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Highlighting entire row based on cell value

This is if you want to highlight a complete row value based on cell value Let say we want to highlight all the applications which are tested i.e the  tested value is ‘yes’ 1) Select the entire group of cells. 85 more words


Excel Copy Column Value Based On Another Column Value Lookup

One Excel sheet named “Account Info” contains accountnumber and account name. The other sheet named “Order Info” contains order mapping between orderid and accountnumber. 137 more words


Excel and SharePoint: Instant web calculators without programming

This is an amazing feature which is largely unknown. Just create desired calculations in Excel, publish to SharePoint and now, parameters can be changed on a browser page with automatic recalculation. 557 more words


Car Review: 2016 Hyundai Sonata Active.

Hyundai started with names, for some cars they went to numbering but the swing is back to names. The Sonata became the i45 and is back to Sonata. 1,151 more words

A Wheel Thing

Using INDEX & MATCH instead of VLOOKUP

I’ve been using Excel since Office 97. I was about 8 years old, and had no idea what I was doing. By the time I had progressed to VLOOKUPs and PivotTables, I was a bit older (and wiser, I’d like to think). 234 more words

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Data Analysis Story: Floral Monogram for artist Isabel Arenas

Artist Isabel Arenas is creating greeting cards out of her floral monogram collection on Society6, and she asked for my help to create them in the order of most popular first and last initials. 101 more words