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Hi everyone! I am Leonie, I have just turned 19 and recently finished high school. After living in the same town for almost all my life, I really felt the need to surround myself with a different environment, different tasks and different people that I used to. 415 more words

Introduction to motivational speakers that have touched my heart

There is a new phenomenon emerging in our society is called motivational speaking. The popularity has grown as more and more people are dealing with “soul wounds” and hardships of life. 1,047 more words


How is it like to learn Estonian?

When I graduated from high school in June I immediately started learning Estonian with a free online programm called Keeleklikk. I was learning every day for one month until I spent in July my summer holidays in Croatia to celebrate my graduation and visit my family. 524 more words


Stereotypes? What about them?

Culture Perception Stereotypes Exclusion Marginalization Radicalization Xenocide

What do you think when you reflect about this words? Do you remember any specific situation or example? Do you know what it is? 550 more words


First impression's about home

So… Râmnicu Vâlcea seems to be home already!

This first full day allowed us to explore a little of the city (just a bit, really!) 332 more words


The best and biggest music festivals in Europe

A music festival is a usually recurring event where several artists perform live for the public. Of course the Hippies were the ones who organized the first festivals, the most famous called Woodstock. 327 more words


EV has spoiled me

Saw this cool old car the other day and realized that, although the style is cool, I am so not interested in the hassle of and old gas engine. 9 more words