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Not even one

John 1:3 could be translated “everything came into being through Him and not even one thing came into being independently of Him (emphasis from word order).” 145 more words

Theology Thoughts

How is God creator?

This is a continuation where I left off with “Deconstructing the God of the gaps,” where I argued that the theist’s belief in a creator is not displaced by scientific discovery. 757 more words


#1438: Ex Nihilo



Alright, we’ve made it through all the figures in the series, time to look at that super awesome Mantis figure—what’s that?  524 more words


Live Music Review: Phangs & More (+ photos!)

As I’m sure many (if not most) music fans will agree, five-band sets can be painful. The set-up time in between sets combined with the sheer amount of time spent standing in a venue is exhausting. 328 more words


A Limited Understanding

Daily Post: Finite

No, this is not the latest image of Hurricane Irma.  While it may have a similar look, two notable differences are obvious.  First, the rotation of this body (if it is indeed moving) is clockwise.   574 more words


twitter doodles (part one)

hello friends!!

i’ve been drawing traditionally a lot more nowadays! i pretty much only draw my oc’s and that’s a problem but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 82 more words

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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 41

Lili Bermuda recently introduced SunKiss, an Official Fragrance of Sunny Bermuda. This composition opens with an effervescent and super mouth-watering fruity aroma of loquat (which I had to google to learn it belongs to… 655 more words

Perfume Review