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My professor offered extra credit if we looked up the meaning of excelsior. I was curious, so I looked it up, and the meaning is “ever upward” or growing fantastically. 36 more words


Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 1)

The Nike-G was the last of the pre-2016 build pile rockets, dating in fact to 2013 when I bought the decals and plans from Excelsior. I’ve finally started on it. 90 more words

Model Rockets

Session 16 -The Black Witch

The party is staying in the tiger city and speaks more with Barnaby Stublegs, halfling priest of Ralios, who eagerly tells them everything he has learned about the tigers after spending three years living there.  916 more words

4 ways to save time and money on your bachelor degree (PART 1- Exam for Credit)

Hi Friends,

What if were to tell you that you are able to earn college credit for what you already know? Believe it or not, you can earn college credit by testing out of subject areas that you feel that you have already mastered. 166 more words

Excelsior Apple Day Is Sept. 17th

The 80th anniversary celebration of Excelsior’s Apple Day will include a fun-filled day 9 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, in downtown Excelsior.

Celebrated since 1935, Apple Day has strong traditions that have made it one of the most popular street festivals in Lake Minnetonka area history. 174 more words

South Lake

Carnival Cruise Line Content Analysis

Carnival cruise vacations are all about fun, family and relaxation. The company has over four million fans on Facebook and 182,000 fans on Twitter.  Carnival currently has 25 ships in their fleet and prides its self in the nickname, the “Fun Ship”.   670 more words