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Black Moms Matter: Biggest Waste Of Money Spent On Your Kid

1/18/18- What’s the biggest waste of money you’ve ever spent on your kid? For Sherri, it was the gifts she bought for Jeffrey’s dad because he still took her to court! 98 more words

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Trouble on the smoking porch

Well I went to make this blog private because I feared what would happen if MTM staff stumbled across it.  I will make this a sticky post if that is still possible so that in such a case my reasons for keeping a public blog here are apparent.  461 more words

Sometimes we get lost

So, I haven’t written anything here for two years, in that time I’ve watched my marriage thrive, and then crash. Yesterday, I had a conversation with my soon-to-be ex-husband, where he told me to “get over” my second miscarriage, and attempted to both make me feel bad for dealing with the emotional effect it had on me, and blamed the entire fall of our marriage on me, because I detached emotionally. 911 more words


the end for a beginning.

i remember watching him go. i was standing on the porch with a baby on my hip and a 4 year old inside the house. he carried a duffle bag full of everything and nothing. 711 more words


I confess that I love to watch television. PBS, news channels, prime time, reruns of childhood favorites like Golden Girls, House Hunters, … 480 more words


Happy New Year's Eve

We made it to the end of 2017!  With the ringing of the end of the year and ushering in the new year, I feel reborn!  295 more words


An Open Letter to My Ex-Husband

I received a text on October 28th, 2017 at 0434 from my ex-husband. It shook me to my core. At first I thought it was a possible suicide note, so I called his family and asked them to check on him. 784 more words