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Fjaderholm...Fjadah...That Little Island Thingie (or how I learned to stop "regerting" and learn to love Sweden)

Fjäderholmarna!!!  I had to google it, copy and paste it into this blog, and then check again just to make sure I got it right. 647 more words


I Hate it When You Come Over to My Place...

It’s the worst.

Don’t take it personally.  I know that you are nice, kind, non judgemental, fun to be around.  I know sometimes there are a few, or even a BUNCH of you coming over and you are all thinking some pretty nice things about me.  784 more words


Ex Pat Life: What A Month Has Taught Me

I know it’s August, and a bit too late for a “what happened in July” but I feel like I’m on a bit of a time delay.   601 more words

Italy and the Art of Intimacy at a Distance

With 10 days left to departure for Italy, I have been recalling those final days of our last stay when warm weather flooded our days with sunshine, flowers, and bird song.  504 more words

Boiling over, melting down, and burning out.

I’ve been trying to write this for days, but the temperature going down to 91 with a “real feel” of 111 is seriously getting to me.  761 more words

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5 Things I have noticed since moving to Bucharest, Romania...

As you can imagine living in Ireland, we are some what way out of the distance of central Europe. As once described by Roddy Doyle in “The Commitments” the Irish are “the blacks of Europe” :) Every country you go visit or live in has its differences, Ireland like many other countries is no exception. 944 more words

School's out for summer

“Cherish the time you have with your kids, they grow up so quickly” – words we so often hear as parents, and whilst I am 100% in agreement with these wise words I have to admit that the time that someone else has the opportunity to cherish my boy (in my case his wonderful nursery teachers) is also rather nice. 1,028 more words