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The Ripples of Life

As my hands break the surface of the water, concentric circles shudder like the shattering of glass. It’s so clear I don’t even need a snorkel. 377 more words


Italian Liberation Day in Bologna

Today is a special day in Italy. A holiday from work, a day spent relaxing with family and friends, enjoying the new season of warmer weather, and remembering the close of a dark period in Italian history. 695 more words


The First Post


So I am feeling pretty motivated and excited right now. Six months ago the most amazing thing happened to me – I became a mum.   398 more words


If wriggling becomes an Olympic sport my son will be up for gold

We’ve all witnessed the all too familiar scene – small child screaming; throwing everything his/her mother gives to them straight to the floor in sheer defiance; refusing to get into buggy & making wriggling look like an Olympic sport as deflated mum wonders how someone less than half her size is managing to defeat her in this new game of ‘just you try getting me home’. 477 more words


The Things They Never Told Me I Would Miss About SA

It’s been seven months and five days since I bade a (proudly, only slightly) tearful goodbye to my family on an cloudy Spring day in Johannesburg and climbed aboard a plane to set off on my biggest adventure yet in the even cloudier Liverpool.  1,216 more words