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Letter to my ex

Dear F,

The day you decided you had enough of our life, I went from loving you to hating you. Actually it is not you that I hated. 428 more words



I have barely had time for anything lately, especially writing! I basically just work and work and work since I have two jobs. Now that I have weekends off I have been trying to keep myself busy and distracted and it usually is working… It leaves me little time to get emotional but also has not really given me much time to get back to writing… … 412 more words

A piece of paper... and memories.

Scribbled across it was everything that I like about this one particular man. A man that I made lots of exceptions for because he’s different than anyone else I know. 327 more words


10 Things My Ex Said to Me During Our Break-up That You Shouldn't Say During a Break-Up

I hate to be that person with the “10 Things” list, but here I am. It’s only been 5 days since we broke up, so it seems like the right time to blog about it. 788 more words


Long Time No Post

Hey guys I hope all is well. I haven’t really thought of anything to write on the blog. Until today that is. My brother is freshly single and works a federal job. 881 more words

Let Me Move On

     At times like this, when it’s cold and under thin sheets, I don’t wish for you to warm me, at this time, I just want you to be with me, again. 408 more words