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Nobody's perfect

Sorry for the hiatus in posts here, I’ve had a pretty mental week or 2.

I’ve been reading the comments on these posts and its hard not to be influenced by them, much in the same way it’s hard not to take on board what my friends and family are saying. 482 more words


So it’s finally happening – I’m meeting the ex-wife this Sunday. She finally replied to him and was like “Oh sorry thought I responded”…right. She also requested that I meet her without him by my side as it’d be uncomfortable for her. 241 more words


Day 9

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything. Let’s catch up.

This past weekend was great. I had plenty of energy, and I was generally in a good mood. 458 more words

At the Bottom of the Box

He brushed aside the un-ironed shirts and work pants hanging in his closet, pants to the right and shirts to the left. There on the beige carpeted floor against the blandly painted back wall sat a box, a very ordinary box, one that new reams of printer paper might come packaged in. 853 more words

Comedy song 3 - Perfection, there must be

Character can be fleshed out more. Any other feedback?

Can’t stand all these dirty diapers (8)
Children fight at night when I can’t see (9) 123 more words

Comedy Song

True Colours

Considering I tend to see the good in others, it might be surprising to learn that I am highly suspicious of everything my husband’s ex wife says or does. 1,567 more words

Biological Mother


Affairs are a weird one. Apparently I should be grateful that my husband wasn’t having an affair. Affairs appear to be the only non-reversible ‘stupid thing’ that can break a relationship down. 908 more words