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Wandering barefoot in a palace

4 May 2015

Jodhpur, India

There are times that I have the audacity to feel sorry for myself…now is not one of those.  I’m staying this weekend in a Maharaja palace (Umaid Bhawan).   415 more words


My Korea

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo) or hello to anyone who wants to take the time to follow my ramblings while I’m stationed here in Seoul, Korea.

Disclaimer: This blog isn’t intended to be anything more than a simple exercise in verbal diarrhea and is “my opinion” on everything I see, hear, smell and feel about Korea its people, places and culture both good and bad. 316 more words


Closer to fine

You have to be close up to see these little flowers, brave pioneers of a spring not yet arrived. 143 more words

South Australia

Memories that seep colour

11 April 2015

Chennai, India

Technically my time living here in India will come to its end in the next few weeks. Not even just in a Catch-22 way; given the dates on my paperwork have a typo that, at the time, was one of many new Indian beaurocracy challenges too hard to correct. 144 more words


Watermelons 10 rupees a slice!

Feb 2015

Chennai, India

As the sun starts to burn and as the season changes so nature obliges. Start of the watermelon season here with prices starting high at 10 rupees a slice. 11 more words


Purple Dahlias in Bangladesh

Feb 2015

Dhaka, Bangladesh

It occurs to me as I stare out of the plane window departing Dhaka that every country I visit has a colour palate.  645 more words


Move? What move?

Bed pretty much gave up on me at 05:30 this morning.  And I’ve tried to roll over and ignore the gentle, but persistent hayfever-induced bubbling snores of my wife, but I find I’ve achieved nothing more than staring at the ceiling for the last half an hour. 754 more words