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It's time for fun!

Szia! Hogy vagy?

Do you want to learn about our colorful summer and explore Hungary with us?

Our family of 9 volunteers is doing great, this colorful summer, during the activities we have a lot of fun, and after that we have time to explore the city of sunshine-Szeged. 323 more words

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The Twisted, Hopeful World of Chinese Electric Vehicles

Pictured above: Me,  Li Luying (黎璐英) and Li Qiang (李强 ) , taking a break from the road near Huaihua (怀化)

Three cars roll down out of the Hunan countryside, their lines bold and new. 820 more words

Climate Change

he's charming

YEAH UM so we’ve been fb chatting like all day. since after church.

I spent part of my afternoon watching “Who Killed The Electric Car?” which is a documentary chiefly about the EV-1 and the forces that killed it (government, CARB, oil companies, car companies, consumers) and in the scene where they show the stacks of crushed EV-1s, I cried. 600 more words

Het mooiste begeleiders team!

Hallo, hallo!

After ten days of vacation in Spain I’m back at de Hoge Rielen, ready to take part in more workshops. I’ve already made lots of plans for the next three months in België. 169 more words

This idea could help push electric cars into the mainstream

Electric cars have a big shortcoming that keeps many people from buying them: their limited range. After a couple hundred miles, drivers have to pull over and recharge the car or risk stalling on the highway. 372 more words


International Day of Friendship

It’s true, the real friendship is built and shown everyday, but do you know that there is a international special day dedicated to this feeling? Since 1958 each 30th August some events are organized in all the world! 195 more words


1 maand verder // 1 month ahead


Wat maak je in een maand in een ander land mee? Hoe schrijf je dat op een goede manier op? Dat is de vraag geweest die ik me heb moeten stellen voordat ik deze blogpost ging schrijven. 1,820 more words