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If you never try you never know. 

I can’t actually believe I’m writing this right now…actually I can’t believe where I’m writing this from…Kermies bed! He’s asleep. Yes I’m as surprised about it as you all are. 292 more words



Two years ago, I was feeling unloved. I was feeling unworthy. I was feeling like no matter what I did, what I said, how much I cried or told you I loved you, it would never be enough. 491 more words


(written c. 2010)

how beautiful, the stars that collide
like constant fireworks up in the midnight sky
how beautiful, the sky that has nothing to hide… 352 more words


It's been a hot minute

It’s been a while since we’ve talked… or well since I’ve talked. There’s been a lot on the plate lately. Moving, buying groceries, trying to get things settled at work, spending too much money on fucking textbooks, the list can go on. 268 more words


8 Gravestones For Every Toxic Relationship You've Ever Had

When a toxic relationship ends, it can be difficult to lay the unholy thing to rest.

Fortunately, these helpful headstones are here to help you mourn your past relationships in a safe, backslide-free manner! 658 more words


Best Day of My Life

Guys, this song I’m about to show you has very…very deep meaning to me.

Tool – Sober

Jakob and I dated for about a month and we separated because he was caught in complicated feelings and it confused him.   584 more words

OK to be friends with exes?

I am having serious writer’s block today, so today’s post will just be a random stream of consciousness (and maybe some unconsciousness…I’m really tired.)

For some reason, I can’t get a conversation Tim and I had last night out of my head. 492 more words