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From Research to Interest

Recently I have begun to learn about ghost hunting, the tools of the trade, and things like EVPs and Spirit Boxes. I have even gone as far… 145 more words

Trying My Hand At EVP

On my way home from an appointment I decided to try my hand at capturing EVPs. I wanted to know what the experience was like. I personally didn’t expect to capture anything, but I thought I would at least understand what it would feel like stepping out of my comfort zone into chilling territory. 154 more words

Anomalies noticed in Porter-Palmer video conversation

In Friday’s ‘Howling at the moon‘ (13th November) I posted videos of a conversation between Dr T J Palmer and Andy Porter (Dr T J Palmer and Andy Porter with a case of Tourette’s Syndrome being accessed by remote spirit release procedures). 270 more words

Ghost Hunt at Middleport Pottery, November 14th, 2015.

It was a rainswept November night in Burslem when a group of fifty keen ghost hunters descended upon the famous Middleport Pottery Factory for a night of supernatural fun. 255 more words

Researching For Book Project: EVP From Home

I’ve been researching spirit boxes, EVPs, and general ghost hunting for my book project. The writing has taken an unexpected turn, and I’m running with it. 32 more words

We're Official or Whatever

And, just like that we’ve become trained ghost hunters. I mean, we don’t have certificates or anything, but –  Wait, were we supposed to get certificates? 277 more words

“Believe What You Hear. Fear What You Believe.”


“Believe What You Hear. Fear What You Believe.” Los Angeles, CA (November 10th, 2015)

Trace, a supernatural film released by TERROR FILMS focuses on the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena and the spirits that lay just outside of our world that threaten to tear it apart. 468 more words