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Cultural Appropriation or Emulation: Does it Matter?

Published in the Mindful Word, please enjoy an article I contributed to the ongoing conversation about Rachel Dolezal, cultural appropriation and social media. … 125 more words


How I ended up on the other side of the world

It’s been exactly a year since I wrote my last post. A year ago today I was settling in to my new home in Maine; my husband and I were trying to design a new life and meaningful work. 860 more words

BCUK Ex-Pats...Question Pop-In Corner?

The ‘ask or answer’  pop-in corner that BCUK ex-pats  called into when there was a site I.T. problem, or, there was  a ‘how to’ question  to resolve, may be missed by many  who are learning their way around WP.   65 more words

No Voting Even With a Tim's Cup and Beaver Shirt

Big news! Ex-pats living abroad will no longer be able to vote in Canadian elections. I thought I heard the scream from across the pond when it finally filtered through to Gill’s news sources (the pigeons that hang outside her balcony, discussing politics and also who’s currently sleeping with whom…people, not birds). 567 more words


Limoncello & Enlightenment

One of the most amazing elements of Foreign Service life–and there are many–is the people you meet along your way. These are folks you’d never encounter on a normal life trajectory. 587 more words



Dustpan in hand, she joked that she was sweeping up
Little Roman soldiers,
Nudging their ancient atoms from photo-frames arrayed
On the old teak cabinet in our new apartment. 170 more words