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Damn Year 12 History

This school year I took on year 12 history as an extra subject. Last year when I was in year 10 I did year 11 history and while I was not failing it was not by best subject. 487 more words


Happy 1 Year 9 Months Anniversary!

Yayyy can’t believe it has been that long :O But I’m thankful to God for keeping us strong together. Thanks for always being there for me and taking care of me. 156 more words

The Most Crucial Test in Korea

This year’s most crucial test, CSAT, was held on November. 12. CSAT, which is the abbreviation for “College Scholastic Ability Test”, is the national college entrance exam in Korea. 561 more words

On Campus

7 Tips to Help You During Finals Week

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, but first we have to make it through one of the worst times of year. That’s right–finals week. 411 more words


Edisi bijak - Sekolah

Guru yang berhasil adalahKetika

Muridnya ditanyai orang asing tentang negaranya (letak, kebudayaan, keindahan) atau tentang bidang studi lainnya dan murid tersebut bisa menjawab dengan jelas dan benar… 107 more words

Childhood family dinner

When I was a child, my dad said these to me
‘If you eat fish eyes, your eyes can get bigger’
‘If you eat fish tail, you can swim very well’ 107 more words

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