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Setting off the Ex's House Alarm

Perhaps it’s odd that I still have a house key to my ex’s place, and even odder that when he goes on vacation I check on the house, and look after his kids’ hamsters… but he’s a friend, and it’s not really a big deal.   1,038 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Break-Up Diaries: The HeartBreak

Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. It is like a ring of promise customized for you but when it breaks this ring is nothing less than a ring of fire or thorns. 611 more words



First of, I am thinking about not to post it here and just made it personal. But then, I want to make others learn from what I did. 1,034 more words



Apa khabar teman semua?
Apa seronok menyulam cinta?
Orang bercerita memberi berita
Aku berkisah mencari makna

Dulu aku selalu berlagak selamba
Girlfriend paling cool’ 155 more words


I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

A reference to one of my favorite MCR songs, as well as a statement of my current emotional situation. I am not okay. Not even in the slightest. 191 more words


Mary Katharine Ham: Mindy Lahiri And The Dumb Loves of Real, Smart Women

The Federalist — In a commentary culture constantly on a quest for multifaceted female characters in mainstream entertainment, here’s Mindy Lahiri of ‘The Mindy Project.’ 142 more words