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Splurge away...

Today I had my first Mani-Pedi in like 7 months. I thought that Spring shouldn’t have to see my cracked and dry heels any longer; plus my 4 year old son blurted out a few nights ago: “Mommy your feet are scratchy”. 317 more words


Too much excess?

I like to think I am a “make your point and move on” kind of guy.  I tire of repetition. Especially when I feel like it is repetition for repetition’s sake. 213 more words

Christian Culture

Uncontrolled love

Don’t direct your love towards someone as if it were water gushing out of a hose. You’re likely to infuriate and blind the person with it’s unnecessary consistency and force. 32 more words


Cutting and Slashing

Cutting and slashing
All the excess from my life
They just wear me down This is a one man army

Blessed When Others Give

Ruth, a Moabite woman, decided to go back to her mother-in-law’s homeland with her after both of their husbands died.  We read in Ruth 2 that, when they got back to Bethlehem, Ruth went to the field of her clansmen to pick the leftover grain. 202 more words


Change afoot

Something is moving in my life.

I could call it spring awakening, and perhaps that’s part of it. My outside world has been become broad and welcoming again, the snow replaced with soft brown grass and earth that gives beneath my rain boots. 470 more words

Faith Musings

Dubai - How little a huge amount of money can create

Dubai is a very strange place. It’s an example of what an excessive amount of money can achieve and yet barely achieve a thing. It’s a living paradox of promoting western lifestyles alongside traditional religious beliefs. 240 more words