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Is that the beer talking or am I really willing to sell my worldly possessions and live like a nomad?

Every weekend for the past several weekends, I’ve been checking things off of my “To Do” list that are wedding-related. I don’t want to find myself in a last-minute frenzy. 767 more words

New Zealand

How the other half lives

…So MY STORY may be your story maybe not but here it is. My husband had worked happily for Mothership UK for 7 years and we’d often thought of being beamed over but when the call came I was still hoplessley underprepared. 298 more words

Wrong Side Of The Road


I just made a cup of tea. 6 ants floated to the surface and bobbed like buoys.

This morning as I went into my underwear drawer a cockroach scuttled across my hand. 743 more words


America on My Mind.

My ex-pat friend based in Los Angeles recently wrote a piece describing what she misses about Australian food and even though I’ve been back from Atlanta for 13 years, there are still things I miss about America; the things that always seem to come up in conversation with either my husband or other people and that make me quite nostalgic for the good ol’ U S of A. 1,013 more words


Black Pudding

26 January, 8am, Australia.  Bacon’s sizzling, eggs are frying, mushrooms and a token slice of tomato are already cooked.  The feature item, black pudding, is proudly occupying its own frypan. 486 more words

Social Norms - Social Family - Social Media

My kids were merciless last night. As I’m dabbing my tears over my sister’s family’s departure back to Africa; they are blaming their four-year-old cousin Charlie for leaving a glass of water in the basement. 765 more words


Day 129

Well I’m back for another semester at Jordan. For the real adults out there, I have a question – when will I stop mentally demarcating my life based on an academic calendar that no longer applies to me? 647 more words