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Sand-filled Schedule: Life in El Paredon

Ex-pat life is good. There’s a schedule to it now, a rhythm of the week. It’s different than the pleasure-seeking ease of backpacking where everyday stretches, 15 hours of a blank slate. 936 more words


Our Somewhere Over the Rainbow... New Zealand, one year on...

On many levels my husband was right. I didn’t have time to be writing a blog about emigrating and being a new ex-pat at the same time as moving our whole family to the other side of the world but as WordPress has started to alert me to the fact that it’s been ‘a year since this post’ I’ve been pondering all the things that have happened in the last year and how our adventure to the other side of the world has gone. 771 more words


endless "to-do"

Robins teeter as they hop rock to rock on my patio, defying logic that such a rotund creature on spindly legs doesn’t fall over in a heap.  554 more words

The infamous Cappadocian balloon rides.

It’s worked out that perfectly that the first travel related post that I get to write about on my blog, is in regards to my host country Turkey. 1,780 more words


The opening chapter.

Late one evening I typed the words ‘Muslim female travel blogs’ into Google and read through the results. It didn’t even take me until the end of my cup of tea, to come to the realisation that this was a majorly underrepresented sector in the travel industry. 793 more words


Koh Phangan, Day 1.

The word of the day is diving! Yup, I had to use the alarm on the phone again.

I was up with the sun this morning. 422 more words


Headed to the Islands.

Today was he first day that I needed to use my alarm on my phone. Every other day I have either gotten up early or just gotten up whenever. 692 more words