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23rd March, 1993

Our daughter struggled to get off the bus and was limping badly one night. She said she had hurt her toe in PE and it looked swollen and was blue underneath, so we went to the doctors. 368 more words


19th March, 1993

It was foggy when we woke this morning but not cold. I took my son for a walk to the marina and you could feel the moisture in the air. 726 more words



Apparently, a dissociative disorder is a mental health condition that alters a person’s sense of reality.  Presented with this specific and incontrovertible internet-based diagnosis, I must conclude that I have one. 575 more words

New Zealand

10th March, 1993

I’ve been to our son’s school assembly this morning. Each term they do a topic, which incorporates history, geography and science. Parents of the class are invited to the assemblies and the other two classes in the year also watch as it’s a way of sharing what they’ve learnt. 606 more words


Things People with Accents are Tired of Hearing

Even after nearly 20 years living in Canada, I still have a bit (?) of an accent from growing up in the U.K.. Mostly, it’s noticeable with particular words and phrases. 398 more words

Eating food while sitting on the floor ( Or A step closer to Chiang Mai)

Well, the plans moving to Chiang Mai have started to be put into place.

Nui , my other half, will be flying out to Chiang Mai in September, as her mother is ill.   705 more words

Chiang Mai

20th February, 1993

We went to the Treasure Floating Restaurant in Shatin last night. It’s sounds exotic but is actually a big concrete barge floating in the water of the nullah. 550 more words