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Ghosts in the Machine - Technology and the Paranormal 

Haunted Object Scanning Caught My Attention

As I sat today, sipping coffee and thumbing through my Facebook feed I stumbled on a small post from the Society for Psychical Research. 1,612 more words


Speaking with Spirits via EVP

 If I could talk to the other side, just imagine it?
Chatting with a haunt in words ghostly

 Imagine speaking to a shadow, discoursing with a daemon… 1,049 more words


Sasquatch interaction in New Zealand

From my last visit. What is the dark object at the centre of the picture (this is a rough lightened image)?

NOTE: I was using a POV go pro in a watertight case. 281 more words

Various Investigations And Thoughts

May Witching Hour EVP Surveillance

In the wee hours of May 11th 2017, from 3:00am to 4:00am Tristan woke up and I brought him into the office with me, after leaving a voice recorder in his crib. 271 more words


The Simple Glass Divination Experiment

A Little Background

So, I know what you’re thinking how can you class glass divination as an experiment given that its likely to be seen as a sceptics favourite for criticism, plus results wise its near on impossible to understand if the glass is moved by a spirit or those touching the glass! 981 more words


Paranormal Evidence Review 

A Little on Evidence

Over the years I’ve heard the term ‘evidence’ thrown around in relation to the paranormal on many occasions, I’ve even used it a few times myself in the past. 884 more words