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Killer Ticks

In Zambia ticks are responsible for 80% of cattle tick-borne diseases. To many rural Zambians, loosing cattle (sometimes up to a ¼ of their herd annually) is a normal occurrence. 485 more words


More Updates

In the last two weeks we have been working individually in several different areas of the project. We divide the work between as follows:

  • The Mechanical Engineers worked on the CAD drawings and 3D designs of the power plant’s parts, using the software SolidWorks.
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Week 9 - Building progress & second presentation

During Week 9 we continued building the prototype, we fixed the blades made last week onto the axis, made the generator and ordered the magnets to be set in between the blades to reduce friction. 215 more words


Weeks 7 & 8 - Lets build!

We wanted to make a working concept of our vertical turbine to show everyone that our design does work and has the capability to produce sufficient amounts of energy. 224 more words


Week 6 - Gantt chart

A group Gantt chart has been made to specify what each member has done so far and the group as a whole, It also displays what we have planned for the future going into detail with steps/tasks assigned to different members. 94 more words


Progress of the logo

Just as our group has evolved so has our logo, all designs were made using a very basic app on an inexpensive tablet. Here are the stages it went through;


Week 5 - Preperation and presentation

For week five a design was agreed on, although it isn’t finalized it will give us a better understanding on how our turbine will function when we build our prototype based on it. 185 more words