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To The Person Who Broke My Heart. It's Time I Thanked You

I love tea. I’m addicted.

I drink out of my favourite mug. I love how it’s big enough to hold a large, satisfying cup of tea and the curve of the handle fits snuggly in to my hand. 544 more words


Confession #3589


My significant other of 5 years finally made the courageous decision to dump me so he could continue his easy life as a Mummy’s boy, I’m actually proud of him for finally deciding what he wants out of life, but in a revenge fuelled moment of spite for leading me on for so long I told him I was pregnant. 172 more words



hi there,I am a boy,22.Me and her,are in love since we were very young.I proposed her in 2010 n she approved.our relationship continued as we grew up.love grew even more deeper.I ruined my image in front of her parents for drinking and a little mess wid her brother.Her parentsmarried her to an educated n well settled boy in 2015and I’m still trying to establish myself…I asked that boy to not to marry her but he could not help though it looked like he wanted...Her life is kinda smooth now after 1 year of marriage (though earlier it had been very hard for her to accept him but she loves him now I’m sure).The problem is that she can’t give up talking to me and keeps on telling her husband that she can never forget me.She cries in front of herhusband for me.Her husband let her talk to me. 154 more words


001 - what am i doing?

I’m falling in love with him all over again. I told myself I would never trust him again, but look at me now. After breaking up with C due to just being completely different people, A has come back into my life. 308 more words



I broke up with C yesterday. Via text. Which is gross and gets to me when I think about it. It makes me cringe. But I can defend myself, sort of. 256 more words