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It's Just the Rebel in Me

I literally can not stand being told what I can and can not do! I will intentionally and subconciously execute the opposite action because something inside my soul disagrees with being in a controlled environment. 554 more words

Baby Momma Drama

The Great Debate

I’m sure a majority of women aspire to marriage at some point in their lives. But society has grown in a way that’s shifted what’s been accepted as the normal definition of a legitimate family. 687 more words

Baby Momma Drama

Why I'm Not Talking About the Ex Anymore {and You Shouldn't Either}

‘Don’t talk badly about the ex in front of the kids.’ I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before. It’s great advice, and those who don’t heed it cause more problems than they know. 926 more words

Christian Living

Kahului blues

It’s Friday the 13th. What else can go wrong? Every day brings a surprise. Today he discovers his favorite saucepan, a birthday gift from his uncle, is missing. 473 more words


#SouthAfrica : NEWS : Winnie Mandela , Nelson Madela's Ex-Wife Is Dead

Winnie Mandela is dead, aged 81.

Winnie Madikizela Mandela was wife of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president and freedom fighter.
Winnie endured a tainted reputation after Mandela emerged from prison after 27 years. 347 more words

Way of the peaceful surfer

He wakes up before the crack of dawn. In the darkness, he makes coffee and pours the black liquid into a thermo flask. He loads up his truck with his short board, one of many surfboards stacked neatly on his deck. 380 more words


Tuesday Tuneup Three

Q. Do you know who I am?

A. Not exactly, to be honest with you.

Q. Then why on earth have you summoned me?

A. I’m in existential conflict.  545 more words