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The real-life Gone Girl: Actress fakes her own kidnapping in failed attempt to try and win back her ex-boyfriend

An actress faked her own kidnapping in a desperate attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend that was similar to the plot of hit film Gone Girl.  767 more words

What's FUZZing???

War Of The Roses Marathon: Get A Clue

Jimmy’s girlfriend Angela ran into her ex the other day. Is she trying to rekindle an old flame?

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? Let Karson & Kennedy know on… 10 more words


Adele's ex-boyfriend comes out of hiding

Bowed by public pressure and surrounded by bodyguards a Mr. Gary Stevens, of West Norwood, has revealed that he is to blame for Adele’s plaintive wailing and multi-million pound angst.  315 more words



Hi there,

So a significant others.. They are the best thing to ever happen to you. Simple as that. They make you so happy for whatever period of time it was. 41 more words


What would happen if...

What would happen if someone lacked cognitive and effective empathy?

This was a question that was asked online. But according to google search, both these terms mean the same thing. 1,399 more words

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Unexpected Attraction


23 Chapters

Beth and Daryl meet through Beth’s good-for-nothing boyfriend Jimmy. The attraction is there from the start. Beth kicks Jimmy to the curb… 83 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction


artwork by sooj

why did i ever begin to believe that any sort of high school ‘relationship’ could be serious?

i can’t seem to remember. 149 more words