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I'm still here

Just busy with exams. Bear with me…


Hello wishful followers

It intrigues me that despite not posting as much as I used to, or granted as much as I should, my stats show that I still get plenty of visitors here daily. 76 more words

Good Night

I slothed I sinned
My work glares back at me
A gigantic piece of incompletion
I fear not the hour of guilty defeat,
It’s the loss of one nights good sleep. 9 more words


Another exam down and a little too much prosecco

Finally I am down to my last exam; the end of second year is so close, I can almost taste the freedom. However, my freedom lasts only for four days including a day at work, and then I embark on a four week research placement with my finance lecturer. 347 more words

Foreshadowing, Notebooks, Camp July

Like and Subscribe for awkward hand gestures! That’s what happens when you decide to vlog after you do your nails :P


Freedom and Celebrations!

Hello everybody!

I must apologise for my long absence. My exams have taken up a lot of time over the past few weeks, and unfortunately I had to prioritise my finals. 872 more words



The season for procrastinating is over as exams are right around the corner for most South Africans. This is the season when Google starts generating more study tips than a teacher. 582 more words