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Post-Mormon Poly Problems

Being born and raised LDS in Utah, I’ve found this bit of trivia about myself lends fuel to the fantasy of “Good Girl Gone Bad” that I’ve played with in my dungeon. 673 more words

Why I Left The Mormon Church

Don’t waste this life worrying about the next.

I’ve been struggling to write this post for a while. Every time I convince myself to be completely open, I shut down and can’t do it. 933 more words

To my friend who left the Church

You know when you write an email, but don’t really plan on sending it? That’s what this is. This post is a response to two people I know who decided to leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of events in Church history, issues they have with modern revelation in relation to current social trends, or being offended by fellow Mormons. 743 more words

From an Outside Perspective

People might object to this, but as a soon-to-be convert, I like to seek out the people who both oppose and who left the LDS church. 849 more words


Come on in, the water's fine

A number of years ago, a Mormon guy told me I was “the worst kind of anti-Mormon there is.” Why? Because I pretended to be reasonable, fair, and well-intentioned (apparently, I’m none of those things) in an effort to tear the LDS church down, one member at a time. 1,793 more words


INFIDEL VIBES (A 20-Song Mix for the Ex-Religious)

Hey all, and happy Sunday! Around two weeks ago, I joined an online chat group for ex-religious people (a great place to commiserate and celebrate all things ex-religius, by the way. 1,236 more words

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