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Insomnia the ravings of a sleepy fluffball *-*

So as all of you who have ever had insomnia in your life will know… it really really sucks. Staring at the ceiling for hours trying to make the voices stop, as they tell you to walk outside and do things to your favorite cat… maybe thats just me but you know what I’m getting at, so now I’m just lay here writing this. 440 more words


Favourite Comic Friday #24: Avengers #1

Here’s a series I don’t talk about very much–mostly because I’m embarrassingly behind on it, having directed most of my attention at its partner series, New Avengers. 883 more words


Tip of the Day, February 5

February 5 – To create something means to bring into being from nothing, to cause to exist.  The Hebrew word is “bara”, which is to create.  119 more words


Jesus: A Theography (Chapter 1)

It’s incredible how a book can come to you at just the right time. Just the other week I was teaching a Bible Study class on the topic of creation. 386 more words

Jesus: A Theography