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P-SB7 Spirit Box Review

What is it?

This is quite a popular piece of investigating equipment which most people will recognise from the famous paranormal TV show, Ghost Adventures. It is a box that when used will scan the radio frequencies without stopping. 544 more words


The First Something or Nothing

A fair few investigations ago, when I admittedly got caught up in the paranormal hype on the TV, I decided to pick up a night vision camera, a spirit box and a dictaphone to head out and find my own evidence on whether there is life after death! 423 more words


The Scariest Thing On TV

When you think of haunted televisions, you might think of Carrie Ann being dragged into the static in Poltergeist, or the creepy girl from The Ring… 165 more words


Some Musings On EVP

The term EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a term that those with an interest in psychical research will be all to familiar with. It seems no ghost hunters kit is complete with out some kind of audio recording device included in it. 1,472 more words

Ghosts & Hauntings

iDigitalMedium Connects the World with Innovative Spiritual Technology

iDigitalMedium states their purpose as “Advance Knowledge of Life After Death, Research & Development of Communication with Spirit, Preserve History, Provide Inspiration, Promote Teamwork, and Build a Network.” 2,893 more words

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Grave Encounters (2011)

One of the best found-footage horror films out there, Grave Encounters follows a group of paranormal investigators who become trapped inside an abandoned mental asylum. Directors Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz have crafted a chilling and macabre ghost film here with some rewarding scares. 419 more words