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Cancelled flight

Collie tapped me on the wrist again. This time, he was a little more persistent; I was fast asleep.

“Beautiful,” I said.

“Say what?”

“Nothing.” Pulling my feet out of a dream, gauzy mud. 334 more words


Stepsister Devotion ( Part One ) by Eve Cates


The start of an epic tale about love, lust and secrets. Follow Sebastian as he learns to live with loving his stepsister Abigail and hiding that love from the world… 667 more words


From the notebooks of [name redacted]

And so, legend says, one cold night the boy sat down at his bedroom desk to write his way through that labyrinth of mystery. There was an empty composition notebook and he opened it before him to begin writing the state of his perusals, composing into language the likeness of his whirling mental tapestries. 340 more words


Writing as Art: Mad Days of Me: Eluding Reality

Writing as Art digs deeply into the literary, structural, and poetic devices that make writing an art form. The excerpts and short fiction presented are chosen from a list of submissions sent by authors around the world. 1,645 more words

Fr0m "The Nineteen" by Nettie Henne

Each summer, the city would send forth nineteen of its finest to form a convoy to its sister settlement across the great wastes. The nineteen… 283 more words


Obsession Confession

I wonder…Are all writers obsessed with their writing, or is it just me? Because there’s nothing in the world that I love to talk about more.   2,359 more words

Lesbian Fiction


Such is the fate of those who strive for something which no human can achieve.