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 Today is my last day housesitting for my friend. It’s been two glorious weeks of having a place to myself. It isn’t that Vince is a terrible roommate. 552 more words

Prison Industrial Complex

Locked Down

As I write this, the phone is ringing. The landline, that is, that I am required to have as a condition of Vince living with me. 701 more words


The Fine Print

I got another email from my friends at JPay. They are so sentimental! They know that home is where the heart is, and they’re just like a family. 193 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today is the third day of Hannukah, a minor Jewish holiday that has morphed into more than it was ever meant to be because of its proximity to Christmas. 596 more words

Parent-child Relationships

My Churchill Fellowship Trip Week 6: Sweden (Stockholm)

It was a vision and dream come true to visit Sweden to meet with KRIS in Stockholm. KRIS was established several years ago by former criminals and drug addicts to help people in prison returning to society turn their lives around from one of addiction and criminality as they had done. 568 more words

Claire Seppings

A Cell is a Cell is a Cell


Is there such a thing as prison-phobia? If so I’ve got it. After nearly two years of thinking, reading, talking, and writing about prison, I have an irrational fear of ending up in inside myself. 495 more words