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The Squid Zone

Koreans love eating squid. They like it raw, cooked, fried, grilled, ground up into a little powder and drunk with hot water. But it’s only when you enter a soccer stadium and see the sign, written in English, that you realize… you’ve entered “The Squid Zone.” 494 more words

My Life

031 – Why Africa?

(Mostly written in March, 2020, this was “pre-COVID”, “pre-Election”, “pre-California Fires”, etc.. The first half of this was written before most of 2020 had (thankfully) disappeared into history. 1,618 more words

Never, ever

Anyone who knows me knows that I have opinions. On most topics. I have become better about informing myself before spouting my opinions, (it comes with age) but I still have them. 587 more words

Life In Norway

Turn Tail And Shun

If I were to leave the country – then wherever would I go?
I’d perhaps consider Norway but, of course, not Mexico.
Did I only mean the states (there’s 48) that are contiguous? 193 more words


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Latest Release My last release was a two song EP called “Sweet Baby Wifi” that came out in February of 2019 but I kinda just did that so people would stop asking if my song Wifi was streaming. 284 more words

3030 Buffalo

One Last Time

Hamilton has a song for everything, and all the songs are constantly in my head. Lately, “One Last Time” has been on a loop in my head, which never happened before. 754 more words

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But where is green sheep?

By Jackson Cable

Green sheep (or hipi kakariki) is my most precious taonga (treasure). Green sheep is my best teddy and I’ve had him my whole life. 407 more words