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Battery Banter 2: Sliding Down the Electric Vehicle Cost Curve

With impeccable timing (for my current blogging theme), Nature Climate Change has just published a commentary by Bjorn Nkyvist and Mans Nilsson reviewing the falling cost of battery packs for electric vehicles (source: … 822 more words


St. Patrick's day in Dublin.

17 марта в Ирландии ежегодно отмечается день святого Патрика. В последнее время этот день становиться популярным в разных странах (еще бы, еще один день, когда есть официальный повод выпить).


Just 1 percent.

We’re not asking for much. Just for 1% of your taxes.

Playoffs started

This weekend the playoffs started for the ladies. Engelholm, that won the series, chose GVK as an opponent in the quarterfinals. Engelholm was undefeated in the series this year, so predictions are quite clear. 112 more words


Thoughts on the Tesla model S updates and EVs

Cars have been around for a while.

You can hardly think of cars in as much the same way as you would your PC or smartphone but a lot has changed recently, and there are companies willing to change this perspective, trying to make even a software update to your car bring so much change that it can sometimes 656 more words


Battery Banter 1: Are Internal Combustion Engines Going the Way of the Horse?

A few days ago, a good friend of mine pointed me toward a presentation on disruptive technologies given by Tony Seba. A youtube video is available here: 938 more words