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Things I've learned from killing consumerism #14 - I did it!

Today marks the final day of my no-shopping challenge. When I started at the beginning of the year, I was fairly confident it was doable and fully confident it would be painful. 194 more words


"Fat": Or, Dysphoria

A simple word can hurt so much.

A little boy called me fat and that shut me up through dinner and dessert. I’ve been fuming, and now these belly rolls, which have accumulated during the past extremely stressful half-year, feel so obtuse, jammed between my sagging breasts and rotund thighs. 1,797 more words


Too Much!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  The time of year that I rant about material goods.

I’ve posted before about the crazy excess I sometimes realize we have in this country. 1,912 more words


An American Thanksgiving

Please, internet, forgive me for posting what amounts to an unsolicited rant on the internet right before Thanksgiving. It’s the most inappropriate time for such things; indeed, Thanksgiving has become the holiday of unsolicited ranting. 613 more words

News And Analysis

Be Very Afraid

“…If you’re taking drugs for your emotions—to diminish them—then you should not have confidence. You should be very afraid.”

—Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is an amazing and humorous writer and actress.

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Housewifey Stuff

Too Much

Too much.
Too loud.
Too big.
Too smart.
Too much talking.
Too quiet.
Too many needs.
Too many things.
Too much food.
Too much to drink. 76 more words

Perspective Change