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Ending the Winter with four NSERC USRA Awards, Two Graduate Scholarships, Best Professor award, EWB lecture...

Our research team received four NSERC USRA scholarships this summer (up from two last summer). The students (Natalie, Ben, Chloe and Seth) with these scholarships will study a variety of projects from Modelling pedestrian flow, timber design, to studying travelling fires with our international and national collaborators. 346 more words

Research News

Part I: Why India?

India was at the top of my list of places to travel for a while and, understandably, it’s often met with a bit of confusion. Let me explain. 563 more words


EWB Live Music Night

On November 23rd, Engineers Without Borders is hosting a fundraising night with fantastic live music performances at The Indie Lounge, in order to raise money for EWB-UK. 135 more words

Week One- Starting off

The first week consisted of deciding as a team, what area of the Engineers without borders (EWB) project we were going to focus on. We decided to tackle the issues of energy in Lobitos (South America, North Peru), more specifically the issues surrounding the use of natural gas, a fossil fuel, for cooking purposes. 129 more words


polio surveillance: intro & explanation

poliomyelitis: often referred to as – polio, infantile paralysis. Caused by the poliovirus. Naturally occurring only in humans, preventable with polio vaccine. Through exposure (either through infection or vaccination), individuals become immune. 461 more words

Engineers Without Borders

Chalmers students lighting up Tanzanian hospital operating rooms

Imagine you are an ophthalmologist in the middle of a surgery doing delicate work to save a patient’s vision, suddenly the power went out… The operating room is in total darkness and you don’t dare to move even a finger until someone comes with a flashlight… 436 more words

Sustainability Communication

Bridge Building, Baby Goats, and Bolivian UNO

“So. What did you guys…do…exactly?”

Excellent question! To give you an idea of each day’s shenanigans (the struggles, the triumphs, the siestas), here’s an overview of a typical work day: 1,590 more words