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Poetic Words

Lupus Life-PSA #4

Ahhhh…such is life with lupus.

And these are just my nighttime meds. Sleep well fellow warriors.


Lupus Awareness

Boy did I drop the ball on Lupus Awareness. I guess it’s only fitting for me to have a major flare during May (which is lupus awareness month). 116 more words

Lupus And Women

Those were the days...

I was reading a Buzzfeed article and came across a quote that I have long loved, and have long forgotten.

Kurt Vonnegut writes this in SlaughterHouse-Five. 16 more words

Lupus And Women

Made it!

Once again, another work week is in the books.  I’m fairly certain I could not have made it one more day.  So, tomorrow is catch-up day!   128 more words

Lupus And Women


stale and tired of the repetition

unwilling to bear

responsibility for inconsistency

Poetic Words

Work Weary

This is my second attempt at a post today. My first go was right after work and a trip to the grocery store. I sat at the computer for twenty minutes with glazed eyes and decided I would give it another shot later. 401 more words