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Earning on Eistyles.

Good day  designers and users. Our last post talked about benefits of using Eistyles as a user, what makes Eistyles different from other sites. Okay,lets look at this like a market place, for instance you waltz into a market place to get some products but after taking money from your purse you realize that shopping still gives you more money. 211 more words


7 Things I’ll Never Understand

I’m constantly finding things that I simply do not understand. Here’s my top 7:

  1. Why people find memes funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I love memes. 354 more words


A Level Sociology - Outline Questions (4 and 6 Marks, Education Paper 1)

Four and Six mark outline questions appear on the education and crime and deviance AQA A level sociology exam papers. This blog post shows you some possible examples of outline questions which might appear on the Education exam paper, along with some suggested answers. 738 more words


30 Years Old In 3 Days

Jack Francis is a 13 years old high school student. He’s a rich boy living with his parents in a big “golden” house. Jack can be described as a student who always wears new clothes, has a clean face with no pimples and also has a nice shiny haircut. 522 more words

Coal India Limited MT Exam Cutoff Score 2017

Coal India Limited (CIL) has successfully conducted the Management Trainee (MT) Exam for this year on March 26th, 2017. This exam was significant because Coal India Limited is one of the few PSUs in India that holds a separate entrance exam for recruitment of candidates other than GATE. 144 more words


Study Suggestions: Child Life Exam

If you haven’t yet completed a practicum or an internship, fear not, you have plenty of time to learn, gain skills and sharpen them. There’s plenty you can do before hand to prepare for your exam. 466 more words


Cell Biology & Central Dogma Exam on April 12th

Our next exam will be held on April 12th during class time and will cover Cell Biology and The Central Dogma (including basic genetics concepts). As before, please use the key terms and old exams to prepare for the exam.