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Astartes Saves Town from Tau Menace

While the Tau concentrated most of their forces on the capital, some split off to harass the outlying cities and towns. Seitov, a small city to the northwest found itself an unexpected savior: a lone Adeptus Astartes. 559 more words

A Monday Excerpt!

With 21 more days left before launch day, I’m pretty much a bunch of nerves, not knowing what to do next.  So to calm my pre-launch jitters, here’s an excerpt for you! 635 more words


Muriel Barbery

Just as teardrops, when they are large and round and compassionate, can leave a long strand washed clean of discord, the summer rain as it washes away the motionless dust can bring to a person’s soul something like endless breathing. 15 more words


Ashley Anna McHugh

There are some things we just don’t talk about—
Not even in the morning, when we’re waking,
When your calloused fingers tentatively walk
The slope of my waist: 63 more words


Anne Spollen

Then you sit in silence long enough, you learn that silence has a motion. It glides over you without shape or form, exactly like water. Its color is silver. 59 more words



“He became acutely aware of the change he now lived with. He no longer woke up to the light laughter that lingered in the den every weekday morning. 97 more words


The Lone Prospect Excerpt 14

(Gideon has asked to join Brand’s pack. Brand has been taking him somewhere…)

Fifty yards or more from the building and out of sight, hidden behind the hangar and away from the main parking lot, was what looked like a shantytown. 306 more words