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Hi, I'm Rik Kinney.

For my first post here, let me simply introduce myself and let you know what I’ve been up to professionally.

I’m Rik Kinney. I’m currently EVP at… 480 more words


More EVP's from the Sonia Rinaldi Method:

Hi all,
I have been doing a lot of research with the EVP Maker software, while using a foreign language background source file, With NO English language words in the file, then it’s jumbled up and reorganized  by spirit to form a words in response to a question…..   374 more words



Hotel Camarillo is now on Amazon Prime! It is also available for digital rent or purchase. You can click on the direct link link below. 74 more words


And the cradle will rock...

Most of you know I am the founder of Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A) and my husband Paul and I are team leads. C.S.P.A. has existed since 2005, and over the years we’ve conducted 100+ investigations. 482 more words

Knock once for Yes & Twice for No

The past two weekends I’ve been raking about in the dark til silly o’clock in the morning. Armed to the teeth with gadgets, in an attempt to converse with the dead. 1,010 more words

Hi everyone!   This is my first entry for my blog.  I am going to talk about Ghostly Gadgets, Top 10’s, Ghost stories, you name it.  I am kind of new to all of this. 318 more words

Perhaps Your a Paratheorist...

What the heck is a paratheorist?

‘Paratheorist’ or even ‘Paratheory’ are terms that I’ve not encountered a great deal during my years in the paranormal field, but know that they are out there knocking about. 1,055 more words