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In Their Own Time, They May Be

SORRY FOR ANY TYPOS. Even though I read through it 295790438 times, i am running on exactly zero hours of sleep and the Adderall makes it worse.
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You Left Me and I'm Better Because of It

You left me and I’m better because of it, not that I’d ever admit that to anyone who asks, and especially not to you. On the outside, I like to make sure that everyone knows how much losing you has harmed me, left me wounded, left me feeling empty. 494 more words

What About? Trust issues? 

I was seeing a guy let’s call him (the Buddha) he believed in that amazing teaching so I’ll give him that name. I for some reason went to him and like I was drawn at first he was like idk if it was love at first sight, (if that’s real?) but it was something I couldn’t control. 863 more words

To the boyfriend whom I thought would be my husband

Hello there, you know who you are. You’ll probably never see this and that’s okay.

I first want to say that I am sorry.

I am sorry things ended the way that they did. 263 more words

Karson Found A Love Letter To His Wife From The Past

Karson’s friend found a love letter from his wife’s ex-boyfriend and he is devastated.

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The beginning

When I met this man that came to my life out of nowhere. I remember meeting him in the computer room in the office. He was doing some sort of order for his department and I was doing training for the new job I just got hired. 209 more words

New Life

This New App Punishes You For Contacting Your Ex By Playing Nickelback

I should start by saying, this is all one big joke. This app does not exist unfortunately. Mostly because the guys of Nickelback would sue! 125 more words