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Civic Engagement as an Expat: I Know There’s An Answer

28 November | Tess Goodman

I woke up on June 24 to dozens of texts. My friends in Britain had just seen the news about Brexit, and many of them were upset. 713 more words

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The third parent...

So, just over one month since we became both the proud and permanently exhausted parents of two, I am finding that along with the fact that I seem to be constantly doing laundry (at some point you just have to be at one with baby vomit) technology has started to play a more prominent role in our family and fast becoming what feels like the third parent in our household. 992 more words


Time for a Change

It’s been quite a week or two around the homestead. First, I watched the Cubs win the Series, something I frankly thought would never happen in my lifetime (since it didn’t happen in my  diehard superfan grandmother’s lifetime, either) and then we…well, not me… elected Voldemort to the highest public office in the land. 1,248 more words


Shugetsu - probably the best ramen in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong it is often the case the best things are found when you’re not looking for them. This is particularly true when it comes to food. 425 more words


Trump's America is My America

The waves of fear, disgust, disappointment, humiliation, and guilt have subsided since Tuesday, but they have not disappeared. 878 more words


Broken Hallelujah

Goddamn you, world. You just gotta kick a gal when she’s down. Leonard Cohen died this week, one of my favorite poets. This loss coming on the heels of Trump winning the election in the USA, … 579 more words


It's been quite a week

It’s been quite a week.

First, the best news: I got word that Sigma UK‘s application for a visa sponsor licence has been approved. That’s a big step in the process of my getting a work visa, and I’m delighted! 407 more words