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An imprint of unexplainable sounds or voices on audio equipment that was not detected by the human ear at the time the recording was made. 2,395 more words


Sylvio [2015]

Juliette spends a night in an abandoned old family park.

Exploration, disturbing black orbs, disturbing physical forms, séances.

The recordings are analyzed by playing the sound backwards, or in different speeds, and found hidden messages are written down in Juliette’s notepad. 11 more words

United States

New San Haven Sanatorium Experience 1 of 10

 Uncommon Phenomena Team again recently visited San Haven Sanatorium and will be doing a series of 10 video experiences. As always the experience was amazing and the fall colors made the abandoned facility & environment enchanting. 108 more words


Lighting up the new Radio Shack 12-150! The Dude abides!

A Short Session with the 12-150

This session is from March 2017. Some pretty lights I picked up at the craft store on sale! Let me know if you hear anything I missed! 9 more words

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EVP - A History By Torchlight Paranormal

Electronic Voice Phenomena A History.
When investigating the paranormal, there is one thing that is paramount and that is communication. Communicating with spirits can be done is several ways, the use of a talking board or an Ouija Board, séances or the more commonly used EVP (electronic voice phenomena) experiments, but What is EVP? 1,460 more words

Ghosts & Hauntings

The Metetherial Encyclopaedia - Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

What is it?

For many that have been in the paranormal field a while or even a moment the term EVP   (Electronic Voice Phenomena) has become common place. 1,072 more words


Hi, I'm Rik Kinney.

For my first post here, let me simply introduce myself and let you know what I’ve been up to professionally.

I’m Rik Kinney. I’m currently EVP at… 480 more words