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Hauntology Under the Volcano

La Mont III, Alfredo. “Sin maquillaje” Excelsior, 25 December 2017.

. . . Sí, y el filósofo Jacques Derrida acuñó el término hauntología en 1993 para describir la nostalgia de un futuro imposible: un posible futuro que desde entonces ha sido superado por los acontecimientos de la realidad. 124 more words

Andrew Gallix

Excelsior delays College Lake sidewalk project after local residents express objections to plans

The Excelsior City Council decided March 5 to pull the permit application with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District for a sidewalk project around College Lake, after local residents protested the plan. 25 more words

South Lake

Excelsior Class Timeline


  • Enterprise and other first block Constitution class ships launched.


  • Federation class dreadnought design work begins.


  • Second batch Constitutions launched.
  • Final design of Federation class dreadnought locked.
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Speech by Admiral Demora Sulu at the Excelsior‘s induction to the Fleet Museum (2383)

Good afternoon, and thank you all for attending today’s ceremonies. I’m Admiral Demora Sulu. 681 more words


Chapter Eleven - Legacy

After the end of the Dominion War in late 2375, Starfleet turned to the task of evaluating its fleet.  The Admiralty was left with a great number of damaged ships in varying states of operation. 712 more words


Chapter Ten - War

The Dominion War finally saw the major deployment of Excelsiors in a wide-scale combat role, long predicted by the Admiralty since the class was commissioned. At the war’s onset in 2373, over 300 Excelsiors were in still service, with over 150 more in varying states of disrepair sitting decommissioned in surplus yards. 991 more words