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Motion is NOT necessarily progress

I’m not exactly sure why 06:15 was the waking moment this morning.  It could have been the snoring (don’t worry love, I’ll pretend it was me – no-one will ever know).  593 more words


An ode to London, part two

The air is crisp as you leave in the early morning, a gentle reminder that winter has not yet departed.

Yet, the sun is out, and spectacular in doing its job, on a late February day. 150 more words


Oh Ship!

I cut myself this evening.  No – bear with me – this is related honestly.

To put the moment in context, it worth mentioning that I have a non-daily shaving routine.  495 more words


Proper Progress

After several weeks of ‘talking a good game’ it seems we’re finally beginning to hit our stride with this emigration lark.

For the sake of clarity, I probably ought to point out that I am going to continue to use the word ‘we’ during this post, irrespective of the fact that most of the progress at hand has rather more to do with the female part of this particular duet….. 627 more words



It’s not often I get accused of being stupid (don’t snort like that when you laugh darling, it’s very unattractive) but the ongoing saga of transferring money around the world continues to confuse. 748 more words


Things never go as planned.

I must admit a year or so ago when bought the house in Thailand, I was so looking forward to moving in and arranging things. 700 more words

Chiang Mai

Cross Wires

So my apologies for the blog hiatus, but there hasn’t been too much going on in the ‘plans for New Zealand’ arena over the last week.  762 more words