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Five Things Friday: Fall Photographs

I find it hard to brainstorm when I have a headache. The cause: math and tedious work on Excel spreadsheets. Just when I get cocky about learning how to do taxes, I have to deal with more numbers. 332 more words

Kristina Wise

Define Data Type. Part 1. Text and Numbers

Here are 3 non-intuitive facts about data storing in Google Sheets:

  1. “1” does not equal 1.

  2. “9” is bigger than “100”.

  3. 0 is equal to “Hippopotamus”

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VDO สอน Pivot หาค่าเฉลี่ย นับ หา Min Max ให้เราได้

มีใครรู้บ้าง เราสามารถให้ Pivot
หาค่าเฉลี่ย นับ และค่า Min Max ได้นะ
มันเร็วมากๆ ลองดู VDO นี้เล้ยยย

กดไลค์เพจ และติดดาว See first
เพื่อติดตามเทคนิคดีๆ ได้ก่อนใคร


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Excel DATE Function


The Excel DATE function is a built-in function that allows you to create a date with individual year, month, and day components. The DATE function is especially useful when supplying dates as inputs to other functions like SUMIFS or COUNTIFS, since you can easily assemble a date using year, month, and day values that come from a cell reference or formula result. 201 more words


Blogtober Post 1 - Recommended functions to start learning Excel with

With all the possible things to learn in Excel, people often wonder where to even start. I have been using Excel for a very long time now, and the following are the formulas I use to do probably a good 90% of all my work. 490 more words


Excel funkcije LEFT i RIGHT

Kako se koriste funkcije LEFT i RIGHT u Excelu:

=LEFT(text, chars)
=RIGHT(text, chars)

Funkcija LEFT vraća onoliko karaktera stringa text sa leve strane koliko je zadato argumentom… 81 more words