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The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. Hypothesis 2: Creation

You can’t go too far into the cosmos without hitting on the the Big Bang theory. In a nutshell, all of matter and energy was condensed into a tightly packed space that exploded into being. 881 more words


The Act and Purpose of Creation


God created the universe out of nothing. Scripture teaches this via strong implication. God made all things and thus prior to His creative work, nothing but Him existed. 2,406 more words


Ex Nihilo: Is Love at the Bottom of Things?

Probably the worst thing that has happened to our collective sense of reality is that reality has come to be understood as the outcome of laws– from the laws of physics to the law of evolution to even stranger and more elegant laws of modern physics. 82 more words

Ex Nihilo

Creation: The Big and Small of It

WE TEACH that all that exists was created by God ex nihilo – “out of nothing.” In it’s original form, creation was perfect without any of the shortcomings, imperfections, or problems we experience today.

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Ex Nihilo

La Biblia inicia su espléndido contenido con la siguiente frase: En el principio creó Dios… Wow. Me encanta como la Biblia, en vez de tratar de demostrar el hecho, parte de la realidad de que Dios existe. 983 more words