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Nike Oshinowo's Oil Tycoon Ex gets Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife £5million even if He's in Coma

An ailing oil tycoon, facing jail unless he pays his ex-wife £5m, has been told by a top judge in London that he must match up to his responsibilities ‘even if he is in a coma.’ 462 more words

Bloody Bas*ard Blended Life!!!

Every other bloody bastard Saturday my fella and our boy (3) head off at 9.30am to drop his boys back to their mums.

I have 2 choices, I go with them, sit like a spare part watching while they are a family reunited or stay at home alone, waiting for our weekend to start. 327 more words

Blended Family

Throwback Thursday Video: 'Walking In Memphis' By Marc Cohn

You might not remember the name of this artist, but you for sure remember the song.

“Walking In Memphis” was by Marc Cohn from his self titled debut album. 95 more words


WaRniNg of the BoYcHILd

He says

You’re beautiful

You’re different

You deserve it

You’re perfect

Your protected

Your loved

I will. I vow. I do

You’re  a  junkie cunt… 271 more words

Average American White Girl

Charlie Sheen Decided To Spend Father's Day Slamming His Ex-Wives On Twitter

The Warlock is loose, and he’s broken into his stock image cache for Father’s Day. Charlie Sheen took to Twitter on Sunday to let the masses know exactly how he felt about his ex-wives, but he chose to do it as artistically as possible. 195 more words


The unexpected goodbye

It’s late, and I’m going only on about a couple of hours of sleep. I just didn’t sleep much last night. It was just one of those nights. 543 more words