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Another EWI Project completed.

External Wall Insulation system to brickwork property.
Works included survey and introduction (EPC, GDAR etc), system fitting, all downpipes and soil vent pipes replacement, windows over-cills fitting, sat dish refitting, plumbing and electrical, white pvc finishes, etc. 52 more words

PIIGS ETFs and Greek ADS Respond to Athens Reopening Stock Exchange

Greece is back as a financial market again. Well, sort of. The nation finally allowed its stock market to open back up after an unheard of five-week trading halt. 461 more words




Three pictures from a roof in Bristol. The resident had lived there for 20 years. When they moved in they had a new roof put on, and the insides where totally ripped out and re designed. 686 more words


Choro Coluber Khemetia

Esotronika, EWI, HUNSMIRE programming, video production

Yaz Shehab, electronic percussion, sampling, virtual assistance

Recorded 1994, Champaign, Illinois.


Did You Enter Without Inspection? YOU May Be Eligible for the LIFE Act 245(i) Exception!

Noncitizen spouses who have entered the United States without inspection may still be eligible for immigration benefits under section 245(i) of the LIFE Act.  Many people who have either never had valid immigration status in the U.S. 249 more words


If You or Your Spouse "Entered Without Inspection," There May Still Be Options!

All noncitizens entering the U.S. are required to present themselves to a USCIS immigration officer for inspection.  This inspection meant that they will be assessed and that they must demonstrate the right to enter the country based on approval obtained prior to entry in the U.S.   154 more words



Thousands of British construction workers are going to stage a protest against foreigners in the workforce, including Poles, on 3 February in London 2010.

That was in 2010, it doesn’t mention the Romanians or the Albanians, or the Spanish Solar Farm installers. 199 more words

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