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5 Tips for Writing a Better Essay (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Anthony Bernardo

Founder & Owner of: Teachers-to-GO! Online Education Platform

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 241: Study Time

Three people are sitting in a room.

Each one is staring at a laptop, trying to work out what it is that they must do for the day in order to make sure that the exam they sit tomorrow is one that they can see as passable. 510 more words


It's Up To You, New York, New York

The Big Apple.

Doesn’t everyone dream of going there someday, at least to see it? In five days, I will be there, but perhaps not for the reasons that one may think… 463 more words

Joy Of Wine


When confronting a difficult or new topic do you spend a lot of time? or you just skip while accepting your fate? Here’s a method that will help you make it easy. 324 more words


A Jumble of Stuff!

Hamish has always been the type of well adjusted and secure dog that has never felt the need to prove himself with daring deeds or dramatic gestures; Pagan goes bowling into anything, nothing phases her, but Hamish, proud and aloof, stands apart (or hiding tbh). 1,428 more words

Last month

“Any distraction, tends to get in the way of being an effective Gangster.” – Terence Winter

One weak less for travel day.

It has been a really long week that ended with the IELTS exam on Saturday.

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Amerikan Rambler: Passing the Certified Archivist Exam

This post is about my experience, which I hope may prove useful for others who are planning to take the exam next year in Washington, D.C., or other cities that have enough participants to host it.

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