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An Oily Catastrophe

It could not have been worst than this. One of deadliest environmental disaster hit Bangladesh last week. This is likely to ring the death knell for aquatic animals including rare Irrawaddy dolphins, fishes and birds that feed on them in the unique land-marine eco-system of Sunderbans- a Unesco world heritage site having the world largest mangrove forest that covers 26,000 square km in India and Bangladesh and also the habitat of famous Royal Bengal Tigers. 968 more words


The trust deficit

I came across recently a heart touching article written by a lady resident of Delhi, on her feelings after learning about the horrendous crime carried out by a driver of the “on line taxi service” Uber in Delhi. 957 more words



Exasperating, the word I like to use to describe life sometimes. Sometimes life in general is just exasperating. No other word for it. Sometimes, I just get so fed up with existing. 721 more words


Nepal's senseless religious carnage

In the Vedic religion, prevalent in India from 1200 BCE onwards, sacrificing animals at a fire altar was very common. There is no clear evidence available, whether Harrapans from Sindhu- Sarswati culture from prior periods, followed any such traditions. 846 more words


April 13 - Comfort, Not Words

Acts 4:1-22; Deuteronomy 19-20; Job 13

There are always “those” kids in each class. You know the kind I mean. They will talk on any subject and they will talk back on any occasion. 325 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Language learning muddle

In India, any issue that concerns learning or education, soon turns into a hot potato. Curricula, duration of courses, optional subjects, languages, you pick the name and you would find that it had been a hotly debated issue sometime in the past. 1,089 more words


Letterz To LOMM

Dear League Of Mental Men

I notice that as a pre-cursor to submitting a piece of copy to the WordPress blogging site I am presented with an animated GIF which throws up a message along the lines of: “BLOOP BLIP GLOP GLOOP BLOOP BLIPPERTY” 57 more words