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The Definition of El Niño

Because of all the interest in the latest El Niño event I have been adding extra functionality to display archived data for El Niño Southern Oscillation back to 1856 in my ENSO application. 632 more words


New cockpit communication system could cut down on airport delays, save fuel

When severe weather – or even the average summer thunderstorm – approaches an airport, attempting to reroute a plane is a tedious, time-consuming analog-only process. Air traffic controllers read the new route to a pilot, who writes it down and reads it back to the control tower before manually programming it into the plane’s computer system and then double-checking with dispatchers to ensure that there’s enough fuel to accommodate the new flight path. 240 more words


6 reasons why LaGuardia should be closed (7 if you count the coyotes)

When you’re trying to describe the unpleasantness of air travel, you can rank your experiences on a scale from 1 to LaGuardia. I’d forgotten how terrible it was to travel through America’s most armpit-like airport until I spent a year there last Tuesday, riding a van from one terminal to the other, trying to navigate the maze of tightly packed corridors that have been “Under Construction” (read those as sarcastic air quotes) since forever and otherwise hating every hot, overcrowded minute I spent there. 402 more words


$100,000 watch lost at airport rescued by honest TSA agent

In just one month last year at Los Angeles International Airport, 3,700 items, including 154 laptops, 98 cellphones, 18 iPads and 32 wallets, were collected by the TSA. 218 more words

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It's too hard

Sometimes, we do things because they are what we have always done; what we’re used to.  Things that seem easy to do because we know what to expect.  752 more words

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Wolverine isn't thrilled about being in Newark, chews out of its crate at airport

Man, nobody likes being stuck in Newark. When a 40-pound wolverine named Kasper found out that he was going to have an overnight layover at Newark-Liberty airport, he made the very rational decision to try to get the hell out. 392 more words



I’d just like to point out. If I am successful in my master plan to defeat WWE with TNA, it wouldn’t be the first time! 89 more words