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Next steps in Excel ETL - learning M

Excel 365 Get and Transform Data (was Power Query, actually ETL) allows you to use the M language to create custom columns. Naturally enough I hoped with would either be Excelish or JavaScriptish but no, because it is specialised for report writing it is quite different and you have to learn a new language. 12 more words

Excel ETL - import multiple CSV files

I have previous blogged on how to unpivot data using Excel  and Excel 365 (was Excel 2016) just keeps getting better and better. It can now do ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) operations that used to require SSIS. 18 more words

New Features in Outlook for Office 365

Outlook has come up with some new features. Now you can Insert a table directly Into Outlook rather than copying tables from Word or Excel. If your Office has locations in different time zones, you can add a 2nd timezone to your Outlook Calendar. 19 more words


Fraudulent Activities

I haven’t written in a while. I think I had subconsciously realised that if I did, some unpleasant feelings might come to the fore. But well, I have to face them sometime, don’t I? 193 more words

What I'm Up To This Month

This month is dedicated to learning software that will be of use to my future companies. I just finished a workshop on how to fluently use Google Drive and Calendar. 132 more words


Cara Membangkitkan Bilangan Acak (Random Number)

Disebut membangkitkan karena bahasa Inggrisnya “to generate random number” =D
Bilangan acak, alias Random Number. Tulisan ini akan khusus menguraikan cara membangkitkan/mendapatkan bilangan acak dengan menggunakan kalkulator dan MS. 183 more words

How to: Create a Badging System

Hey all! One of the projects that I had been assigned for my ITS job was to help possibly implement a badging system for the new skills that the interns decided on having for each pay-grade level. 790 more words