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Episode 15: Life 3 suitcases at a time

Joining today from Brunei is Kristin Bond an English as a second language teacher born in Canada and on her fourth country in less than a decade. 372 more words


Buenos Aires week 8: Moving House Again

So I’m moving house again, for the third time since arriving in Buenos Aires. This time I am renting a bedroom in somebody else’s house, which is a little cheaper than renting my own apartment (but not by as much as you may think). 346 more words


Getting Settled in Cuenca

I cleaned my new apartment this afternoon and it feels great! I gave a thorough dusting and sweeping to just about every surface and then took the mop through every inch of the place. 784 more words

A Morning in the Life (Repost)

This week we follow our HR Admin in an unnamed NGO for a day as they go about their business in an unnamed projected in CAR. 543 more words

Fiction & Poetry

Real Reasons Not to Date an Aid Worker

If, like us, you enjoyed the very popular reasons to and not to date an Aid Worker thread which have long been doing the rounds on the internet, then you might enjoy our versions which are not in the slightest bit facetious: 237 more words

Missed Connections #1

In our new occasional series we post Missed Connections notices from famous Africa transit airports. Today’s comes from Linda from OCHA who is hoping to reconnect with an MSF worker she admired from afar in Addis Ababa Airport. 130 more words


Hanoi: Social Normalities

I’ve been in Hanoi for almost two weeks now and I can confirm culture shock is very much a thing. This is a list of things you have to just accept as the new norm when living in Vietnam… 292 more words