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Community Workshop - final week in Lobitos

My final act (as part of my project) in Lobitos was to carry out a community work shop. 577 more words


After Malawi: 10 things that did or did not happen but that I thought would

Before I left for Malawi, I made a list of 10 things that I thought might happen. Some of them did, some of them didn’t, and whole lot of other things occurred in between. 601 more words

Week 4 - Power Plant Process and 3D Modelling

This week we focused on the design considerations and 3D view of the power plant. Before coming up with any design ideas, we had to check the land/space that the power plant will take up. 200 more words

Week 3 - POWER!

During week three the main research done was how much energy and electricity is required to be made from the project, in conclusion we decided to just concentrate on the load shedding problem rather than a completely new replacement to the current power grid coming from mainland Cameroon. 126 more words


Crabbush Toilets


How many toilet blocks does a rural school need?

Crabbush primary school in Hogsback (well under 100 pupils) is watching in disbelief while departmental builders erect a face-brick block of (probably) long-drop loos. 354 more words


Week 2 - Initial Progress Made

This week we overcame the challenges from last week and have inevitably created new ones. With a new member joining our team, Wahb Ahmad we are more determined than ever to continue and do more research for the project. 194 more words


Research into Solar - Ayman Morton

During the last week we have all completed individual research. Personally, I looked further into the idea of solar energy and the benefits this energy source would have for the people and local comunity of Bambui. 303 more words