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Understanding Myself

I’ve hit this chapter in my mind at least to me…

I hate drama, I always have…as a little child I’d sit there crying as soon as someone starts yelling or getting at me for something I’ve done…I’ve always been emotional, always scared to upset people. 355 more words


A Little Background

My mom, from a young age, always taught my sister and I that we should never let a man lay a hand on us or any woman. 521 more words


Dx: He checked out

After a break up you usually reflect on the good and bad times of the relationship. See where you missed red flags and what mistakes not to make again. 470 more words

Stop checking your phone!

So, I’ve had quite a few emails from people wanting my advice and opinion on how to deal with their breakups since my last blog post on blocking ex’s on social media. 603 more words


Don't go back

So currently I’m laying in bed with an old ex boyfriend. He was nice enough back then and still is.

His super intelligent and pretty damn good looking. 375 more words

7 Years.

They say every 7 years the cells in your body are replaced by new ones. In 7 years I will have a body that many people will never have touched. 121 more words


Reasons To Be Missed by NanoMortis on DeviantArt

He once asked me if we had a song. Now at this point I thought we already had one and I was kind of surprised he asked me. 1,357 more words