tempered and ready snap on people. I would bottle things up, till I just exploded sometimes for good reasons sometimes over stupid things. 272 more words



Problems difficult to solve,
Numbers how did they evolve?
Why do nature’s laws relate
To integers that we equate?

The Shadow Effect

“If we don’t look at where we’re dishonest, harsh, unforgiving, disrespectful, greedy, domineering, and so on, then we cannot change that thing. If we just suppress our shadow, trying to disown it, then it exists as an unintegrated fractal of our personality. 22 more words