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Pregnancy Brain


a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance; how I feel dealing with my brain not working at full capacity lately

Oh, pregnancy brain. Though research has not shown that our brains are actually different while pregnant, I definitely feel like I have fewer brain cells to go around lately.

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People unsuitable to reproduce.

I had the most exasperating conversation with a service staff at a coffee place yesterday.

Scene: Four of us walk up to the entrance.

Staff (S): “Hi, welcome. 444 more words

Just checking.........

As my life changes now from caregiver to Executor, trust me. the frustrations and the sense of humor still need to be in place.

I spent two hours yesterday calling all the places that send money to my brother-in-law to thank them, but notify them that he has passed away. 522 more words

Eye Rolling

Rolling the eyes is a non-verbal way of communicating exasperation, disbelief, and “Are you kidding me?!”.  At the suggestion of , “Just one more picture” this two year old started rolling her eyes. 29 more words

Family & Friends

A Million Times and Then Once More

Death is an early morning
spent driving somewhere
you don’t want to go
so you can be somewhere
you don’t want to be
so you can meet some folks… 179 more words

Being Twenty-Something

Vengeful War (2010)

Sleep don’t plague me,
Life don’t forsake me.
There’s a war in my mind
And I’ve got to rise above this. 84 more words