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The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding Strategy - Part 1 of 2

A couple of days ago, I came across with this post on LinkedIn. It was an image of an empty office space decorated with balloons and colorful ribbons and the caption explained that the company contributes to their employees’ happiness by decorating the office for local holidays. 1,405 more words

Company Culture

Haunted Hallways Follow Up

Our investigation in Laporte was probably our most emotionally resonant of all our investigations. The family had a lot of concerns and we weren’t sure if we would find something to ease their minds, make it worse. 187 more words


Do You Believe?

This capture is unlike any I’ve ever witnessed. It’s my belief that where there is an EVP, there is an orb or a light anomaly. EVP’s and orbs are not separate, but rather they are synchronous & a unified existence. 9 more words


Adventures of a Paranormal Case Manager

By Jim Kelly

Paranormal case management is difficult to say the least. Prospective clients that contact me through the web site are sometimes desperate for help, or not sure if they need any paranormal advice at all. 1,431 more words


Understanding Employer Value Proposition

If you have read articles or listened to webinars and podcasts on employer branding, you are probably familiar with the term Employer Value Proposition or EVP, or sometimes, Employee Value Proposition or Employment Value Proposition. 1,058 more words

Employee Engagement

Electronic Voice Phenomenon: How the Skeptics Got it Wrong Part 5 Is This Proof of The Afterlife? Part 1 of 2

By Jim Kelly

I have been off line for several weeks writing other articles and working on a case study of the most active haunting I have ever experienced. 779 more words



Wear headphones if you have them.

This video was an experiment with two of my friends. I experimented communicating with spirit in this bus & discovered some phenomenal phenomena & decided to share this with others. 197 more words