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Yesterday SUCKED

I wanted so badly to write about what I was going through yesterday, but I couldn’t even open up my computer.  See, I went to just one store yesterday; I now plan out exactly what I’m going out for so that I don’t waste any excess energy.   245 more words


Non-Attachment and Teaching

I teach varying levels of writing courses at community colleges, but to say that this term has been challenging is…well, I am stopping myself from using a complete stream of swear words in place of the word “challenging.” 550 more words


An E Pluribus Unum Deck

Here is my hope: that once he’s done exposing every ugly fissure there is in the American bed rock, we do something constructive with the mess. 175 more words

deaf repetition.

i will tell you time

and time again

but as you never

listened from the first

an ope-gaping mouth

is  all that’s left in sight.

repetition on deaf ears.


An Ode to the Little Deriders

You know the ones

Who’s so much the funs

The ‘anything goes’ abiders.

They know what’s best

To hell with the rest;

I call them Little Deriders. 238 more words

Rhyme & Rhythm

Exasperation. For a Change, His, Not Mine

Martin’s gaining independence delights me for my own sake as much as his. When he could finally be trusted not to leave the house alone or endanger himself climbing the outside of the staircase railing, I could finally shower even when he and I were home alone. 473 more words


What Do You Value?

For some this is the epitome. The struggle for money and power is the be all and end all, or so it seems. Many devote vast tracts of their lives to this. 200 more words

Self Discovery