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Happy Birthday

Today (the 27th) is S’s (my ex wife) birthday. I did contemplate emailing her, but since she made it clear that she wanted no further contact, I decided to respect her wishes. 454 more words

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Gone Away (The Loss of 3 Irreplaceable People)

Surprise, I feel like shit this morning. I’m now convinced that the medication I’m on is making me feel worse, especially in the morning. No medication has worked for me in 16 years of seeking help for my sickness. 711 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Ugly on the inside and guilty as charged

I hate it when people talk of ‘inner beauty’, because it isn’t true. I am almost as ugly on the inside as I am on the outside. 313 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Cunt is getting boring...

I would like to share with you the tribulations of my oh so complicated relationship.

I met my boyfriend at work, he was cute, wore a suit and had that glint in his eye that made him totally irresistible. 974 more words

Photos: Checkout the bod on Kevin Hart's ex-wife Torrei

Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei put her body on display in a bathing suit. The mother of two showed off her body during an outdoor photoshoot…

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Emotional wreckĀ 

Today has been a cocktail of moods, none of them good. One minute I think I’m okay, the next minute I’m either crying, or holding back tears for fear of embarasment. 405 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Ex wife's Livejournal entry - November 7, 2003

I was looking through my old LiveJournal, then I just happened to find my ex wife’s. The posts we wrote about life and one another are still there, preserved in time. 315 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues