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Help Me Help A Scout

With the arrival of Thanksgiving this week, the holidays are officially upon us.  While most of us are busily planning our Black Friday and Cyber Monday conquests, there are some families who can’t even be sure they will be able to put anything under the tree at all.   173 more words



Striving for excellence is applaudable,

just remember that excellence is not a destination

but a never ending journey.

For those on the journey I wish you well.


Ban the Eraser

I broke the news to the Junior School girls that we would be banning the use of erasers. For a long time we have been talking about developing excellent habits of learning and a culture of intellectual risk-taking. 501 more words

Managers, Here’s Why Workplace Conflict Is Derailing Your Productivity, And What To Do About It.

One of the most common failures of managers today is the failure to effectively handle workplace conflict. We’ve all experienced a conflict between employees that derailed teamwork, dissolved trust, broke down communications, robbed us of productivity, and took the joy out of our work. 727 more words

Inspiration 326: That One Thing

For the gluten free diet, Tokyo can be both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. The Japanese have a predominantly rice, protein, vegetable based diet which is very hlepful for those living without gluten. 244 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

[#179] But We Can't Go Home

“Now we stand shattered and alone
Longing to come home and kiss our mothers…”

It’s been a great round of Sad November which is coming to a close but you still have time to catch some really great deals. 297 more words

Make Your Office a Template for Your Business

If you want to run a business, you need to have certain paradigms to aspire to. In fact, you also need to have examples you can use as templates for how to run the company. 1,029 more words