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The cost of being governed by a fear belief.

Five years ago, I  moved for a few years from the land of the West to the East –  a land where the language, the culture, the beliefs, the social norms are distinctly different from what I had experienced in my til-then 48 years. 2,129 more words



By Fia Essen

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Radical life changes and too much champagne at high altitude can take a girl to the most interesting places. Anna’s journey is just getting started when she takes a chance on a new friendship of the handsome male variety and winds up in a tiny village in Crete. 537 more words

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Hear Ye, Traveling Consumer

Vacation.  Europeans call it holiday, and despite it being a relaxing thing to do, it is something taken very seriously to these people.  Everyone goes on holiday, and businesses don’t punish or increase the difficulty to take one.  735 more words


The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!

Up until recently, it had been six months since I’d seen my family; before moving to London, I had never gone more than 7 weeks without making a trip to the homestead, so I was getting a bit antsy. 960 more words

MA Publishing At UCL

Big face, small beauty?

Recently I was going through a box of things I had shipped home from Korea.  Metal chopsticks, cute notebooks, sparkly hair do-dads for my nieces, and this: 265 more words



The very first time I was ever introduced to a foreign language was in the third grade. I didn’t know why, but I was eight so I went along with it. 704 more words


Things I miss from the U.S.

Aside from the obvious, family and friends, it’s the little shit I miss.  Pun intended, and the number one, no two, no one, thing I miss most from the states… 321 more words