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The impact of trust on process

The advent of Employee Self Service (ESS) in the late 90’s, was revolutionary for the main ERP vendors of the time.  The promise was that this would allow employee’s access to their own records in an unprecedented fashion. 818 more words

HR Systems Design

Investigating Abandoned House Part #1

** Use Headphones**

This house is due to be demolished very soon, so I took advantage of the situation and decided to go on a little investigation, I could hear 2 EVP’s in this video which I labelled. 19 more words


Ghost Adventures: Mackay Mansion

The GA crew are in Virginia City Nevada and according to Zak it’s the birth place of ‘Ghost Adventures’ (Old Washoe Club); they are investigating a location that has many claims of being haunted and even Jonny Depp has claimed that he has had a paranormal encounter here. 1,416 more words


Ghost Adventures: Colorado Gold Mine Recap

The GA Crew are back so all the Zakolites over on the twitter can get their perv back on. I am hoping that we might get a return to form and never ever have to revisit the debacle that was the Starlight Ranch (ET phone home etc).  1,408 more words


Employer Brand - Part 2

Building an effective climate and culture:

Certain organisations pitch themselves as rigid/lenient that employees already know what they are in for, once they join the organization. 953 more words

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Employer Brand - Part 1

‘Employer Brand’ (EB) and ‘Employee Value Proposition’ (EVP) are terms are that raging in Chennai right now. They are in trend among a lot of start-ups. 1,572 more words

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Investigation Tools - Simple or High Tech?

Investigating the Paranormal takes more than just expensive tools. It takes the proper mindset and attitude. It also takes heart.

I want to ask all you Paranormal ninjas a question. 857 more words