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David Chaston

Dave Chaston is back in town.

Dave answered the call and for this brief moment, you have an opportunity to once again be tattooed by the masterful Mr Chaston before he returns to the monsoon rains, Pad Thai, and Bintang beer. 104 more words


Travel Dodger

ME: I think we’ll be fine, I know it’s a bunch of changes, from the bus to the train, then the air train but we’ll make it, and we won’t even have to leave that early. 680 more words

Air Travel

Political choice

As you probably are all aware now we live in France but we are still entitled to vote in the UK general elections. So we applied for postal votes to ensure that our voices are still heard. 651 more words

Fun Activities on a Budget, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ok, so you have relocated to Ambergris Caye, Belize to start your new ex-pat lifestyle or you are on an exploratory trip or vacation and want to fill your days and nights with activities. 834 more words


OIO fob-off-Selling out NZ.Is John Key just thick?

The OIO fob off? Selling out NZ? Is John Key just thick?

There’s no doubt that this National government’s ignoring of the issues posed by an increasing flow of multimillionaires from what is now acknowledged to be a predatory and aggressive Communist country, is disadvantaging New Zealanders. 3,006 more words

The cheese is always greener on the dark side of the moon

It’s easy to love Brazil. The sun floods the house in the morning, filling the spaces with light and lightening the mood of the people. As mid-day approaches, gaggles of work-colleagues appear on the streets, chattering and chortling as they amble towards the nearest buffet-lunch bar. 1,272 more words


Don't call me ......

“What’s up, mi nigga?” said a co-worker as I sauntered into work one afternoon. Checking myself mid stride I did a double take; surely I had misheard her. 1,082 more words