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How to stop hating your ex

If you find yourself fantasizing about revenge plots or hating your ex’s guts, it’s time to let go and free yourself from the pain. Buddha said, … 1,402 more words


We'll Be Good by bbjogman

He seemed an unlikely friend for his youngest daughter but he made her happy and that was all Hershel wanted for his children. He wasn’t about to take that happiness from Beth or from the Dixon boy. 6 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction

The Dating Game. A woman's perspective.

Why do men’s attitude’s change towards women after divorce, widowhood even when single at some 40+ age? Why do all men perceive women to be a bit of fun? 722 more words

Weed vs. Alcohol

Here’s a fun little post. I won’t be getting into the legality of weed or the long-term effects of either drug but only my feelings on each. 766 more words


I Will Do The Same For You

That thing I couldn’t tell you about was me—who I really am with you. The real me who doesn’t want our love confined by imaginary ideals of what should or shouldn’t be. 323 more words


Relight my fire (or, Dating an ex-)

Picture the scene: it’s the Saturday of August Bank Holiday and it is a glorious day. Heat is pouring out of a festival tent on Clapham Common inside which I am (sweating profusely and) dancing, £6-gin-in-a-can in hand, with one of my #BFFs and Tom (the very same!) It’s SW4 weekend and on the stage is a band(?) I can neither remember nor probably pronounce. 475 more words

Regret vs Remorse


I found an article about Borderline and narcissistic regret vs remorse. My ex had told me in a comment here that she has BPD. That is very similar to NPD because they are often compared and people saying they are both the same to victims. 1,290 more words