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How to kill a chicken

On our first night in Mangochi, our coach Gabe took us to his friend Jackson’s house for dinner. What ensued following dinner was a hilarious showdown between Gabe and a chicken while the rest of us watched from the sidelines. 149 more words

Moni Malawi!

After a 12 hour flight from Toronto to Addis, our WASH (water and sanitation, hygiene) JF team said goodbye to the other JFs. About 5 hours later, we landed in Lilongwe (the capital) and met the EWB WASH team in Malawi. 99 more words

National Tingz

Bittersweetly, today is the last day of pre-dep. Us Africa JFs are getting on a plane tomorrow morning and OMG I’M NOT READY YET.

But it’s okay. 10 more words

Goodbye Sheffield University

After 10 years, spanning an undergraduate degree, a PhD and a fellowship, it was finally time for me to move on, so Friday 6th Feb was officially my last day at Sheffield University. 706 more words

Engineers Without Borders

Feeling half as wise and twice as hungry

4 days ago I started feeling an ache in my mouth. So I went to the dentist on Friday morning and received some unfortunate news. I essentially had 3 options: take a bunch of painkillers with me for the duration of my trip, risk an overseas operation, or just get my wisdom teeth out that day. 54 more words

"Bigger on the inside"

I used to feel sorry for the little old lady who lived in a shoe. First of all, she lived in a smelly shoe. It was probably quite smelly since it had to be a used shoe. 164 more words

Before Malawi: 10 things that I think will probably happen

Tomorrow is the start of my pre-departure training in Toronto. Everything is happening so fast and in hindsight, I probably should’ve set aside more time between Ottawa/moving, New York, and going to visit my parents. 587 more words