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Inside out?

I’m curious. Are any of you as confounded and curious as moi? When laundry time rolls around, as it invariably does, has it struck you as odd that, having taken the time to be certain that your boxer shorts, panties, slacks, shirts, t-shirts and shorts are all put into the wash right-side out yet, more than not, come out of the wash inside-out? 305 more words


602. Flexibility within Reality

Or how I decided to live a day where things didn’t turn out as ‘I expected’ and prevented myself from going into an exasperation about it and instead turn it into an opportunity to develop… 2,834 more words



This study began with five parallel lines upon which music could be written. The lines continued, but lost their parallel order with two lines escaping their nature as potential recipients of musical notes. 60 more words

Personal Stories

'What's your age?'...

‘Age is just a number’, is what the high on positivity and unnecessary happy to be people would like you to believe. In an idealist world perhaps it would even ring true. 721 more words


Want to scream out of exasperation! 

Living in a world with people gnawing at you, waiting for the moment you’ll fall. Racism at work, in the society, in the country, and around the world. 475 more words


Pressure cooker

I am torn. Not for the first time, for the umpteenth time.

Yes, I need to write a letter (an official one). I wish I had two options but I don’t. 169 more words


Best foot forward

Forget all your joys and all your problems. Imagine you were a centipede, frozen trying to remember which leg to move first.