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Microsoft Exchange 2010 Mailbox Deletion Error

A common issue I found myself facing when trying to delete mailboxes in the Exchange 2010 was: ‘Error Active Directory operation failed on **.**.**.**. This is not retriable. 65 more words


Migrating SBS 2011 to Windows 2012 R2


Guess I am like the cobbler’s kids who didn’t get their shoes when everyone else did.  I am the last of my clients, save one, to migrate off SBS and onto Windows 2012 R2 Standard.  753 more words

SBS 2011

[Exchange 2010] Converting User Mailbox to Room Mailbox

It was found today, that is is very simple to convert a Standard Mailbox into a Room Mailbox. In order to do so, you will simply need to fire up a Powershell window as Admin (Run as Administrator from right click menu) and input the command below. 52 more words

How to Purge the Exchange 2010 Dumpster and recover white space instantly


If you manage an on-premise Exchange server you’d realise quickly that however huge the disk space was when Exchange server was commissioned that the used space has a funny way of catching up faster than you expected. 601 more words


Active Directory Account and Exchange Mailbox Cleanup Procedures

As part of regular account maintenance, Active Directory user accounts and Exchange 2010 mailboxes of previous staff should be deleted from the system after a period of time. 333 more words


Error "Passive copy of Mailbox Database is not in a good state. Status: FailedAndSuspended"

Recently it was noticed that an active mailbox database copy got failed over and was in a “Failed and Suspended” status.

Upon analyzing the event viewer, the following alerts were noticed: 83 more words

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Mailbox Move Agent

Sharing a script that I named as Mailbox agent, it is a package of 3 scripts:




These we used during mailbox moves from old dags to newly created dags for exchange 2010. 252 more words