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Day Twenty

So, I’m still eating out. Ugh. But I didn’t want to! I was going to have leftover chicken but… exams. Ugh. I have no self control either, and it’s not like I can say “no, you eat out, I’ll just watch.” I’d feel to guilty for my husband’s sake. 476 more words


Colorful Week

It’s been such an exciting week and a great way to relax before the last two weeks of this semester (a.k.a. GO TIME). I’m so ready to be done with the semester and come home to relax for a few weeks. 472 more words


Beginning of The End

It all starts tomorrow.

Everything you’ve been training for for the last eleven years is put to the test, starting tomorrow.

Is this a time to be stressed? 561 more words


Double-Triple Prize Day

“Every time I have sex I will be thinking about how to write what I am doing.”

That or a paraphrased version of that sentence* was the nicest thing recently said about my erotica-murder-weird story…

330 more words
Daily Thought

The Day Has Arrived

Tomorrow is the day I’ll take my first final exam. It’s German. I’m still not nervous, but I feel like it’ll all work out. Actually, I’m more worried about the fact that I’m not worried. 76 more words


7 Days, 7 Tips: Exam Stress Tip #1

Exam Stress Tip #1: Plan Realistically.

I think it’s so important to plan your time during exam period. I always find that having a structure enables me to study better. 478 more words


An Extraordinary Person

Extraordinary is when something or someone is very unusual or remarkable or it can just be someone who is just “extra” of an ordinary person. Now many will think that an extraordinary person is like someone who has superpowers, super athletic, or super talented. 1,080 more words