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Away from Home on Canada Day

One of the best things about travelling is the eclectic mix of people we meet. So far, many have been American ‘ex-pats’, now living in remote places. 782 more words

The Website, Facebook group and me

Hi All,

Remember me? no? cheek! 

Me on Songkran, Thai New Year and water festival last year. its wet its mucky and its a whole heap of fun! 1,560 more words

End of an Era

It’s funny how things change, huh? How a person changes, how your life is constantly changing even if it’s just little changes. It’s funny how in a little under three weeks my entire life will be turned around. 482 more words

Ex Pat

Don't Leave Me This Way

One of the conditions of my WordPress Least Prolific Blogger (Overseas) award is that I’m only allowed to blog twice a year.  So here is my bi-annual update. 323 more words


This or That: Speak or Hear?

Would you rather have the ability to hear, but not be able to speak, or be able to speak, but not hear?  And what I mean is: would you rather be able to understand others but not be able to communicate (talk, write, etc), or be able to communicate but not be able to understand others (hear, read, etc)? 370 more words


The beginning - a great place to start

Well, the beginning is not so simple! Which beginning do I begin with?  The beginning of pregnancy, the beginning of my arrival in Portugal? The beginning of my new family? 259 more words



It’s been a little over a month since I landed here in Mexico. And I figured that, because you aren’t actively stalking me out here, you might be wondering how it’s been, what it’s like (assuming you haven’t been here yourself). 911 more words

The Usual