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I scream, you scream, we all scream and blaspheme.
Too readily bring down mountain of scree,
rocks we are throwing from house made of glass… 202 more words


Freedom of speech

What is freedom of speech? The way I always understood it was the ability to speak your mind, to have your ideas heard, to make your opinion count, to ‘get the word out’ without fear of retaliation or censorship. 407 more words


The Congressional Bubble ...

More than once I have bemoaned the lack of our ability in this, the Trumpian era, to have civil discourse, to discuss issues calmly, reasonably, and with mutual respect. 1,065 more words

Political Commentary

BAND 9.0 Essays - Discuss: Sharing of Knowledge

TOPIC – Some people believe that knowledge from the scientific field, business, and the academic world should be shared freely. Others think this knowledge should be controlled. 759 more words

Under the shade of trees

Maa Chettuneeda Muchatlu or Our conversations under the tree, is an anthology published in Telugu by Kanuparthi Varalakshmamma in the 1920s. Bespoke articles highlighted social issues of the day. 406 more words