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There and Back Again...

We landed today. Especially in the midst of story sharing with my fellow JFs, Malawi already seems like a distant dream. Did that really happen? … 144 more words

Week 2 - El Nino, Disaster Risk Reduction

El Nino is a natural phenomenon that occurs once every 15-20 years or so. The last strong occurrence was in 1997-98 during which intense rain fall and tropical cyclones cause flash floods. 524 more words


Gifting Photography | Chicorral, Guatemala

The week before I came to Guatemala I printed out about 50 pictures to give out in Chicorral, the community that we were working in (see… 757 more words

Michelle Bohrson

I will remember you...

We numbered 7 in my send-off party. Since I only had 3 pieces of luggage plus a helmet, I really felt the love from my friends and family. 355 more words

Attracting Attention

I have now been in Bangladesh for over two weeks and though I am getting used to it, the people here are certainly not used to me. 444 more words

Week 1 - Sea Lions, Surfing and Sanitation

After 48 hours of thankfully uneventful travelling I made it to Talara Airport where I was met by the EcoSwell team. Beaming faces and kisses all around, I was made to feel so welcome, and all the anxiety and homesickness started to slip away. 586 more words


Becoming "white"

In Canada, I identify as being Asian. In order to not get lost in the multicultural rainbow of the Western world, I’ve clung onto that identifier for 18 years. 943 more words