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Time's Up, Side Down

Hey.  What up???

Every now and then I need a little down time from my down time.  Full time leisure is tougher than one might think.  565 more words


Passing for Paisa: How’d I Get Here!?

What is a Paisa?

Colombia is divided into several ‘departamentos’ (states), dominated by regional identities. We live in the state of Antioquia, which is the home of the “Paisa.” Stretching from the edges of coffee country almost to the coast, Paisas roam the land with their signature kindness and dishes dominated by beans, rice, chicharon, and chorizo. 648 more words

Confessions of a gaijin: 12 things we do that we'd never admit to Japanese people

In Japan almost everyone hangs out their laundry to dry rather than using costly, energy-guzzling clothes dryers. Foreigners have no problems complying, but one quickly learns that underwear is special–you don’t hang it out with the rest of your clothes where others might see it (or try to see it). 2,272 more words


5 photos - 5 day challenge - Arriving on another planet in 1966

I have been selected by Tish Farrell Writer On The Edge to participate in the 5 photos – 5 days challenge.    Challenge rules:    Post a photograph each day for 5 consecutive days and tell a story about each photo.     765 more words

David Chaston

Dave Chaston is back in town.

Dave answered the call and for this brief moment, you have an opportunity to once again be tattooed by the masterful Mr Chaston before he returns to the monsoon rains, Pad Thai, and Bintang beer. 104 more words


Travel Dodger

ME: I think we’ll be fine, I know it’s a bunch of changes, from the bus to the train, then the air train but we’ll make it, and we won’t even have to leave that early. 680 more words

Air Travel

Political choice

As you probably are all aware now we live in France but we are still entitled to vote in the UK general elections. So we applied for postal votes to ensure that our voices are still heard. 651 more words