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Move? What move?

Bed pretty much gave up on me at 05:30 this morning.  And I’ve tried to roll over and ignore the gentle, but persistent hayfever-induced bubbling snores of my wife, but I find I’ve achieved nothing more than staring at the ceiling for the last half an hour. 754 more words


Doing Without

We’ve achieved a great deal here in Lincoln with very little.  I’m actually pretty pleased with myself

(Deb: He is very easily pleased).

Because as you probably know, the majority of my possessions have long since disappeared over the horizon – and that includes power tools and screwdrivers and chisels and all that other manly-activity related stuff.  539 more words


The End of Days

And yea verily on the last day, rain and hail of Biblical proportions did smite the Rectory at Folla Rule and Del did ponder

“Bugger going out in that to load the car” 413 more words




Don’t be confused by the title – there’s no ‘light fantastic’ or narcotics involved (unless Horlicks counts..?)   The Trips in question are the bloody endless shuttles to the tip and back, punctuated by shopping.  953 more words

New Zealand

Nearly Done

Aberdeenshire has elected to go for ‘wintry drizzle’ this morning – not my first choice for our last Sunday North of the border, but at least there is a certain amount of consistency in the choice.  568 more words


Of course I'm working

Greetings dear reader and welcome to the sun-drenched loveliness of the Rectory at Folla Rule.

You join me today in the garden, next to the fish-less pond, with views across the rolling fields of Aberdeen, where even the crows’ cacophony cannot blemish this spectacular spot; although I am ghoulishly confident that if I sit still long enough, one or more of them will take a dump on me in due course.   871 more words



Apparently, a dissociative disorder is a mental health condition that alters a person’s sense of reality.  Presented with this specific and incontrovertible internet-based diagnosis, I must conclude that I have one. 575 more words

New Zealand