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Stamp: Three stamps I like (various styles)

Elvis commemorative stamp

  • Clear and bold color (contrast) overall
  • minimal text with high contrast with background and image
  • Subject centered but has movement
  • Good use of negative space
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Stamp: Constructivism Examples

LISS-P-1850, 7/15/08, 8:53 AM, 8C, 7914×11036 (1715+1996), 133%, Custom, 1/160 s, R73.4, G63.8, B73.9

Examples of Russian Constructivism stamps and posters from various sources.

Spain Sunday: Lisps and Andaluz

Most people have either heard, spoken, or learned Spanish at some point in their lives. Very few Americans are exposed to the Spanish accent. In the USA, the overwhelming majority of Spanish speakers are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, or Cuba. 1,125 more words


Adianoeta: An expression that, in addition to an obvious meaning, carries a second, subtle meaning (often at variance with the ostensible meaning).

We must ask: Why didn’t Trump attend former First Lady Bush’s funeral? 108 more words



Adnominatio (ad-no-mi-na’-ti-o): 1. A synonym for paronomasia .  2. A synonym for polyptoton.  3. Assigning to a proper name its literal or homophonic meaning. 93 more words


Colorizing your bash script (Ubuntu)


echo -e "\E[1;32mHello World\E[0;33m"

0=none, 1=bold, 4=underscore, 5=blink, 7=reverse, 8=concealed
30=black, 31=red, 32=green, 33=yellow, 34=blue, 35=magenta, 36=cyan, 37=white
and reset back to normal by: 27 more words


Concept Focus - Cause-Related Marketing

As consumers, we come across thousands of advertising promotions every single day, marketers may think this is enough to attract their customers, but I can assure you it’s not. 965 more words