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It’s not often I get accused of being stupid (don’t snort like that when you laugh darling, it’s very unattractive) but the ongoing saga of transferring money around the world continues to confuse. 748 more words


Things never go as planned.

I must admit a year or so ago when bought the house in Thailand, I was so looking forward to moving in and arranging things. 700 more words

Chiang Mai

Cross Wires

So my apologies for the blog hiatus, but there hasn’t been too much going on in the ‘plans for New Zealand’ arena over the last week.  762 more words


Watching UK TV from Thailand

I found out that its all to do with the address of your I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) address, so when I try to look at the BBC iPlayer or ITV iPlayer to look at the programmes, it won’t let me as it knows where I am viewing from and won’t let me have access. 320 more words

Chiang Mai

Burns night

Some hae feet but hae nae beach
And some wi’ beach cannae walk it
But we hae feet an’ we hae beach
Sae let the lord be thankit.

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South Australia

Travel Plans

So my wife and I have an agreement. To be fair I’m not exactly sure how much she agreed but nevertheless –there was some agreement. She does stuff for our new Zealand adventure and I blog about it. 352 more words


The House With No Sockets and Lights

When we were house hunting I was sitting at the back of the car while my good lady and her friend were talking away and driving to areas where there were new houses being built These were mainly gated communities, with security and in a lot of cases a shopping, community and sports area. 552 more words

Chiang Mai