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Time is a relative factor. You could feel as if ages have passed but in reality only 10 minutes have; you might feel like its been only a minute but it has been five. 530 more words


For example - how to get higher marks in written questions

It’s great to be knowledgeable, but to pass an exam knowing the answer is often not enough. Questions set by examiners seek to do far more than identify people who “know stuff,” they want the student to prove understanding and that they can use the knowledge, not simply reproduce it. 706 more words

How To Pass Exams - Tips

How Students Should Prepare for College

Below are some of the tips ;

  • Be prepared to do a lot of reading in college.
  • Learn time management: use a calendar and plan how to use your time.
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How To Survive Exams (ish)

I’ve *just finished* my GCSE mocks. Bleh for mocks but yay for the end! They kinda actually went OK – not the exams themselves (though all the results I’ve had back *so far* I’m pretty happy with) but as in coping. 788 more words

A Teen Philosophy

Exam Season: Light in the midst of Darkness

Exam season can be dark. Gloomy. Pitch black. Lifeless even. The minutes feel like days. The days feel like years, but somehow you still feel as though you’re running out of time. 423 more words

RACGP Supervisors guide to assist your registrar in how to pass the FRACGP exams

Where do we start?

 Is your registrar a little lost on where to start in studying for their RACGP exam?

What is your knowledge of the RACGP exams? 1,812 more words


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Some wonderful tips from the brilliant Dr Rob Park (the below are personal views of Rob's and not endorsed by the RACGP)

Maximise 4 ACCA examination sessions

Did you know that the Standard exam entry deadline for March is 1st February 2016?

We are please to bring you the Masterclass in ACCA Exams Series (MAXs) 118 more words