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The Future LIS Professionals

Welcome to our blog! Information Fluent is the pen name for three separate authors, all of whom are currently students at Wayne State University seeking an MLIS degree. 205 more words


What is wisdom?

I would like to invite you who are reading this to an open discussion on the concept of wisdom. What is wisdom? This is a word that is used quite often; but how many people know exactly what it means? 544 more words

Jurassic World... The Park Will Soon Be Open

I am a Jurassic Park fan.  I know this because I saw Jurassic Park in the theaters 12 times.  Granted, this was back in 1993 when it was still relatively cheap to go see movies.   829 more words

Exchange Of Ideas

Glenn Greenwald Gets Owned By The Late Christopher Hitchens...

Apparently, the digital world was abuzz with Glenn Greenwald taking to task Bill Maher over the violence in the Middle East.

Oddly enough, the late Christopher Hitchens had already put to the rest this notion that terrorism is the Western World’s fault.   42 more words

Exchange Of Ideas

Audio/Video... Yeah I'm a Little Weird... Here's Why

I am a weird person.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a weird person.  There is an aspect of me that I am going to try to explain.  407 more words

Exchange Of Ideas

Multiculturalism in the Real World...

I have always been skeptical of all cultures, including my own.  That is mostly because I am a Walt Kowalski trapped in a mush 33 year old’s body. 95 more words

Exchange Of Ideas

In-The-Face Visual Effect Of Gerrymandering

We hear about a divided America.  But look at our at-large candidates in the Senate.  Fairly even after all.

Next look at the House, where districts are gerrymandered.   24 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"