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Don't send chocolate

As Lovely Lorna (LL) suggested the other day, I do need a break. Luck. Hope that saying about seven years of … followed by seven years of … is NOT correct. 450 more words


No Neat Definitions

Truth and boundaries, sometimes a firm and other times fluid relationship, ever a reconciliation.  

You shouldn’t fear boundaries, but you should not

be afraid of destroying them. 198 more words


Check, Mate

One of the joys of a language being your second is that you give meaning to words and phrases only you understand.

Let’s leave aside my coquettish, and for years, saying “prawn to something” instead of prone. 36 more words


There You Are

Icebreakers: Be they ships, hand held picks, or cutesy words to nearby strangers; they have always been incredibly difficult to pilot.

I made a new friend here in Carolina after being introduced. 824 more words

People I Met

When life was full of waterworks, storm clouds and sporadic bursts of sunshine

In a bid to enlighten mankind

It was said:

The silent and somewhat enigmatic are the most fragile of cases

One can love them from a far… 148 more words


Marching to a drum

I rarely ask for any sympathy on a whinge but this minute I do.

Having just come off 40 minutes straight torture to a call center most likely located in China (I didn’t ask) I need my ears checked. 87 more words


The Diaper Despot

Over the course of the past six months I have tried fruitlessly to teach my son to piddle in the pot. In case you weren’t aware, children always pick the easiest, most simplistic answer to any problem before them. 608 more words