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Christians React to the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage: 9 Key Findings

Note: as long as there is a Second Amendment my guns will be the final arbiter of how I practice my faith. No man will dictate to me; anyone trying to do so will meet their maker earlier than originally planned. 2,033 more words


Adele’s Frozen Custard

Adele’s Frozen Custard is a huge summer staple (it is for me, at least) off Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior. It’s a house-turned restaurant with a drive-through ice cream parlor. 55 more words

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Going from Excelsior

I guess we knew this was coming sooner or later. Excelsior Rocketry, purveyor of classic and custom waterslide decals, is shutting down. The problem is that there is only one more or less affordable printer available (Alps) that can do a good job printing one-off decals — in particular, it can print white ink — and “available” is something of an overstatement. 162 more words

Model Rockets

Requiem For An American Dream

“Drastic change, under certain conditions, creates a proclivity for fanatical attitudes, united action, and spectacular manifestations of flouting and defiance; it creates an atmosphere of revolution”, wrote Eric Hoffer in  1,851 more words


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Freedoms are God-given...not of man. The thinking, engaged Christian MUST be vigilant & aware of what is going on around them. When man gets in-between what God hath given us...there needs must be a response.

Welcome Pass - Excelsior Peak Traverse

If you crave supreme views of the North Cascades, Excelsior Peak is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. The vistas, including such icons as Mount Baker and Mount Skuksan, stretch all the way to the Canadian interior, ridge after ridge of wild, rugged territory. 483 more words


Review: Excelsior by George Sirois

Another fine book finished and reviewed.  This is a well-written YA Fantasy novel by author George Sirois.  I highly recommend it.  You will find the description and my review below.  294 more words