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Zoé and her VT17 follow up project –Painting while dancing workshop

How can we use dance in different contexts? How can dance help to reach some pedagogic objectives? What our body can tell about ourselves and about society? 873 more words


Or, The Model S 100kWh

Buy 1 MWh of batteries and get 10 of these for free.

If we can turn 10% of Califonia’s automobiles into EV’s like these, then 100% renewable cities are viable, and the doors for Solar and Wind will open up again.  536 more words


Meet our Volunteer Ahmet


My name is Ahmet. I’m from Turkey. Before I came here I graduated in 3.5 years and radio programming. Now, this is a huge part of my EVS project. 69 more words



Here it is, the dreaded month of goodbyes came. Even if Magda and I still have one month left before the end of our experience here, it’s already a part of our stay which is gone with the IPC Spring Term 2018. 165 more words


Meet our Volunteer Mira


My name is Mira and I´m from Palestine. I came to do my EVS in Spain because of the variety of activities that the organisation offers me. 94 more words


Meet Our Volunteer Kevlanah

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kevlanah. I´m 21 years old and I´m French. I´m currently volunteering in Ecocompartimos in Spain. What I´m usually doing is, helping around the shop and doing workshops with kids and give French language classes along with other stuff that are related to the improvement of the organisation and promoting Erasmus Plus. 24 more words


Re-Imagining Malaysia

Its 20th July 2018,  2 and a half months since the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Opposition toppled the incumbent Barisan Nasional Government from power.  Euphoria of this regime change still remains strong, with  arrests and inquiries related to the 1MDB fiasco headlining the news almost everyday, alongside new laws and policy changes being implemented that adhere to the manifesto the Pakatan Harapan govt promised the Malaysian Rakyat (Common Folk) during their election drive. 661 more words