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Confucius say person with too many business meetings in danger of  having significant other adjourn the relationship.




Nice to be nice

Even nicer

To be spicier

Break the ice

Do it once

Do it twice

Do it thrice

Does that



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Excess Isn’t The Problem

Working on two different presentations this weekend, I ran into a familiar theme: the ‘problem’ of excess.

This afternoon I am teaching a class on ‘Theology in the Wesleyan Tradition’. 723 more words


The Vineyard of Excess

“Well now, let me tell you what I’ll do to my vineyard: I’ll tear down its fence and let it go to ruin. I’ll knock down the gate and let it be trampled.  339 more words

Practical Christianity

November 30th – “Consider your next few moves and don't worry too much about responding to the events of the day. You have bigger fish to fry.”

Excess of anything can be dangerous.

Too much talking means that I’m not listening.
Too much television means that I’m getting dumb.
Too much working means that I’m not having fun. 404 more words

Life Coaching

more than want

It pays to beware. You might get more of what you wanted than you want.


Sleep & Eats… And other Required Desires & Duties that We Easily Fowl Up…

Do not love sleep, or you will become poor; Open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with food.” (Proverbs 20:13)

Excess of some sort in its subterfuge is always in pursuit of us; even in the Required Instructions given us to sustain life itself.

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What God Taught Me Today