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Excelsior offers opportunities for citizen involvement 

Positions are still available on the Council’s Advisory Commissions in Excelsior. Anyone interested in serving on either the Planning Commission or Lake Minnetonka Cable Commission should complete a citizen inquiry form to let the mayor and council members know of their interest. 36 more words

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Meeting Notes 2/09

Next Meeting – April 4, 7pm, at Excelsior Library.

Group Action: we will write “Ides of tRUMP” postcards on Monday, 3/13, 7pm, at Pissed Off Pete’s, 4528 Mission, between Santa Rosa and Harrington. 1,537 more words

The 2007 Demo

Well I mentioned it just now, so I thought I’d do this entry while it’s fresh in my mind. We’d spent 2006 gigging and getting those 2005 demos out there with good feedback (airplay, reviews, better gigs, fan base building, all the usual for a fledgling band that had previously alluded us).  946 more words

Minnehaha Committee looking for new members 

The Excelsior City Council recently formed a committee to work on finding a permanent home in Excelsior for the Museum of Lake Minnetonka, who owns the Minnehaha. 163 more words

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1 Big Question Church Leaders must ask about Leadership Development

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

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A Manifesto For Global Humanity Transcendent

We now again live with a Cold War conception of peace; as a zero-sum game or the liminal state of mutually assured destruction. This conception of peace has slid into our understanding of international cooperation in trade and, perhaps most dangerously (more so than war!) environmental protection; it perniciously infiltrates and pollutes mandates of social and cultural “tolerance.” Mutual gains, frankly, are too-often dismissed in the discourse of realpolitik as a Leftist Albatross. 651 more words


A valuable piece of advice from one of my indirect mentors:

It came to mind this morning, when I finally decided to face my long-standing problem at work: uncharted GGY AXIS territory. 77 more words