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Speaking with Online Pictures - CAE and FCE Speaking Part 2 Practice

We all know how much a picture is worth in the real world, but in the Speaking part of the CAE and FCE exams, it’s worth a large chunk of their marks. 580 more words


Our Top Tips for Exam Time

Timetables are probably stuck on your wall somewhere by now but how prepared are you?
But let us tell you, you can never be too prepared! 640 more words



International monetary system refers to the system and rules that govern the use and exchange of money around the world and between countries. Each country has its own currency as money and the international monetary system governs the rules for valuing and exchanging these currencies. 4,265 more words


SSIS Checkpoints

There is a very handy feature available in SSIS 2012 onwards that allows you to restart a package from the point of failure and skip any previously successful tasks. 720 more words

Exam Preparation

Set up and adjust exam preparation courses

You need to prepare your students for an exam? This can be uncharted territory. Exam preparation courses are different from regular teaching, both in the goals and in their management. 305 more words

Teaching A Language