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Love Means Never Having to Say "Goldfish"

I only managed an hour before exhaustion set in. Now I have finished and I’m setting my results out for you, I feel fine. I think that communication takes a physical toll on the body.  192 more words


Our 1000th Recording Session

To be more precise, the 1000th recording session is the 1000th recording I have kept with audible EVP. I have probably discarded 3000 or so because I cannot make anything out. 322 more words


Investigation Tools - Simple or High Tech?

Investigating the Paranormal takes more than just expensive tools. It takes the proper mindset and attitude. It also takes heart.

I want to ask all you Paranormal ninjas a question. 857 more words


"We are perfect"

No, the blog post title isn’t a declaration by Monty of just how great they are, there on the other side, he was commenting on the clarity of the signal, their side. 108 more words


Laughter Soothes the Soul(s)

Tentatively returning to daily communication, keeping an eye out for rogue imposters. Sometimes the team is there and ready to talk, sometimes its just radio silence but no sign of the ‘others’. 148 more words


Last night's fun.

Paranormaltony here.

Last night I was going to experiment with white noise/static but our normal evp session was so productive and eventful that we got sidetracked. 85 more words