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How Not to Do Apologetics

About four years ago I wrote a post showing evidence that Joseph Smith married additional wives without the knowledge or consent of his legal wife, Emma. 628 more words


Open the Books

As most of my readers know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently put out a series of essays discussing controversial or difficult historical or doctrinal issues. 681 more words


Ask Me Anything

A friend asked if I would do a Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” so I agreed to do it on Wednesday, March 4 at 9 pm Eastern (8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific). 448 more words


Let Me Fill Your Vonnegut

Specs: This manly mug is big enough for a manly dose of coffee. Featuring one of my favorite dead people of all time, this mug is heavily decorated with quotes like multi-colored medals. 173 more words

Chris and Ida

My wife tells me it’s a morbid habit, but I sometimes check the obituaries in the Provo newspapers to see if anyone I know has passed on. 2,860 more words


Repost: Expert Ex-Mormon

A friend asked me about this post, which I wrote a while back. Seemed a good idea to repost it.

Yes, I am an expert in how to leave the church and do it the wrong way. 2,089 more words