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A Look at Elementary School Service

Elementary school students have been busy this year with a whole slew of service activities. From recycling to rainbow loom, our kindergarten through fifth grade students have put their heart into helping others. 397 more words

Elementary School

We not going to lose out......

HAIR: SPEAKEASY – Brandon Hair at The Hair Fair 2016
SUNGLASSES: Airon Glasses at Men Only Monthly JULY 2016
SHIRT: [ Excellence ] Shirt EGO White Men Only Monthly JULY 2016… 47 more words

Hikaru Enimo

The Leadership of Tim Duncan

Basketball great Tim Duncan just announced his retirement, ending a 19-year career with the San Antonio Spurs. Long-time Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said that Duncan was “Irreplaceable.” Scott Layden, who spent four seasons as the Spurs assistant General Manager, said—“Leadership can come from many different areas, but when your best player is the best leader, it’s amazing how everybody else falls in line…Both on and off the court, he set the tone day-in and day-out.” … 236 more words

Christian Living

Extraordinary People 

​This is ONLY for the extraordinary people out there who want to create a better world🌎…Your challenge is to ask yourself each morning “Who can I help today?” Then be on the lookout for someone to help.✔ It could be something as simple as a kind word, extra food from your garden, or a helping hand. 25 more words

Life Lessons

An Exercise in Values

Values: “A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.” (Thanks, Google!)

Back in May, I was encouraged to do a rapid brainstorming exercise to determine the values that are most important to me. 472 more words


Inequality . . . the wise solution.

Creation is full of inequality. People are clearly unequal in beauty, intelligence, moral character, and wealth. And similar differences in strength and intelligence are evident in the animal kingdom. 572 more words


Three Keys for Fear-Free Decision-Making

­In a world full of options, decision-making can seem overwhelming–especially if the decision will bear a significant impact.

“Should I pursue this occupation… move to this location… marry this person… quit this job… curl up into a ball with a pint of ice cream and not think about it…” and the list goes on. 821 more words