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Mango Trees And The Agreement

An Introduction For Everyone Who Isn’t Krister

Back in San Diego I had a lifting buddy, and his name was Krister. We kept each other on track at the gym. 212 more words


A weighty issue....

Weight can be a touchy subject. I struggle as much as anyone and it’s exhausting.

I gained back the 20 pounds I worked so hard to lose. 586 more words

Motivation- What's the point in all of this?!

There are two main things here. Firstly, what is your motivation, why do you go to the gym. Everyone has their own personal reasons. For me, it is A) Because I really enjoy it B) Because I like to look good. 294 more words


Hobbit Feet?

Growing up in Australia, especially in the beach side town that I did, it was pretty common place that people would walk around barefoot. Reflecting on this fact after having taken up running barefoot regularly again a few months ago, a few things are apparent: Firstly it’s interesting how quickly your feet adjust to running without shoes once you get started. 312 more words


Weigh-in and some truths.

Current weight: 156 pounds.

Starting weight: 156 pounds.

Target Weight : 125 Pounds.

Total weight loss till date 2/22/2015: 0 pounds.

Weight loss required until target: 31 pounds. 171 more words

Daily News

It's March...continued

In the darkest, coldest part of a Minnesota winter, and in the darkest part of my life, I decided to take a walk. Trapped in the house too long, my skin was crawling, my mind shutting down. 304 more words

It's March!

Good morning, everyone. Happy Sunday and happy first day of March. I just checked the weather. Chances of snow until Thursday, then warmer and drier. 210 more words