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ÌFÉ ATANTAN (TWISTED LOVE) by Haastrup Adesanmi

Òrí átàn ni mo tín ké tan tan

Tan tan, ohùn mi jákè, o já!, kán -kán

Bi ohún adìye tàn tòbe bò lórùn

Bán sokú ìfé, bán dárò ekún arewá 381 more words


Another Patching

One of another wee projects done.
Patching after conservatory removal.
Works as following:
-hacking off exisitng loose parts of covering
-primar and fungicidal liquid
-adhesive base coat… 20 more words



Àgò o àgò o àgò o

Mo júbà kí n tó wolé
Ewúré tó wolé tí ò júbà
Ó di eran àmúso
Àgùtàn tó wolé tí ò júbà 145 more words


Euro and PIIGS ETFs Crushed on Brexit Outcome, Down 10 Percent Or More

With the Brexit Vote only adding that much more uncertainty, the reality is setting in that this could spell long-term trouble for the European Union. Britain never did share its currency, but they did share trade and many common laws. 377 more words



Another project completed.
Dry dash overcoat as following:
-proper preparation of exisitng surface (incluiding for hacking off and dubbing out all the “bosses” areas)
-fungicidal wash… 69 more words



Since that fateful day that Heath signed the Document we have sold shed loads of our assets and are in more debt than we can pay off, meanwhile a lot of the workforce are on reduced wages as bosses have taken advantage of the cheap labour, I’m still waiting for a boat load of  cheap bosses to arrive. 2,457 more words