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I didn’t think I’d see the day – because I didn’t think there’d be the day.

Have seen it now. The day I actually feel sorry for Trump, his gender and my gender. 36 more words


A Long Cold Bath

If you think it might be difficult to eat a little chef in Bath, in my experience the first course is harder to swallow.

We left Stonehenge bound for Bath. 1,120 more words

Speaking the Truth in Love... or not

Remember that time I was all, “I’m going to write a post every other day!” and then I didn’t? Yeah, sometimes I struggle with follow-through. 344 more words



I may have mentioned this before. If so please attribute it to occupying my brain in an increasingly unnerving manner.

It’s vexing. Any advice gladly received. 170 more words



Is this your girlfriend? The guy at the next table asked me loudly in one of those booming broadcast voices, pointing at her, as if she couldn’t answer for herself and was some kind of stranger even though she was clearly sitting with them, clearly sitting and smiling, and clearly smiling at me when I looked at her not so clearly like he’d asked me to identify a set of keys he’d found on the floor. 1,544 more words


Aidan Has A Voice

Our second son recently turned two.

Over Easter his dummy/pacifer was permanently removed from his mouth.

Now he talks incessantly.

This morning, at 7.20am, he deided that yelling ‘COCKADOODLEDOO!’ repeatedly was fun. 32 more words


Trigger happy

Bloody Hell. Never buck a trend.

I commented on some thread (national newspaper). Two sentences on MY personal experience re a woman’s issue. Clearly didn’t chime with other commentators, most clearly didn’t fit in with the paper’s agenda. 98 more words