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taste of tired

my tired
trickles wrinkles
when you left,

bet someone
soothing is
saying freeing

sings rings round
ripe regrets

tried n’ fried, bride… 16 more words

Hands In The Garden

"The Comedy of Errors," from The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works, by W. Shakespeare

I’m so glad this one’s a short play. Had it been any longer, I would’ve been banging my head against the wall. I have a distinct feeling it would’ve been far more fun to watch this on the stage rather than read it. 312 more words

Book 'n Tea Time


party faithful
steal our
good faith
mugging trust
sleight of hand
in each retail
each devious
pose struck
for lens of
the camera… 73 more words



On the whole I don’t believe it despite all evidence to the contrary. Namely that people need an “incentive”. By which I don’t just mean salesmen given a carrot so they wield their stick and charms making people buy. 221 more words


Not so remote problems

The afternoon sun pours into the living room, leaving long streaks of gold on the floor. The flowers in the vase on my coffee table sway gently in the breeze. 492 more words

Everyday Moments

When darkness comes

The worst of the nights, the worst of the days

Seem to come more often of late

Leaving me exasperated:  a fine word indeed

When all one’s strength is gone. 119 more words

Recovery From Serious Illness: Lyme, CIRS, & More

Non sequitur

Just came across a quote on someone’s blog. “Good things will come to good people”. That is such utter tosh, belied by all evidence, I don’t know what to do with myself. 21 more words

Human Condition