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Counselling & Prayer For Students

A Special Program for Students appearing for board exams, need guidance, counselling, Motivation, Prayer.  


Be a Witness of Christ During Exam Time

It’s that time of the semester when you have to write your finals! That’s when the majority of students usually get overwhelmed, fatigued, worried, anxious, sleepless, and stressed out due to the tons of work. 232 more words

Everyday SSU


I’m okay with it too. My thyroid meds are out of wack and I am seeing my family dr about that in a week or so. 138 more words

What happens when you have to study

When you have to study every other thought seems captivating. You can think of so many things you’d rather be doing right now than studying. In fact I got the idea for this post while I was ‘studying’. 241 more words


Please wait!!!! Emotion overload...!

Resting the chin on my hand,
I observe some things…

Books scattered all over the table
Looking stable, not tranquil.
Caps of pen in the stand stare at me, 187 more words

Freedom tastes like the rambutan back at home

On the contrary to last week’s exams I did well in this week, well except for yesterday’s paper but 3 out of 4 is good enough noh? 542 more words

Talking To Myself Again