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Checking Replication health

Script checks with the command test-replicationHealth and reports any errors.

Additionally the script checks the replication status as well.

Exchange 2010

Read IIS Logs

Using remote Powershell the IIS logs for all the Exchange CAS servers can be read in under 5 minutes. The script gives a breakdown of the clients connecting to the server, request responses (200, 404, etc) and a detailed breakdown of 500 response errors.

Exchange 2010

Log Disk Space

This script periodically checks the free space left on Exchange Log disks and sends an alert if the disk will fill up before the next backup.

Exchange 2010

Database Balancing

This script balances the Exchange database size to maximise the storage space.

The script is set as a scheduled task to run every few minutes based on the chosen mailbox size.

Exchange 2010

Shared mailboxes in Exchange 2010

Today I’m going to share a couple of scripts I’ve written for working with the Exchange 2010 Management Shell. I must say I find working within the EMS a tad frustrating because some of its behaviours are different to the standard PS shell, but on the other hand it allows much finer control of a number of tasks that are otherwise tiresome in Exchange so it’s worth getting to grips with the. 2,608 more words

Exchange 2010

Get a list of Office365 users with License attached, Primary SMTP address and Aliases

To get an list of all users that has an Office365 license assigned and with Displayname, Primary SMTP address and all other adresses registrated on the users use this one-liner in PowerShell! 16 more words