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Saudi Private Sector in need for a wake up call!

Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly one of the most influential wealthy contraries in the World today a Country known for Oil & over 60% of youth power that is progressive enough that you won’t tell the difference between nowadays young Saudis and other youngsters across the globe where they might not have equal rights and culture but can have a presence in Social media, technology use, multimedia production & full understanding of how to improve or enhance certain things with simple innovative ideas. 276 more words


Queen Mary EVP - 2004

The following is an EVP recorded by TNW Paranormal’s Jonathan Lockwood during a visit to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA in 2004.  This is widely believed to be the voice of a ghost named “Jackie”.

Paranormal Investigations

Don't you just hate it when Spirits interrupt a video you're doing?

Okay, so as many here might know, I do art work in real life. That’s what helps pay the bills around here. So, I was recording an update for 2 of the facebook pages that I admin, Freakytees/kustom kastings, and as I was reviewing the video before I posted it, I noticed at least 14 “whispers”. 36 more words


Now these are weird

This is a quick clip from tonight’s E.V.P. session and the e.v.p.’s are so faint that I almost missed them and yes, you do need earphones. 9 more words


Investigating Our Own Home, or "I never believed in orbs before, but..."

Light in the Dark Paranormal recently investigated the home of two of its members. While this is not recommended, the two resident ghost-hunters already knew of the existence of ghosts in their house, and felt it was about time to formally introduce themselves. 672 more words


This ain't no way to live.....

As I get older, my past seems to be creeping up on me more & more. We all think when we’re young that we’ll live forever and hence do stupid shit. 244 more words


Do It Again!

There is a closet built in 1953 – the shelves doweled, glued, screwed, and nailed on screw-mounted wooden riders. The shelves are permanent and built to withstand a great force. 695 more words