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INFIDEL VIBES (A 20-Song Mix for the Ex-Religious)

Hey all, and happy Sunday! Around two weeks ago, I joined an online chat group for ex-religious people (a great place to commiserate and celebrate all things ex-religius, by the way. 1,236 more words

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Oh, Inverted Y

I’ve been ill, so things have slowed down on the story, but it’s coming. In the meantime, as with many of you, recent events at Brigham Young University have left me wondering how to express my unhappiness at my alma mater. 166 more words


86 | My Labels That Don't Define Me

I grew up Mormon. I was raised, from the time I was born, in the LDS church.

My dad was a bishop when I was little. 2,110 more words

Critical Questions about Blessings


PS: You can replace cheesy pizza with god helping you find your keys, or keeping you safe on the road, or helping you find money to afford a 200k house, or helping you say the right thing to an investigator. 542 more words



Hi there fellow internet dweller.  Thanks for visiting my little corner of cyberspace and for being open to hearing my story.  I don’t expect to gain a large following or go viral.   302 more words

As a Mormon, I grew up believing that if something wasn’t right in your life, if you were struggling in any way, it meant you were either 1) sinning, 2) lacking in faith, or 3) not working/studying/praying hard enough. 363 more words


Letter to Mormons (why I left)

I have felt morally compelled to leave the church for some time now, and though me being morally compelled may seem to contradict some principles you grew up with, I would love for you to understand even just a bit. 1,368 more words