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Mr. Oklahoma

My 1st white boyfriend, the country boy

My first step into the swirl zone was with Justin Kennedy. It was 1999 and the second year of being a student of this extremely and comfortably diverse school that was new to the magnet schools list. 1,090 more words


How To Get Over Your Ex And Enjoy The Single Life

We’ve all been there. We’ve all found ourselves sitting beside an empty pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a mountain of used tissues absolutely sure that you will never feel whole again. 769 more words


With Just A Touch, Ellise Joson Recognized The Hands Of His Ex-BF Jerome Ponce!

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Will Jerome Ponce and Elisse Joson give their relationship a second chance?

Actor Jerome Ponce entered Pinoy Big Brother house on Monday night, but had to stay in the boy’s bedroom because he wasn’t allowed to meet the female …


MUST READ: Find out Why This Girl Took a Selfie with Her Ex-BF. Shocking!

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Why some relationships end up with break ups? One of the main reasons is that either one or both of them have no time with each other. 17 more words


This year I tried to trick myself into forgetting my ex boyfriend’s (exbf) birthday.   I took his birthday out of my phone and calendar, took his picture down but the date stayed in my head.   107 more words

Heather Norell

Ex-BF DJ Durano on Wenn Deramas’ death: It’s very difficult

TV and movie director Wenn Deramas passes away on February 29
His Ex-BF DJ Durano attends his wake
Durano grieves Deramas’ untimely death
The actor says he wouldn’t be who he is without Deramas… 17 more words