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All I wanted was a Debbie cake...

This week may have been one of the hardest! my professor asked for us to participate in the WWWp5K well I can speak for myself when I say I haven’t ran or exercised in a while. 397 more words

Effects of Keto

I started to go under 50g of carbs last week.

I bought Keto test strips and measured last night. It read I have “small” traces of ketones being produced so hooray! 170 more words

Road to Awesomeness

After my longest marathon swim of 18 miles last September, I told myself I wanted to be MORE than just a swimmer.  I love swimming and will continue to swim, but I wanted to create another identity. 835 more words

Holistic chronic disease management

Chronic diseases are really common place in 2016. They respond much better to holistic treatment than to simply relying on your medicine to “treat” you. 92 more words

Treadmills Don't Have to Be Boring

I’m not one of those people who can hop on a treadmill and run for a whole hour. That’s not my style. I get bored indoors. 304 more words

Zhanna Kalinina

Zhanna, 1 st year Business and Finance student from Strathclyde University (previously Computer Science Foundation Student at St Andrews University) shares her story about fitness and her journey on the way to healthy lifestyle . 1,238 more words


Am I a runner?

Thursday morning I had the best run of my life. So far.  I hope.  Freddy and I headed out on our usual 4 mile loop like we do most Thursdays.   401 more words