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Things I've learned from Killing Consumerism #8 - I bought something, but I can totally justify it

It’s time to confess.

I vowed to be honest at the beginning of the year about anything I did buy this year, so here’s the rundown. 207 more words


The 7 Experiment | Food - Part 2

Well friends, today marks day seven…I will have to admit that I only made it five whole days before I caved in. This was hard. Really hard. 603 more words

Ebay mountain - tips for selling on unwanted clothing

I finally finished sorting out my room at my mum’s this weekend, it’s only taken me a year of visits to accomplish. Now I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes it was time to go through everything that I’d left there and make a decision to bin or sell. 777 more words


Ways to Unwittingly Accumulate

Accumulating can be “accomplished” in multiple ways.  It’s not just about things that we purchase.  It’s trickier than that.

Here are a few ways that accumulating can sneak up on us and wreck havoc with our simplicity and minimalism efforts: 535 more words


The 7 Experiment | Food

Well I had all intentions of taking time to write last night officially launching my focus for the week: food. But I had a splitting headache (thanks to no coffee) and I could not seem to function very well. 537 more words