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Hanging out with my ex

I invited him out on Saturday. I was having a rough day at home and my first thought was, “I want to be with him.” If we were still together, my course of action would have been the same. 692 more words



“I just have a bad feeling,” i confided to Kristy one day before work. We were getting ready together in her large vanity mirror, two tanned blondes sipping double rum and cokes. 608 more words

Bump Series by lemonstar

As the building manager in a newly renovated apartment building, it’s Daryl Dixon’s job to make sure that things are working properly for all of the tenants. 45 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction

Never Mind

Many years have passed and words have been said
Yet here we are standing the test of time instead
We stand face to face, invisible to the eye and screen in hand… 421 more words


A lack of sex ed sure can mess with a person...

(TW rape is discussed somewhat, no details)

I was raised in a very set Christian home, with abstinence being a big part of that as I grew older. 345 more words

Why Social Media Stalking is Virtual Self Harm

So, the relationship’s over. You’ve deleted your WhatsApp conversation. You’ve changed your phone’s background. You’ve played your part in getting them out of your silly head. 1,582 more words

Self Development

Cricket Boy: An Introduction

For the purposes of continuity (and because I have no doubt I will have to refer to multiple exes in discussing certain things), the ex I refer to in this post is Cricket Boy. 191 more words