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When suffering with depression or anxiety it can be hard enough to get out of bed some days, let alone exercise. I know this all too well. 395 more words

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

​The app is for working on your abs. It has lifelike avatars, Daniel and Angie,to guide you in more than 50 tutorial videos to help you get the flat stomach, core strength and overall fitness. 160 more words

Workout Wednesday Live: Kick Yo Abs With Robert Bassman

Check out #WorkoutWednesday with Robert Bassman Washington every Wednesday at 10 AM of Majic 1021 facebook live todays workout is called (Kick Yo Abs)

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Wish me Luck

So today I am going to be trying something I havent done before, and if I am able to do it today I may make sure I do it for the rest of the week. 72 more words


Two achievements of sorts today.

Firstly, and most importantly, my daughter has decided to go running again! We had another chat about her negativity and seemingly low confidence and the outcome was that she is going to go running twice a week around the field behind the house. 795 more words


3 Ways To Keep Anxiety and Stress In Check (They Really Work!)

As many of you are aware I live with anxiety and panic attacks stemming from a traumatic event. I am also a mother to an incredibly smart, curious  and independent four year old daughter (who has the spirit of a teenager!) which can at times be stressful in and of itself. 987 more words

The only exercise you need to start losing body fat (a.k.a. "walk your fat off")

​The magic formula, the ultimate weight loss secret, here it comes: stand straight, your abdominal muscles slightly contracted, arms loose. Now move your right arm slightly forward and simultaneously move your left leg forward. 646 more words

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