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6 Out Of 11 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Tested Don't Meet Standard

There’s at least some good news out of the National Consumer League’s recent tests of olive oil that they purchased in retail stores in the Washington, DC area: out of all the samples they tested, none of them contained oil that wasn’t olives. 248 more words

Have You Heard Of Sirtfoods??

Thanks to a recent article in the Daily Mail, I discovered sirtfoods, foods containing sirtuins which are compounds that are filling, help with weight loss and muscle gain, are as good as vitamin supplements (probably better), and increase longevity. 246 more words


The Anatomy of a Pea and Veal Stew - Spezzatino di Vitella con Piselli

What is it about peas that make them so delicious? Even frozen ones? Is it because of their colour, bursting with the green vibrancy of Spring, a trumpet call to us that grizzly Winter is finally over?   837 more words


Cinnamon Rolls or Elephant Ears???

Ready-made puff pastry dough can make easy and elegant dessert, appetizers and treats in no time. There is no need to make puff pastry. When I had too much time on my hand I tried it and believe me going to the market and picking up a pack or two to stockpile in the freezer will make you a very happy camper and queen of the elegant and tasty treats. 290 more words

Good (but Healthy) Eats

Gurnard (Gallinella) ... A Fish that makes a good pasta Sauce ...

Let’s make fish ragù with Gallinella

This post is all about using fresh, caught fish to full ‘advantage’.   The fish in question is called ‘gallinella di mare’ in this part of Italy and translates as ‘tub gurnard’ in English.  1,005 more words


Olive Oil Granola

Olive oil? In granola? Certo! (Certainly!) This idea offered to me by my sister-in-law Mirna, was worth exploring. I’ve made plenty of granola in the past and recently started craving it with my morning yogurt and fruit. 520 more words


Mustard Crusted Salmon with Roasted Potatoes and Red Cabbage

Did I ever mention that eating is one of the greatest pleasures one can have! Well, for me it is. This go around I went with fish once again. 191 more words