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What's Happening with Our Excess?

God wanted to make it clear to everyone that the Israelites were different – they were his.  One of the ways he did this was by creating laws to protect the weak, the poor and strangers – this was unusual for this time.  311 more words


Minimizing my Wardrobe 2015

March might be my month for downsizing my wardrobe. I wrote a post called “Downsizing again” this same month a couple of years ago. This past year I’ve been purging my closet regularly and this month, I’m making a further effort to be systematic with what I get rid of and what I keep. 772 more words

This Is Life

Excess Gas?

Click Here to Stop Farting! Video Rating: 5 / 5 Have you been bloated and gassy lately? No matter what you eat your stomach swells like a balloon a few hours later? 23 more words

Critical Mass

Reaching towards critical mass,
One finds it’s easy to relax.
The languid touch of much too much
Is a nihilistic blast.


BA BA BA BIG! (Trouble)

Has anyone else noticed the size of shopping mall buildings and movie theaters? They are absolutely gigantic.

When did that happen? When did it become popular to put merchandise into buildings 10 times too big? 395 more words

Light Hearted

How to Lose Excess Weight

The call for staying fit and healthy has never been this loud. Because of the developments in technology, the tasks that people do became a lot easier. 518 more words

Weight Lose