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Muyende bwino!

On my way to Lilongwe for the JF huddle this weekend, I stopped in Blantyre for a night.

After being the only mzungu (white person) in Chikwawa for a while, it was an interesting experience to be surrounded by other non-Malawians at the guesthouse. 298 more words

Back to the begining

If you had told me seven years ago that I would be returning to Peru, able to communicate in Spanish and using my degree to help a community, I’m not sure I would have believed you. 461 more words


Striving for Humility

SIHA has been going through a gradual redefinition of its role in community development in Tanzania. Existing somewhere in the in-between of providing capacity-building and distributing resources, we struggle to articulate our scope to partners and the community because we ourselves are uncertain of the services that we can and will provide. 558 more words


Living in the Temporary

Canada has been permeating my thoughts quite frequently these days. Something about the combination of post-MPR fever and knowing that my placement is over in a month causes me to dream of that taste bud burning Korean food that I’ll have as soon as I can get near Bloor street again. 313 more words

Village Savings and Loans – Banki Pam Jigo

In Malawi, villages are responsible for raising funds and maintaining their own water points. Sometimes, if funds are scarce, a borehole like this can be out of service for 18 months. 510 more words

Glass Half-Full

This past weekend was the Mid-Placement Retreat. It officially marked my halfway point in Malawi. Has it really been that long?

The last few days filled me up with so many ideas, dear memories, and now I feel myself overflowing with inspiration and motivation. 391 more words

"I am the anti-Midas"/Picking up the pieces

A long, long time ago, Midas was a king who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. The moral of the story proved to be very disheartening but that isn’t what this post is about. 516 more words