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I’m an only child. I grew up emotionally distant from everybody and there are very few people I genuinely like and let in. So I wasn’t concerned about being alone when I moved to London in September of 2013. 493 more words


A Day at the Beach...Round 2

We made another venture out to the gulf last week. This time we took a small boat out to an island a little way off the shore of Djibouti city. 445 more words

Being an Ex-Pat on the BBC Website

I’m not sure I qualify as an Ex-Pat, an Englishman¬† living in Ireland. It’s not quite Singapore or Sao Paolo is it? Still, if and when Brexit happens perhaps I’ll have more of a case. 199 more words


Never underestimate the power of bubbles

Upon having kids you quickly realise there is a growing list of essential items that make your day-to-day existence that little bit easier, to the point where justifying your bubble budget starts to make sense. 967 more words


Squeal Like A Pig

Before I moved to Ireland, I downloaded Tinder and put my location as Dublin. I thought it would be a good idea to put myself out there and meet some people before I actually planted my feet on Irish soil. 838 more words


8 Things You Didn't Know About Life in Djibouti

As with every new place, there are a ton of new things that make it a living unique experience. Here’s just a few things that I’ve observed in my 2+ weeks. 667 more words

Thanksgiving: Hold the Pie...

…and the turkey?

Thanksgiving just didn’t feel right without the vast array of pies that are tradition in my family. I can’t even make my famous (well famous in my family) chocolate pie. 411 more words