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An Ode to the Little Deriders

You know the ones

Who’s so much the funs

The ‘anything goes’ abiders.

They know what’s best

To hell with the rest;

I call them Little Deriders. 238 more words

Rhyme & Rhythm

Exasperation. For a Change, His, Not Mine

Martin’s gaining independence delights me for my own sake as much as his. When he could finally be trusted not to leave the house alone or endanger himself climbing the outside of the staircase railing, I could finally shower even when he and I were home alone. 473 more words


What Do You Value?

For some this is the epitome. The struggle for money and power is the be all and end all, or so it seems. Many devote vast tracts of their lives to this. 200 more words

Self Discovery


Composed 3/28/16
Description: I (tried to) paint my nails today. For the Daily Prompt: Frivolous.

Hours pass by in focused activity
In an activity that should pass in minutes… 65 more words


Take the 'If' Out

Morning Thought: In our desperation, through a history of suffering and disappointment, we say to Jesus, “If you can please help.” But, Jesus’ goal is to take the ‘IF’ out. 39 more words

Morning Thought

Pad & Pen Seal 

I had a few revelations today.

#5 Revelation:
I am not writing because I do not feel.

#4 Revelation:
I think most people are vapid and steeped in superficial pursuits. 81 more words

Random As Hail


I can’t complain;
I’ve got it made.
I’m lost in the void – not like them other boys;
Barely sane.

I don’t know what to feel, so I freeze – 201 more words