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"I need to get over my ex"

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend almost 2 years ago. We were dating for 2.5 years, mostly a long distance relationship. I found out that he went on a business trip with an female co-worker and they shared the same room. 174 more words

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"I swear she thinks my dick is small"

Hey, I’m a male. I had a pretty amazing relationship for almost an year. We enjoyed sex. She never complained. After about a year, a thing came to my mind that she had mentioned at the start of this relationship. 152 more words

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If He’s Stupid Enough To Cheat On You, Send Him These Texts

Don’t go back to a cheater. Don’t give him another chance to hurt you. Don’t lower your standards — no matter how much you love him. 16 more words

I Was Almost the Other Woman

I needed a summer job and a guy friend of mine was in charge of the lifeguards at this park. We had worked together at another job the year or so before that. 759 more words

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An Open Letter to my Ex

Dear Ex boyfriend,

I miss you sometimes. You, or the idea of you, I’m not sure. Never mind. Today is one such day.

Let’s try to catch up. 685 more words


"I was drunk and I felt raped"

My ex boyfriend had sex with me when I was in and out of consciousness after a night of drinking. He was completely sober and we had a fight that night. 195 more words

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How to Handle Situation when Your Ex Getting Married?

You had a wonderful relationship with your ex but then things became rough and you broke up with them. Whether you were the one to ditch them or they did it, it is normal for you to feel sad about it. 678 more words