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About Tyler Glenn: Mormon doctrine isn't mainstream and that's the point.

This week, Tyler Glenn of The Neon Trees released a single entitled “Trash”. The focus is Glenn’s disenchantment with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Hereafter referred to as “the Church”). 2,701 more words

Tyler Glenn


Hi there fellow internet dweller.  Thanks for visiting my little corner of cyberspace and for being open to hearing my story.  I don’t expect to gain a large following or go viral.   302 more words

As a Mormon, I grew up believing that if something wasn’t right in your life, if you were struggling in any way, it meant you were either 1) sinning, 2) lacking in faith, or 3) not working/studying/praying hard enough. 363 more words


Letter to Mormons (why I left)

I have felt morally compelled to leave the church for some time now, and though me being morally compelled may seem to contradict some principles you grew up with, I would love for you to understand even just a bit. 1,368 more words


The Incidental Prophet - Chapter 2

The mountain was all I had expected it to be: the wind was blowing in intermittent but powerful gusts as I stood on the bare rock–at nearly 12,000 feet in elevation, Nebo rises up far above the timberline. 3,131 more words


The Incidental Prophet, Chapter 1

I’ve had some ideas in my head about writing a novel, and I thought I’d put it out here, first. So, I hope you enjoy what is essentially a running rough draft. 1,408 more words


My Story (Part 2): Or How I Went From RM to EX

Author’s note: Part 1 was the set up. This is the one with all the interesting stuff about how my wife and I ended up leaving the church.  2,203 more words