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Dream diaries





I was in someone else’s house; I heard a guy calling me to come to the bedroom so i went to see who it was and it was Dylan Harris. 127 more words


Day #3

After taking a look at my former drug-addicted boyfriend’s Facebook profile, I realised that people can post whatever they want that you won’t believe them anymore. 338 more words


To my ex-boyfriend

I met him at work 6 years ago, we were thinner than we are now, looking at our pictures together. He was an easy going guy, and a happy-go-lucky one who doesn’t have too much care on the world. 363 more words

Caring Father

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life

It’s meant to be anyway but I fucking hope it’s not.

I have woken up on my ex bfs couch who I am desperately trying to get back now after I’ve finally realised it’s him I want.. 204 more words

If I knew then what I know now. . .

Don’t we all wish we could at some point in our lives go back in time and smack ourselves?

If I knew then what I know now, I ask myself this “would I tell myself and change things that happen in the course of my life.” Probably not, but I do wish I had some bomb ass advice that would have helped me handle situations a whole lot better. 752 more words


I haven’t met the Right G​uy

I went out on a date the other day
And the guy in front of me
Could’ve​ been the man of my dreams
But if I say that he is… 68 more words

Dream diaries

A love triangle




I was walking with a man who looked like the character “Braxton” from a show called “Home and away”. He was working on a field; with grey fences and he started yelling at two children. 76 more words