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So, i have been away for a long long time already. I have been really really busy with :

● School ( Assignments, Quiz, Exams ) 206 more words


different faces

all the same

acting like I can’t see

like I don’t know this game

come find me

make it real

or leave me alone

Poetic Words


focus is such a delightful thing

fleeting and solid

easy to greet

hard to hold

unless passion loses you

in it’s flow

Poetic Words


brilliant adventures

hilarity ensues

naked heart

open face




Poetic Words

Lupus Life-PSA #4

Ahhhh…such is life with lupus.

And these are just my nighttime meds. Sleep well fellow warriors.


Lupus Awareness

Boy did I drop the ball on Lupus Awareness. I guess it’s only fitting for me to have a major flare during May (which is lupus awareness month). 116 more words

Lupus And Women

Those were the days...

I was reading a Buzzfeed article and came across a quote that I have long loved, and have long forgotten.

Kurt Vonnegut writes this in SlaughterHouse-Five. 16 more words

Lupus And Women