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Dietary Dilettantism*

‘Children are getting fatter…’
Yes, I can see this matters,
Though the focus of culpability
Is not much under scrutiny,
Newsreels headlining ‘obesity’¹
Arguably missing the mark, you see- 265 more words

Enjoy beauty and make no war

Aesthetics is the key to a fulfilled, pleasant life. It’s never been my intention to imitate Oscar Wilde or Gabriele D’Annunzio because it might seems shallow, but in a world where horrors happen living surrounded by beautiful things helps enormously. 782 more words


We'd be better off with a little more imperfection

Just about every designer and design agency these days proclaims something to this effect: “we’re passionate about perfection!”. As if anything short of perfection just doesn’t cut it. 1,006 more words


Goodbye Old Friends

It’s been said that it’s only a problem when you think it’s a problem or something like that.  For those who recall Imelda Marcos of the Phillippines, the wife of the 10th president of the country, she also is rumored to have had  more than one thousand pairs of shoes.   839 more words

Digital dump

We are in a data explosion era. No surprise there. Unprecedented amount of data is being captured virtually about everything everywhere. Each day we are leaving a detailed digital footprint across the web and through several other applications and connections. 750 more words


Where do you find abundant life?

I was asked to speak to the church today. While this was not my idea of a good time, the person who asked me was having a tough time of her own so I did feel the need for compassion. 517 more words


Violence and Art

When I was a teenager, I liked to watch violent films; blood-stained Japanese samurai movies, gory horrors and so forth. I sought out progessively extreme films, until I watched one film in particular that was so depraved and sick that I thought to myself: “OK, I’ve had enough.” 519 more words