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On Fishbowls, Excellence, and Blackness

I know it’s been a while, but between classes and work and running recruitment for my club, I barely have time to sleep.

I’m one of the vice presidents of my pre-law club. 716 more words

Daily Anecdotes

Good Kung Fu? Or NO Kung Fu?

Kung fu.

If we translate the words from the original Chinese, what do the words actually mean?

It is a common misbelief that the translation is a fighting style or a martial art, or something about kicking groins and punching throats.   727 more words

Understanding Nigeria's Luxury Market

Recent trends in Nigeria have shown an increase in our luxury business segments especially around fashion, art and craft. Since this is an important sector is for any fully developed economy due to the way it helps drive value added manufacturing, keeps the high margin spending within a country’s borders, as well as its contribution to culture and business in general, it’s important to have some measurable information as to it’s structure, size, network effects and more. 616 more words



The first question could be, why arete?. I will try to answer that question.

Arete is an ancient concept of the ancients Greeks, who believed in the pursuit of the excellence. 268 more words


Improving teaching so my students don't wish they went to Hogwarts.

Over the summer I worked my way through Daniel T Willingham’s book “why don’t students like school?”  It is an exceptionally readable book.  Willingham introduces the principle that underpins the chapter, developing it with explanations, examples and humour before applying it to the classroom.   604 more words

Everyday Mfl

Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best. – Don Miguel Ruiz

Quote Of The Day

Guest blog - Dr Adrian Plunkett, Learning from Excellence

“Dr Adrian Plunkett is a consultant in the NHS (in paediatric intensive care). He has a passion and desire to improve patient care through learning from excellence.” – Gareth Presch… 734 more words

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