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Real world Azure AD Connect: multi forest user and resource + user forest implementation

Originally posted on Lucian’s blog at clouduccino.com. Follow Lucian on Twitter @LucianFrango.


Disclaimer: During October I spent a few weeks working on this blog posts solution at a customer and had to do the responsible thing and pull the pin on further time as I had hit a glass ceiling.

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Get List of Dynamic Distribution Group Members

There may be an occasion when we need to find out who the members of a dynamic distribution group are.

The following two commands should get us what we need, when run from the Exchange Management Shell.  116 more words

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Add Mailbox Users to Distribution Lists with PowerShell

To add an individual mailbox user to a distribution group in PowerShell that has an owner already assigned, the command will look similar to this… 116 more words

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Completing an Exchange Online Hybrid individual MoveRequest for a mailbox in a migration batch

I can’t remember for certain, however, I would say since at least Exchange Server 2010 Hybrid, there was always the ability to complete a MoveRequest from on-premises to Exchange Online manually (via PowerShell) for a mailbox that was a within a migration batch. 780 more words

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Restrict office 365 email configuration on native mobile app

​I came across a question from client while doing poc for Ems that how can we restrict users form configuring their office 365 account on native email app on mobile device.. 53 more words

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Connect to Office 365 via PowerShell

Howdy guys,

I thought I would start off this site with a nice simple tutorial on how to connect to Azure Active Directory and Exchange Online via PowerShell. 330 more words


Error Connecting to Exchange Online via EMC

Ran into a bit of an issue today when attempting to migrate an on-premise mailbox to Exchange Online. I received the following error message:

You must use the onmicrosoft.com O365 administrator user to log into the tenant via EMC. 27 more words