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Monty Notices Lack of ITC 'Notes'

I did my first bit of recording for the first time in a week or so tonight. I also deleted all of my blog posts between May and now as the communicators were, shall we just say, bogus. 214 more words


Re-establishing Contact with Monty and Team

I’ve had some issues in recent months with talking to imposters. I decided to drop the sound file I was using that the imposters used to communicate, and try another. 175 more words


So... Hush!

I haven’t written in this space for quite some time, but it wasn’t for lack of anything to say – I always have something to say. 696 more words


All about #TechHR16 in 140 characters

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” ~ Albert Einstein

“If you can’t explain in 140 characters, you don’t understand it well enough” ~ Kunjal Kamdar… 113 more words

Rambling Recruiter

The Dangers Of Necromancy  

The subject of communicating with the dead has caught the fancy of many Americans. Experiments with table-knocking, crystal ball reading, ouija boards, and electric voice phenomenon (EVP) have become standard topics of conversation in many homes. 553 more words

Christian Living

Paranormal Tools - Apps. Do they work?

Ghost Hunter M2

So if you are anything like me and you don’t have all the most up to date whizzy bang investigator tools, you have probably looked through the App store and seen the ghost apps that are available.  376 more words


Ghostly children teach investigator a lesson

Paranormal investigator and historian Dr Adrian Lee reckons that the spirit world is a good place to go for answers about the past.

Presenting the initial results of a recent ghost hunt at Redwood County Museum in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, Dr Lee told the Redwood County Historical Society that the paranormal is  “a powerful tool” for studying history. 103 more words