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Mormons in Bolivia by the Numbers

A non-LDS friend was asking me about the church’s claims of being the “fastest-growing” church in the world, so I gathered a few statistics. I’ve mentioned before that activity rates in Bolivia, where I served my mission, are abysmal. 270 more words


Tender Mercies

I woke up this morning to a beautiful blue sky. Birds were singing, the sun was shining and the dog was pawing at the back door to go outside.   438 more words

We Need To Set Some Boundaries 

It’s Saturday night, 9:30.  My husband is out of town on business.  My mother-in-law texts:  “Do you want me to pick up the kids in the morning and take them to church?   665 more words

Changing Moralities: Did I Lose My Morals When I Lost My Religion?

I’ve been wrestling with my conscience lately and I’ve decided its time to hash out my feelings and thoughts in writing. Throughout this whole journey of losing my faith and coming to terms with life outside of Mormonism writing has been my therapy. 1,899 more words

Mormon Historian Richard Bushman on Putting Christ Before Mormonism

The Mormon Scholar Richard Bushman, perhaps best known for his award-winning biography about Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rollingrecently did an AMA session on Reddit… 950 more words

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Let's Talk Stars.

Because I’m still reeling from realizing how one-sided my blog has become, I decided that this week I wanted to shift gears and talk about what I believe in. 549 more words

Cache Valley

To Tell or Not to Tell: Coming Out as a Nonbeliever to My Mom

About a month or so ago, my husband posted a link to my blog on reddit and I went from zero page views to hundreds of page views within a few hours. 1,028 more words