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Life as an Ex Ex-Pat

As you may know, I have been living in Puerto Rico for the past 2 years. But guess what? I just moved back! I’m on the mainland again…is this a good enough excuse for not writing a blog post in 2 months? 548 more words

Puerto Rico

Post Script: Reflections now we're home

We’ve been back for four months now. Four whole months.

It’s hard to believe we were ever living in Houston, Texas. It’s hard to imagine the pleasant warmth of the weather at this time of year. 1,047 more words

Life In General

Better than the alternative

2016, and everyone can’t wait for it to be over.  Yeah, I’ve had a bit of depression over a few things, but that forced me to look at the over-whelming number of things that far out-weigh the few, very bad things that I wish didn’t happen. 543 more words

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And so this is Christmas...

It’s 2:30 am on December 26, and I’m more awake than I have been for two or three days.  I think I’ve gotten about two hours of sleep and they weren’t consecutive.  1,312 more words

Non-fiction Travel

On Assignment in the Sinharaja Jungle. (And everything you need to know about tea in Sri Lanka)

I’m often asked: What exactly does an “environmental scientist/officer/specialist” do? To be quite honest, before this week, I wasn’t 100% sure. Although I knew what kind of career I wanted as I dove into 10 years of environmental studies, I just didn’t know the specifics of the job. 859 more words

Alberta sees spike in interest outside of the “Economy”

Guest writer, Kirk Mc-Duggan, expatriated Albertan, returns to research ‘diverse interests’ growing in Alberta outside of ‘economy’.

With newfound confusion,  Alberta is indeed in a time of transition.  796 more words


phoenix feels

So I haven’t updated in awhile for various reasons… You know when you’re in the middle of something and you know you need to ride it out and process it all before you can talk about it? 1,851 more words

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