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Testimony of the Absurd

Originally published in July 2014 with the incipit, “An open letter and final witness to my fellow Saints,” as a way to announce my permanent disaffection from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 2,614 more words


How Moral Should I Be

I worry a lot about wasting time. Part of it is my upbringing, I’m sure. I was raised to strive for moral perfection, to always be anxiously engaged in our Lord’s cause, to push as hard as I can and then push a little more. 439 more words


I Need to Be a Better Bard

Yesterday my son asked me about Passover. I told him that Easter weekend was also a Jewish holiday, which led him to ask about Easter. (He was pretty sketchy on the religious bits of Easter–as far as our family’s concerned, Easter is when we pay tribute to Cadbury and their delicious candy eggs.) 430 more words


I Dreamed Last Night

I dreamed that I’d just finished school (high school? College?) and had no idea what to do. All my earthly goods were in storage and I had no place to live, no job, no one to fall back on, and I was hoping an old high school friend would whisk me away and spare me the decisions ahead. 343 more words


My Experience with the Mormon Church- Part 2 of 2

So I hope you read Part 1 of this post because otherwise you’ll be a little lost. Unless, of course you have experience with the church yourself. 1,097 more words

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My Experience With The Mormon Church- Part 1 of 2

I was going to wait for several more posts until I started to write this one, but it has weighed heavily on me for over a year, and I just could not put it off any longer. 1,366 more words

Opinions & All Things Personal

Post-Mormon Poly Problems

Being born and raised LDS in Utah, I’ve found this bit of trivia about myself lends fuel to the fantasy of “Good Girl Gone Bad” that I’ve played with in my dungeon. 671 more words