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[six] irony

I set my text tone to a “cosmic twinkle” because I like to pretend that I’m lost in space sometimes. Around 9pm on the fourth, while fireworks crackled and thundered in the distance and my drunk neighbors stumbled past my window down Cahuenga, I received a cosmic twinkle from The Screenwriter asking where the party was at. 1,072 more words

Day 19

Dear X,

I thought that I was getting a handle on this life without you, but last night a wrench was thrown into the gears and everything derailed.   456 more words


the beauty of letting go

so i’m really starting to think that elsa was trying to tell us something. as catchy as “let it go” was, i think there was a lot to be said about the lyrics themselves. 603 more words

My Favorite Mistake

Two weekends ago was Gay Pride weekend in New York! This Pride weekend was extra special because the marriage equality act was passed in in all 50 states. 557 more words


Day 18

Dear X,

I went out of town to spend a couple nights visiting with one of our mutual friends, and I really think that the mini-vacation helped me to clear my head.   316 more words


Song Challenge: Karma does come back

My song choice for the Porra was fairly easy. This particular song always take me back to our final breakup after 5 years of an on-again and off-again relationship. 375 more words

5 Things You Do When You Run Into Your Ex

The hilariously awkward conversation that happens when you run into your ex. We’ve all been there.

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