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Evolve 57 ippv Review

March 20, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY

1) “All Ego” Ethan Page vs Fred Yehi **

On the short side, basically establishing Yehi as a threat to the larger opponent for a while then moving into endgame. 1,635 more words


Get Inspired.

On April 18th I wrote my first entry to this blog. I decided I’d start from a novice level of science knowledge and learn and grow with the online community as I prepared to enter a 4 year M.Sc course in Planetary Science with Astronomy. 348 more words

Forgiveness-Heidi Priebe

“Forgiveness means giving up hope for a different past. It means knowing that the past is over, the dust has settled and the destruction left in its wake can never be reconstructed to resemble what it was. 310 more words

Inbred conformity is for acceptance/approval

Copying is, I believe, evolutionarily engrained, especially clear in children as a part of learning. They mimic everything. So, for example, do not smoke around children, do not treat people like garbage around children, etc. 913 more words


The 10 best business headsets

Its a jungle out there and if you don’t know what you looking for. So I’ve compromised a list of the best business headsets on the marked right now. 70 more words

Video Conference

The Pearl


a grain of sand


anger making pain

the constant muse

restricted not abused


as deep as a black hole

endless and whole…

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