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A little walk is all a woman needs.

When talking about outdoor activities and gym. They are always considered a man thing. A phenomenon alienated to women who is considered to be more fitting behind the kitchen counters than in any outdoor activities. 1,048 more words

Mental Health Awarness

What do you tell yourself?

When we look around at others and see people struggling we can easily relate and tell ourselves how awesome we are that we have overcome this and that. 933 more words


Is just me? I'm not loving the gym.

  • I really thought I would love the gym. As I have been keeping fitter and leaner running and cycling. I had my second session today. Loved the fishing game on the rowing machine but that was about it!
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Exercise is more than the physical fitness.

We all want to look good. But looking good goes far beyond the right make up, right hairstyle and proper clothing.

You may be wearing a perfectly pressed suit and a very expensive watch. 361 more words

Future Focussed

To many of us miss out on great and amazing things because we are scared, scared that history will repeat itself, scared that we will be hurt, abused, left or that something horrible will happen to us again. 89 more words


My Emotional Ruts And How I Deal With Them

I am 21 years old and often feel lost, like I am wandering through life, going through the motions but with no clear purpose.

She was small, weak and exposed. 1,801 more words

Social Issues

Week Ten

Not a very eventful time on the dieting side this week. No weight lost, although this seems like a positive considering the excellent results of last week and that this week was my birthday week so involved a number of birthday treats (it’s amazing how many birthday treats involve calories). 324 more words