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Time To Lose Some Weight!

In an attempt to control my ever-growing stomach, I’ve decided to restart my “jogging” routine and start to control my diet. Though it’s not an aggressive, “superhero” lifestyle change, I hope to lose a few kilos over the next couple of months. 297 more words


#BodyAfterBaby and Why the gym is my new favorite place

One of the best things I’ve done since becoming a stay at home mom is join a gym with child care. I have never had quite such a great incentive to go work out. 234 more words

The SAHM Diary

Excercise 22/05

Right… frankly… i had my ass handed to me tonight by an excercise class. My plus was i managed not to spew.

The class was dubbed as “super circuits” though i’m not sure where to super came from, i think someone decided to take the pi$$ out of idiots like me :) 128 more words


Mission #1225

Writelifting is the writing of a partial/ full story, using five given, random words and a random first sentence.  You write as long as you feel the need, or you have used all of the words. 43 more words

It's A Wrap: Coach Debbie On True Wellness & Fitness

I remember when I could convince myself of almost anything regarding me and my relationship with food. I would tell myself such things as , “I eat pretty well”, “I don’t drink soda anymore”, and ” I work enough all day so working out….no need”. 1,373 more words


Don't Hustle Yourself Out of Those Precious Carbs: Use Your Carbs Wisely!

One area that I struggled with for some time is how I used my daily allotment of carbohydrates in my meal plan. In my meal plans, I tend to start with items that I have determined are my non-negotiables. 184 more words


Excercise 20/05

Right so the plan i have is below, its based on 3 rounds. 1st 2 rounds are 7x 45 sec exercises with 15 sec rest. the 3rd round is 30 sec work with 10 sec rest. 140 more words