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Dam the River of Time

As we are warm-blooded, we seek warmth. We, too, are social animals and desire the company of others; unless you are the unlikely sort of person who can remain alone. 424 more words


When You Wanted

Remember when you wanted what you currently have.


I guess the point is Conspicuous Consumption

Does anyone need
that big a steak? Potato?
How much will we waste?


Study and organised life

For last two days, I am going crazy doing the pending work at home. Two days leaves should not get wasted, that was the worry. I buy things impulsively, especially the clothes. 484 more words



in your portfolio d’amour
there was no room for my superfluous love.

Endless Boogie "Focus Level"

Another double album, though there are only 11 long songs, some mostly instrumental, and some with singing that reminds me a little of the Chinese Electrical Band (my first band, not at all Chinese). 436 more words

Stuff and nonsense

Hands up if you had way too much of everything over the festive period…

Hands up if you’ve started the new year with a tonne of resolutions of things to stop and start and never do again… 423 more words