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Frameworks within the discipline of archaeology: what are the continuities through the evolution of archaeology over time and what are the most dramatic shifts?

The earliest bases of Archaeology were to learn when certain events happened, and to who it happened too. Archaeologists operate within a paradigm that assumes that everything can be understood and it is widely accepted by everyone within the scientific community until a paradigm shift occurs. 764 more words

Do Particular theoretical frameworks require different kinds of methods or are method and theory independent of one and other?

The methodologies of archaeology are how we get the theoretical frameworks of archaeology and anthropology. The way we get theories is through the acquisition of new data, and the only way to acquire this data is through the certain methodology used. 601 more words

Maths currently is that interesting content wise and we are just about to finish Core 2, the last core module in the course. However; we are doing a lot of revision and past papers so I’ll go through what we need to know as a class and talk you through the content as the year goes on bit by bit. 960 more words


Paper Revaluation

Senior’s Sad and Experienced advice to Juniors, when juniors waiting at Exam Cell for Arrear Paper Revaluation



Greg Hodgson - Top Achiever: F8

Well done to Greg for succeeding as top achiever in the December exams. Keep going Greg!

What do you believe being an ACCA member will do for your career? 202 more words