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DEMONISM (part one)

The Bible does not tell us what demons look like. We know, however, that they are beings of creationism. It is also lucidly clear that demonism is of the foulness of spiritual existence. 678 more words

The Machine Guns of God

Constantly told about the beginning of the cosmos as having been perpetrated by some sort of ‘big bang’ theory, major and certain acclaimed scientists have alluded to the idea that there was one such event and that it is the causation of all we know and see and, in most instances, think. 1,108 more words


Light and Darkness

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. 637 more words


"Creation ex nihilo as Mixed Metaphor" - Summary Analysis

This post is part of the much larger Reader’s Guide to Kathryn Tanner. In this post, I take up a journal article on the concept of ex nihilo as a linguistic element of theology. 1,182 more words


Ex Nihilo Venenum Kiss

WHAT I SMELL:  Venenum Kiss (poison kiss) opens with a saffron laden ripened fruit.  The perfume is fleshy and thick, and it feels like fruit that’s ready to fall off the limb of a tree with the weight of the rotting juice.   320 more words


Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo

I idly hit a key and light explodes in the void. With a chord, whole galaxies form, their spiral arms blazing. I sit and pound out a vast unfurling creation, major geography meeting minor civilizations as the strains of death and rebirth crescendo. 63 more words



Delicate is
too indelicate

a word for what
i have in mind

it’s much more

expelled air
barely emerged
ex nihilo… 10 more words