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Chicken Butt. Let Him Pass. A Weird Week in Review.

I have been knee deep in weirdness lately.  To begin, on a whim, last Saturday night my friend Brandi came over for the purpose of broomin’ it… as her man calls it.  825 more words



I watched him wither – from a strong, well-considered, vibrant man to a fragile, mentally tortured soul. I watched as dementia quietly slithered inside – molesting his dignity and suffocating his self-respect. 659 more words


Whispers of Immortality parts Three and Four!

Latest addition ! Enjoy, fuzz bass/ghostbusters fans

With Paul Taylor, Corin McEwan.

Music Time

Hello to old and new friends!

Hello to all…

This is my new blog page for lanceitc.com, the main website has now closed, so this is where I will be updating my current work with EVP and DRV, I hope you continue to follow me in my communication journey, feel free to share my page/blog with others around the world.  Take care Lance Reed.


DRV 'Direct Radio Voice'

This is a video about all current DRV communications, hope you enjoy!!


Is there any abbreviations for the Morlock Foundation?

There sure are:

TMF =The Morlock Foundation

MorlockFndtn = Morlock Foundation, can be found on facebook at twitter and other social media places. It started because we could not fit foundation in all the places we were working on things.   50 more words

Morlock History

Group Think, Pareidolia and Apophenia

Group Think

A phenomena that happens all around the world, everyday, is group think. According to Psychology Today, group think occurs… “when a group values harmony and coherence over accurate analysis and critical evaluation. 569 more words