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I Need To Confess

I can already tell that this post is going to be a long one, so sit back and relax. Maybe with a cup of coffee to ease you through it, I don’t know. 742 more words

Memoirs Of Medikitty

If only drilling a hole were the issue...

Have you ever had that feeling where you just wanted to scream? Not the usual screaming you do while plucking your eyebrows or waxing your legs. 584 more words


DGMS Online Exam Sample Test.

Q.27-Rules and regulations under Mines Act can be made by which of the following?
A. Committee under Section 12 of Mines Act
B. Chief Inspector of Mines… 9 more words


DGMS Online Exam Sample Test.

Q.26-What is the periodic interval of an exploder to be over hauled ? 

a) At least in a week.

b) At least in a month. 18 more words


DGMS Online Exam Sample Test.

Q.25- How many schedules contains MMR-1961 ?

a) 01

b) 02

c) 03

d) 04

e) None of above.