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Day 70

Dear X,

I signed the lease to a new apartment.  The place is tiny but I like that; I’ll finally get rid of some of the crap I’ve been hoarding since I left the Army.   291 more words


A question for you guys!

I have a question.

As I said I have been doing a lot of work on myself lately and currently having therapy for a lot of issues. 756 more words


Entry Thirteen 7/31/2015

Nostalgia or Punishment: I have been wanting to be friends with my ex again, only friends. Things have been going so good for me and my boyfriend. 1,178 more words

Rolling stone ... all lessons learnt

With every friendship or every relationship there comes a lesson, whether good or bad  – is for you to decide. And well, let’s face it – you control it…as much as we hate to admit it… 614 more words


Yeah, we are so done.

Today we went on an excursion to the museum, then we went to the botanical gardens. So, I heard Hudson talking to someone (I don’t know who) and he said “Yeah, I broke up with her” and whoever he was talking to said “Why?” and I didn’t hear what he said next because Lynn dragged me away and started talking about some maze. 216 more words

‘You Don’t Have the Intellect to Write My Raps’- Nicki Minaj Blast Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Samuel

Nicki Minaj has fired back at Safaree Samuels after he claimed to have ghostwritten records dating back to her first album on his diss track, Lifeline. 80 more words


Day 68

Dear X,

I’ve spent the past few days out searching for a new place to live.  I put that off until now because I was hoping to hear back from one of the places that I applied to last month, and all of those were out of state.   368 more words