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A fool thinks himself to be wise...

The full saying goes:

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

– William Shakespeare

I guess the world is divided into thinkers and doers. 

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Ex-pat Life

Wandering Basel: Japanese Festival

I spent this weekend in Basel. Well, I did a day trip to Solothurn on Saturday, but Sunday I stayed around Basel mostly. The timing worked out well as there was a Japanese festival in nearby Münchenstein today. 221 more words


It is right to give thanks and praise

It is meet and right so to do.  It is very meet, right, and our bounden duty, that we should.

Unless you’re a regular church-goer, the start of this article will probably go over your head…

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German Anglophiles

The Germans are big Anglophiles – despite Brexit.  They love British pop, and also pomp… and ceremony.  German TV broadcasts Trooping the Colour quasi-live. 146 more words

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More or Less...

I was back in the States for three weeks in August – one week in New York City for the first time in twelve years and two visiting friends and family in Buffalo. 665 more words

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When the Jehovah's Witnesses Come to Call

So, one Wednesday evening last year.  I’m at Ndugu and Dada’s for house group (German: Hauskreis) (sometimes called “bible study”).

Bing-bong!  The doorbell rings.  Dada is busy, so I go to the door. 377 more words

Ex-pat Life

Jazzfest in Basel

I was going to spend this evening at home and post about my weekend trip out to Rhine Falls. Then, I found out in the office that there was a major jazz party in the city center and I had to check it out. 181 more words