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"Tips To Mend A Broken Heart"

I know that all of us have already experienced heartbreak- we’ve all been hurt. I know as well that when you were still with him, you already thought that he was the only one for you to the extent that you even believed that person to be your soul mate. 897 more words


Broken love and bitter memories.

Fragments of a love,

So brief and yet so beautiful,

Pierce my heart anew,

Like broken shards of glass.

Never healing,

But hurting,

Hurting deeply. 22 more words

I'm not ready to move on from you

I thought the hurt would do it.

I thought hearing how you’ve been with other girls since after we broke up would push me further from you, would leave me here, on the floor listening to my heart beat in chest. 247 more words


Promises, lies and empty words.

You promised you’d never leave me behind,

I am alone.

You promised you’d love me,

I am alone.

You promised nothing would go wrong,

I am alone. 63 more words

the tears after valentine's

I wish it was you, here with me and not you there with her, with them. to have you hold my hand, and stroke my cheek whilst I bathe in your love and your beautiful spirit. 265 more words


Ruined Progress

I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me talk about my ex. Hell, I’m fucking tired of hearing me talk about my ex. I’m tired of thinking about him, feeling things about him…just fucking tired. 636 more words


"I don't know how to deal with her ex's"

Hi, I am a 26 year old man, I have recently entered what I believe to be and would like to be a serious relationship. I have some issues that I don’t know how to address. 134 more words

Advice Needed