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The Roots

“Remember your roots,” was the very last thing I heard my Mother say through a tear soaked face after she hugged me goodbye. I tried to tell her moving to Germany isn’t forever, and that I’d see her again soon, but since I was too task oriented with all the last minute details I needed to accomplish before exiting my life the next day, I couldn’t quite grasp the heaviness of the moment. 1,087 more words

Let's Do This, Suzhou.

It’s been almost two weeks since Nick and I moved to Suzhou, China. For those of you who don’t know, Nick got a job opportunity that was good enough to make us willing to pick up sticks and resettle in a country neither of us had ever been to nor really knew anything about. 742 more words


Well nearly two years on from the initial shock.....

When we arrived my initial reactions were guided by some inconsiderate neighbours and lack of confidence. Having moved after five months to a much bigger villa, with a pool, an apartment on top, and plenty of space, a magnificent view, and a greater understanding of the place, I’m pleased to report I still haven’t finished anything, but getting very close, and I feel much better. 326 more words

Travel Patterns

As I write this, I am sitting on a beautiful porch in the city of Albacete, Spain. This is the place I will live for the next month, which still sort of feels like a heat induced dream from the warmest temperatures I think I’ve ever encountered. 1,329 more words


Couldn't Stay Away

Last time you heard from me, I had returned to my home country (USA) for another go at making it in the “real world.” Having given it a good faith effort for almost a year, I decided to embark on another international adventure. 65 more words

The Move:

Everything is meant to move in life; expand; evolve- it’s in every ounce of nature, even our own. But we fight it; we cling to our comfort zones, while we day dream out the window of the limited bubble we place ourselves in. 1,054 more words

How to Survive Leaving

If you had told me growing up that I would spend two and a half years of my life living in New York City I would have found it hard to believe. 827 more words