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A Final Introduction, possibly?...

I’ve gotten three posts into this blog and have only been describing my own likes and thought processes. This, of course, is by design. I haven’t touched on two subjects that are, in my opinion, most important to my daily life; how I experience situations, interact with people and things, listen to the news, and so on and so forth. 637 more words

About Me

Kate's Corner: Nuggets of Wisdom from the Great Kate Peck (I)

“The worst thing about New York is that the iced tea isn’t very good.”



Nothing in excess; some things not at all.

Excess; regress.

Gaining is losing.

Stuff your garage; waste your wealth.

There’s very little brotherly in one-thing-and-anothery. 27 more words

Modern Proverbs

fringe benefits

We waited out the last of the “little winters” with our little greenhouse getting a bit too full of plants ready to go in the ground.  827 more words

Coree's Posts

excess in the pursuit of balance

I have always been fascinated by water. This fascination exists within a duality of forces: a peaceful attraction and a terrifying hesitance. I have lived by water my whole life, feeling an instant ease by the lakeside. 439 more words


Smells Like Team Spirit*

The life of a sporting widow
Doesn’t really leave much to show
For money and hours expended on match days
And the coming home pissed. 111 more words