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It’s been four years since we called it quits. It’s been four years since I saw you and my mind still lingers to what could have been… 208 more words



今日是星期六,不用上班。原本打算訓晏 D,但係 7 點幾又醒左。

老公今日要番工,佢 10 點幾起身之後,我一個人訓,反而訓得更加好。

一訓番就開始發夢,夢見第二任男朋友係 Facebook 果度爆我 d 野出黎。

我認真拍過拖,而時間又比較長的只有 3 次。暫時叫第一任男友做 Mr. E,第二任男友做 Mr. R。第三任男友,就是我現任老公唷!

事源係前幾日,Mr. R 無端端 email 我,話好掛住以前同我一齊之類的說話。

我 email 回覆佢,同佢講,過左去既野就係過左去。我雖然好恨佢,但我都嘗試 move on。希望佢都一樣可以。 12 more words


An Open Letter To The Boy I Thought I Loved

Dear Boy I Thought I Loved,

At the time I was blinded by you, accepted all your apologies and thought the world of you. For the first time in my life I let my guard down, felt feelings I never felt and looked at you like you put the stars in the sky. 271 more words