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Junta Local

We are regular participants at the Junta Local fairs in Rio de Janeiro. Junta Local connects people who make good food with people that like good food. 23 more words

I've had 10 Firemen in my house!

Oh stop it! I know what you’re thinking. I don’t mean that kind of ‘HAD’. Wheesht. I mean at one time, all at once, there were 10 Houston Fire Department First Responders in my house. 984 more words


ALTERNATIVE (DR!) PERSPECTIVES: Sometimes you gotta tell your inner voice to take a chill pill

Meet Katrín. She’s 19 years old, was born and raised in Iceland, moved to the United States on her own when she was 16, and I am honored to call her a Dear Reader of CiC. 1,252 more words


Salutations Friend

Word up,

Welcome to WehrIsHumps: a travel blog by Seth Wehrman and Danny Humphrey. I’m Danny and I’ll be the main supplier of word content and verbiage. 119 more words


I Went to a Greek Women's Conference about Joy

Two of my co-workers are on a committee that creates a yearly inter-denominational conference for Greek Christian women.  When they invited me to join them by saying, “It’s at a resort by the beach, and the cost of €100 includes two nights in a 4-star hotel plus six buffet gourmet meals,” it was very easy to say yes. 838 more words


Time to renew my passport

I’ve just returned from just over two weeks in the US — ten days with family and friends in Maryland and North Carolina, and five days in California at the… 168 more words


Never has a Komodo Dragon felt so rejected…

Staring eye to eye with a Komodo dragon we hold our breath in excitement waiting for Lucas’s reaction to what lies before him.  We look down to catch the look on our boy’s face and he’s mesmerised, not by the dragon you understand, but by a stick he has stumbled upon outside of the dragons den that’s also proving to be a rather tasty alternative to lunch. 558 more words