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Trigger happy

Bloody Hell. Never buck a trend.

I commented on some thread (national newspaper). Two sentences on MY personal experience re a woman’s issue. Clearly didn’t chime with other commentators, most clearly didn’t fit in with the paper’s agenda. 98 more words



Ask me a complicated question. Nullo problemo. I will bullshit my way out with the best of Seneca and Socrates at the frontier. Wittgenstein if you can’t take a hint. 233 more words



Exasperation: Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook

1. Tell me about your gear: What do you use the most and why? Are you playing both bass and guitar in Exasperation? 1,214 more words


This post is not pleasant. I am going to make an observation and don’t expect any of you to answer, if at all, truthfully.

Do you wish/have you ever wished anyone would just die? 43 more words



In the wake of my last post, and your assorted favoured instruments doing what instruments do (who’ll provide the crescendo?) I will throw my own screech into the ring. 516 more words


Emotional Rise

When kids enter the picture prepare for an emotional rise, a rise that looks like a positive profit sheet, or the expect growth graph of a web startup. 67 more words

One Shots


drowning as i do

constantly sprint against the

marathon she tide

(written in response to Daily Post  “Marathon“)