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Farewell, So Long, Good-bye

If any of you know the lyrics to Neil Diamond’s song “Farewell, So Long, Good-bye” you probably are in in your golden years or approaching them. 503 more words


It's Your Birthday...It's Your Birthday

In an earlier post, I spoke about how I like my job and the people I work with. Here is a prime example of why I feel that way. 256 more words


Heading to IMTS this week? Already There? If not you should be.

If you have any ties to manufacturing, then I am sure you have heard of IMTS.  Just in case you haven’t it is only the largest Manufacturing Technology show in the states and it is going on this week, in Chicago at McCormick Place.   194 more words

Understanding Oil Filter Beta Ratios

When buying hydraulic oil filters elements, the filter industry developed standards to measure the true effectiveness of the filter. A filter that is marked or rated “10 micron” has some ability to capture particles as small as 10 micrometers. 498 more words

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Saving the Business with a Simple Fix

I received a call from a customer who was in a panic. He does auto detailing for car dealers. He said that it is a competitive business and if you fail to deliver once, you lose your chance to bid for any future jobs. 189 more words


Down in the Dungeon

Compressed air is the lifeblood of a manufacturing facility. Actuators, vises, sensors, etc. all use the convenient supply of shop air. When it comes to the air compressor that supplies all this power, it is usually relegated to some dark, dank, dirty, non-ventilated dungeon away from the general work area . 275 more words

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