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Reflections on a week in Dubai.

  1. I really need to check before crossing the road. Multiple times.
  2. A king size bed is not what you think it is, and despite buying what you thought was a normal size, you’re not going to find linen for it that costs less than $250NZD.
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In the scheme of things

Life in Shanghai is always interesting; mostly good, sometimes disappointing, but always interesting.  One, thing that may sound weird is that though this is a big city, the pace of my life is so much slower than it was in America. 590 more words

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Welcome to the jungle (or the desert)

It’s 6AM and I’ve already heard the call to prayer twice (or something resembling that, given that this website informs me that it shouldn’t have happened twice yet). 496 more words


Getting Blood Out Of A Stone...

It’s a couple of days after completing our final journey to France from the UK, a lengthy 13-hour trip that I won’t miss. The contents of our house has, as it will not fit inside a mark 8 Honda Civic, made its own way there. 651 more words


Don't Get too Comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable.

As I sat on the sofa last night mentally planning for my return to Tembagapura in a couple of weeks, I got a call from hubby Todd. 381 more words


10 Things We Wish Croatians Knew About Foreigners

When I lived in Croatia, I found some locals held quite inaccurate assumptions about foreigners (defined here as any person born and living outside the country). 1,974 more words

Frances Vidakovic

El Abrazo de La Serpiente Que Soy

Almost a month has passed since arriving to Chicago. I am wrestling with the fact that numerous realities can exist at the same time and that I cannot live in both. 812 more words